Chilean Wine

    Budget Wine: Marchigue Carmenere Reserva Colchagua Valley 2012

    …I am a fan of unusual wines, especially when they are inexpensive. With the hundreds if not thousands of wines available on any city block, 1/2 of them tasting so much alike, it is cause for celebration when you find something strikingly different. On that score Carmenere almost always delivers. Although originally a Bordeaux varietal, it is now…

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    Vino De Eyzaguirre Wine in the Sack Syrah Colchagua Valley 2012

    … Nostalgia is something to be avoided especially when what you long for is unworthy—such as a bottle of red wine enrobed in a straw basket. Back in the day when battery acid mixed with alcohol was considered cultcha, Chianti in straw baskets was the go-to wine  when you only had a few bucks in your pocket. So I couldn’t resist this Chilean Syrah—I…

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    The Real Frontier of Chilean Wine

    …We spoke with Chilean wine expert, Jake Pippin, the National Chile Manager for premium wine importer Vine Connections. Pippin travels to Chile frequently and observes the wine, regions and terroir. Wines from Chile have been getting attention and it’s no surprise because there is so much good cheap wine available. However, despite the great values…

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