CHAD STOCK OF MINIMUS WINES – E&R Wine Shop; Portland, OR (7/17/2014) Chad Stock has been making many wonderful wines for established wineries in the Willamette Valley for a few years. He’s also been making his own breed of unique and adventurous wines under his Minimus brand. The majority of his wines are experimental projects […]

    CHAD STOCK OF MINIMUS WINES – E&R Wine Shop; Portland, OR (7/17/2014) Chad Stock has been making many wonderful wines for established wineries in the Willamette Valley for a few years. He’s also been making his own breed of unique and adventurous wines under his Minimus brand. The majority of his wines are experimental projects that make him look a bit like an enological mad scientist.

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    Central London winery to make English wine

    London Cru, the winery in the heart of the UK capital, is to make its first English wine from the 2014 vintage after being impressed with the quality of this year's harvest. London Cru's winemaker, Gavin MoneryLondon Cru has arranged to buy 3,000 kilos of Bacchus grapes from Sandhurst Vineyards in Kent, southern England, which should be enough to produce around 2,000 bottles of still wine.

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      Cool Beauty: Tasting the Wines of the Western Sonoma Coast

      Vinography: A Wine Blog - - 9 readers - 10.04.2014 Cool Beauty: Tasting the Wines of the Western Sonoma Coast I'll admit it. I'm an acid freak. More than anything else in a wine, I'm looking for the juiciness that I get from well-balanced wines that lean towards the lower side of pH. There's nothing quite like that zip and crackle of a wine that gets your tastebuds tingling and your mouth watering.

      Handsome Brut Sparkling Wine (Niagara) - Wine Review

      Vintages Wine Picks & Reviews - - 9 readers - Tonight's wine is brand spanking new and was very recently launched at the LCBO. Crafted by award-winning Angels Gate Winery, I received this sample to try and share my thoughts with all of you. This dry, sparkling wine is available in small quantities throughout the province as part of the LCBO General List.

      Top Ten White Wines of the 2014 Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival

      Red Wine Please! - - 9 readers - Now it’s time for the top whites. (you can read about the Top Ten Reds here) We’ve been drinking more white wines lately, and due to that fact we’re expanding to a Top Ten list for whites. There were many good ones. A few trends were that Sauvignon Blanc was everywhere, Chardonnay is still everywhere, and the Rose craze seems to have died down a bit.

      Native Sun, Purple Star wines find home near Red Mountain

      Great Northwest Wine - - 9 readers - Amy and Kyle Johnson own and operate Terra Vinum, the parent company for their Purple Star and Native Sun brands. They will produce both wines at their new facility in Benton City, Wash. (Photo by Eric Degerman/Great Northwest Wine) BENTON CITY, Wash. — Soft-spoken Kyle Johnson, one of Washington state’s most talented winemakers, is no longer a vagabond vintner.

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      Snoqualmie Wine-Washington! #snoqualmiewine

      … My sweet husband and I have been dining from EatZi's (bringing it home) lately and with that a new bottle of wine has become a favorite of mine. He still prefers Cabernets, but is open to enjoying a Chardonnay with me. EatZi's has quite the selection of wines in their market. We're always eager to try something new and different. Notice…

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      ….Glenelly Cellars Grand Vin Chardonnay 2012 WO Coastal Region, +382200, $19.95: light smoke, balanced fruit, strong on mid-palate through to finish, but there also seems to be a price creep here. 13% ABV. QPR: 88. 5.Trenel Bourgogne Blanc 2012, +391094, $16.95: in the cheap and cheerful category, memories of chardonnay, 12.5% ABV, juicy enough to develop…

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      Schiller's Favorite Wines of Madagascar

      … Spots to Drink Wine in Vienna, Austria (2011) USA Schiller's Favorite Oyster Bars and Seafood Places in Seattle, USA Schiller’s Favorite Wine Bars in New York City, USA Schiller’s Favorite Wine Bars in Seattle, USA Schiller's Favorite Wine Bars in Washington DC, USA Schiller’s Favorite Crab Houses in the Washington DC Region, USA Schiller’s…

