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Chilean wine is wine made in the South American country of Chile. Chile has a long viticultural history for a New World wine region dating to the 16th century when the Spanish conquistadors brought Vitis vinifera vines with them as they colonized the region. In the mid-19th century, French wine varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenère and Cabernet Franc were introduced. In the early 1980s, a renaissance began with the introduction of stainless steel fermentation tanks and the use of oak barrels for aging. Wine exports grew very quickly as quality wine production increased. The number of wineries has grown from 12 in 1995 to over 70 in 2005.
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    • Tasting the New Frontier of Chilean Wine with MOVI Chile

      Photo Credit: Garage Wine Company Lately, I’ve heard rumblings through the drinks media that a new breed of Chilean winemakers have been fighting to disabuse us all (consumers, trade, and journalists) of the notion that wine from this slender, rugged South American country is innocuous juice produced from a few grapes, in a few regions, by several large-scale producers for the mainstream, va.

      Lauren Mowery/ CHASING THE VINE- 8 readers -
    • Concha y Toro, Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Chardonnay – Exciting

      Home Varietals Chardonnay Concha y Toro, Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Chardonnay – Exciting by Tim Lemke - Dec 14, 2014 The wines from Concha y Toro’s “Gran Reserva Serie Riberas” line come from vineyards along select river banks in Chile. “Serie Riberas” translates to mean river banks series. And it’s an interesting concept, knowing how influential rivers can be on a wines characteristics.

      Tim Lemke/ CheapWineRatings.comin Chardonnay- 5 readers -
    • If Chile Had a Margaux, This Might Be It!

      François Lurton’s Gran Araucano Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, Lolol Valley, Chile. 14.5% ABV, $35 list, currently $35-45 street. I would never have tried this wine but it was suggested to me over and over from various vendors who know what I like, and that I prefer to buy wines in the under $20 for my readers but my personal preferences run higher.

      jvb uncorkedin Cabernet Sauvignon- 3 readers -
  • Garage Wine Co. Lot #36 Cabernet Franc Maipo Alto 2011

    … production, marketing heavy Chilean ventures. Reportedly, results are varied, but there are some superb examples. Luckily, this wine is one of the successful achievements of the movement. Making Chile Matter Up front, this Cabernet Franc is a stunning achievement in superb table wine making. Grown at 700 metres altitude in the Maipo valley, the wine…

    Just Grapesin Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc- 5 readers -
  • RIOS de Chile Wine – Carmenere Reserva a Hit!

    … This summer while in Santa Barbara, I met a fun winemaker from Chile, Vicente Johnson, who was pouring his own Rios de Chile wine for tasting. He was a unique character with great spirits (no pun) and an uplifting energy about him that convinced me to try his wine. Rios de Chile Chardonnay Chardonnay with No Malolactic… At the tasting, I…

    Jenna & Wine | Jenna & Winein Chardonnay- 1 readers -
  • Traveling Winers Weekend Wine Picks – 10 Nov 2014

    … Explore a new wine this weekend! Whether you’re into dry, sweet, red, white, Italian, French or even “Hops”, consider trying our suggestions below! Traveling Winers Weekend Wine Picks Tom Joe “Hops ‘r Better” Winer Wine: Chalet Type: Red Vineyard: Terror Creek Winery Buy local Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir blend, a lighter red wine, delicious year…

    Khristine Claud/ The Vineyard Trailin Pinot Noir Riesling- 3 readers -
  • 2014 Puerto Viejo Sauv Blanc mini review

    …. On the medium length finish the wine lingers nicely in the mouth with grassy and citrus zest along with some nice acidity. This is a big edgy sauv blanc. Very nice. I would give it an 88+. Not in the LCBO right now, hopefully soon. They said it was worth ~$15. Nice! The rep for the wine is United Stars Corp. Like this: Like Loading... This entry was posted in Chile, JG Review, Wine. Bookmark the permalink. …

    John Galea/ Canadian Wine Guy- 3 readers -
  • Budget Wine: Frontera Pais Chile 2013

    … If you are familiar with the history of American wines you’ve heard of the Mission grape. This was the varietal grown by the early California missions that was quickly supplanted when Bordeaux varietals, which made more complex, age worthy wines, became available. The very same grape was the most widely planted varietal in Chile, where…

    Dwight Furrow/ Edible Arts- 5 readers -
  • Errazuriz The Blend Collection White

    … Errazuriz The Blend Collection White One of the highlights of a recent meal with Francisco Baetting of Errazuriz. He was rather proud of this (and all the wines on show to be frank) the only wine of its type made in Chile. Strongly Rhone in style being a blend of 55% Roussanne, 30% Marsanne and 15% Viognier offering “hawthorn, white flower…

    Andrew Barrow/ Spittoon- 4 readers -
  • Zurdo Carmenere Merlot Reserva 2013

    … I’m a big fan of Zorro. That’s not normally a reason to buy a wine. It’s never a good reason to buy a bottle of wine, but just look at the label on this one. It not only has the “mark of Zorro” on the label, but the Z is back to front so it must have been slashed into place by Zorro actually inside the bottle. All you have to do is open the bottle…

    Erin Mellor/ Golly's Wine Dropsin Merlot- 7 readers -
  • Budget Wine: Marchigue Carmenere Reserva Colchagua Valley 2012

    … I am a fan of unusual wines, especially when they are inexpensive. With the hundreds if not thousands of wines available on any city block, 1/2 of them tasting so much alike, it is cause for celebration when you find something strikingly different. On that score Carmenere almost always delivers. Although originally a Bordeaux varietal, it is now…

    Dwight Furrow/ Edible Arts- 4 readers -
  • Vino De Eyzaguirre Wine in the Sack Syrah Colchagua Valley 2012

    … Nostalgia is something to be avoided especially when what you long for is unworthy—such as a bottle of red wine enrobed in a straw basket. Back in the day when battery acid mixed with alcohol was considered cultcha, Chianti in straw baskets was the go-to wine when you only had a few bucks in your pocket. So I couldn’t resist this Chilean Syrah—I…

    Dwight Furrow/ Edible Artsin Syrah- 11 readers -
  • The Real Frontier of Chilean Wine

    …. Find Jake Pippin on twitter. Thanks to photographer Matt Wilson for sharing his images. Matt also runs a progressive Chilean wine tour site. Find TheNewChile on twitter, powered by Vine Connections Wine Folly - Learn about wine and spirits. …

    Wine Folly- 18 readers -
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