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      … Kooyong Faultline Mornington Peninsula Chardonnay 2012 $60; 13.5% alcohol; screw cap; 92 points There's not much of your actual fruit to sniff here: no peach or melon aromas or much of what you'd normally expect to find rising from a glass of your actual Australian Chardonnay. Hang on: Maybe there is some melon: the crinkly skin…

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      Bill Karp Provides Spark At Whole Foods Jazz & Wine Night

      … it for you and provide plastic cups for drinking. - So we went in and found an incredible bargain: $10.99 for an unoaked Chardonnay from Chile. We combined that with a couple of packages of nuts and snack sticks and had a feast. If I had planned ahead better I would have just had dinner there. You can select from all the offerings inside, from pizza…

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      Celebrate Champagne Day Oct. 24th!

      … as ‘Grands Crus’ and 44 as ‘Premiers Crus’. Since 1927, only three grapes, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier, have been allowed in the production of Champagne, and account for nearly all the plantings in the region. Pinot noir accounts for 39% of Champagne’s surface area, followed by Meunier (33%) and Chardonnay (28%). The name “Champagne” is legally…

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      The Italian Wine Club Giordano Wines – Explore the World of Wine

      …The Italian Wine Club from Giordano Wines Offers Great Values for Wine Explorers Over the past few episodes on Bacchus and Beery Wine Radio, Donna and I have been talking about getting bold and adventurous with your wine choices. That may mean trying a new variety, label or trying wines from a different country or region. Wines from Europe can…

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      Wine Writing: Generalism vs Specialism

      … Years ago when I started writing Winedoctor I had a very generalist approach; I would write about whatever took my fancy (as long as it was wine!). A Chilean Chardonnay here, an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon there. After a few years of this superficial go-where-I-am-led writing I decided it would be better to focus on one or two areas, and I…

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      David Ramey Q&A: "Alcohol level is not a political decision"

      … from Chemistry 1-A to an MS in enology at UC Davis. Where did you go from there? Because I hadn't taught in Colombia, I wanted to work overseas, especially in France, because those were the grapes we worked with in California. It's such an odd twist of fate that in Sonoma County with all the Italian families, we ended up making all these French…

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      Patz & Hall’s Sonoma House Wine on SonomaChat

      … When I first heard that Patz & Hall were opening a new tasting room, I was more than excited. I have been a fan of their Pinot Noir for many years! Having the tasting room as close as Sonoma, California is terrific as I am able to visit often and also have a sip or two of course. In June of 2014, Donald Patz and the Patz & Hall Wine…

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      Go Haywire for Pink Bub Sparkling Rosé From British Columbia

      … personality starts at the top. Of the bottle. With a crown cap aka bottle cap: You want more BC Wine? You got it: Talkin’ Concrete Eggs With Haywire Co-Owner Christine Coletta Electric Riesling from Tantalus Dabbling in Dry Muscat BC Wine 101 With Luke Whittall Luke II: Wine Without Worry Podcast A Gewürztraminer that Rules the Roost Image via Okanagan Crush Pad. Tags: bc sparking wine, concrete eggs wine…

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      Briar Valley’s Moment

      … producing approximately 2000 cases per year. They corrected any mistakes made in the first vineyard by planting the second on a southeastern facing slope with grape varieties more suited to the slate soil. One such example, the Proprietor’s Reserve Estate White 2013 – a blend of 50% Gewurztraminer, 26% Riesling and 24% Chardonnay – which displays…

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      Quick Sip: WALT Wines Anderson Valley Blue Jay 2012 Pinot Noir

      …-production, single-vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines, with a laser focus on the latter. The winery produces upwards of twelve different Pinot Noirs from select sites along the Pacific Coast, covering terrain from Willamette Valley, Oregon to Sta. Rita Hills, California. I can tell you from experience that you generally get what you pay for when…

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