CHAD STOCK OF MINIMUS WINES – E&R Wine Shop; Portland, OR (7/17/2014) Chad Stock has been making many wonderful wines for established wineries in the Willamette Valley for a few years. He’s also been making his own breed of unique and adventurous wines under his Minimus brand. The majority of his wines are experimental projects […]

    CHAD STOCK OF MINIMUS WINES – E&R Wine Shop; Portland, OR (7/17/2014) Chad Stock has been making many wonderful wines for established wineries in the Willamette Valley for a few years. He’s also been making his own breed of unique and adventurous wines under his Minimus brand. The majority of his wines are experimental projects that make him look a bit like an enological mad scientist.

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    Cape May Winery in September

    Cape May Winery in September October 15, 2014 by NJ Wine with Me This slideshow requires JavaScript. Every Summer my family vacations in Wildwood, which is just a couple exits away from Cape May. During this annual trip, I usually urge them to try the Cape May wineries. They really enjoy resting on the beach all day while on vacation – I can’t blame them – so they usually ...

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      Thursday Sips & Nibbles

      The Passionate Foodie - - 5 readers - I am back again with a new edition of Thursday Sips & Nibbles, my regular column where I highlight some interesting wine and food items that are upcoming. ********************************************************** 1) One of my favorite restaurants, Bergamot , will soon be hosting a special Champagne dinner, highlighting a rare Grower Champagne.

      Matching Cheese and Wine

      Spittoon - - 4 readers - Matching Cheese and Wine A recent trip though the Chablis area of Burgundy was enlivened by the consumption of large quantities of cheese! One particularly runny Epoisses being highly memorable and the Soumaintrain has now become a favourite. Time to reacquaint myself with the art of matching cheese and wine I thought.

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      Liking Them Apples – In a Glass!

      … Apple Cider and their iconic Corn and Rye Mash Whiskey. I am also very fond of the work being done at Santa Fe Distillery in New Mexico. Their apple brandy is a dry, Calvados-style brandy made from tart (but edible), mountain west apples. I love sipping it alongside nuts and cheese and have stirred it into plenty of spiritus cocktails. photo…

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      Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

      …Devin Britton & Albert WilklowThe Hudson Valley is exploding with cideries, wineries, distilleries and breweries. In this podcast I visit with Devin Britton and Albert Wilklow, two guys in their early 30's who are turning a hobby into a full time business with Bad Seed Hard Cider. Albert grew up in the local Hudson Valley apple farming…

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      Thursday Sips & Nibbles

      … cheese sauce - $8.95); Buffalo Brussel Sprouts (buffalo sauce, blue cheese - $8.95); Tater Tots (horseradish cheese sauce, fried sage, lava salt - $8.95); and, the Autumn House Salad (arugula, apples, blue cheese, champagne cider vinaigrette - $6.25). New savory burgers and entrées include: Elk Burger (rosemary and onion char-grilled maitake…

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      Village Voice: Profiles Adam & Eve Cidery (NY)

      … -- my name is Autumn, and my parents were hippies. But Pete Seeger wrote a song called "Letters to Eve" that uses Adam and Eve as a metaphor for how you approach solving problems in the world. Adam is a pacifist -- he's more resigned, and he says we should just play music and make the world beautiful. Eve is a freedom fighter -- she says we have…

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      Taproom 307: Cider Week!

      … on draft! 10/25- Cider brunch with Aspall Cyder! 10/28- Trivia Night with Original Sin! 10/30- Cider Cocktail Night! 11/1- Cider Tap takeover!! Sommelier, Chef, and Pairing Personality, specializing in wine and spirits education, recipe development, and social media. "Make your brand stand out, one pairing at a time"! …

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      Top 10 Tastes from TasteCamp 2014: Hudson Valley

      … in the country — was going to be special, but I wasn’t prepared for just how amazing the place (and those operating it) is. I came home with a bottle of the bourbon, but the single malt and the double cask rye are calling me. My colleague Evan Dawson will publish a story on Hillrock this week. Glorie Farm Winery 2102 Cabernet Franc: Glorie pushed itself…

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      Matching Cheese and Wine

      … of Blue Stilton. Cabrales – a dry or sweet Sherry for this Spanish blue cheese or a sweet wine. Caerphilly – Could I suggest a crisp dry English wine with this hard cheese. Or try an Albarinho (Portuguese white), a Spanish Red, a Zinfandel or Sauvignon Blanc. Cambembert – at its best when the centre is still hard while the outer is creamy…

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      A (make it) long weekend in Paso Robles

      …Paso Robles is one crackin place for an extended wine weekend. Oh my where to start. There are so many great wineries and restaurants in Paso Robles it could take decades of wine Adventure weekends to visit most. We have been lucky enough to be able to get a taste of many through events like the Paso Robles Wine Festival, The Paso Robles Rhone…

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      Cape May Winery in September

      …, Syrah, and Chambourcin. I tend to enjoy red blends. This was nice. I tasted a bit of spice and cherry. However, I felt like I enjoyed it more in the past. Lighthouse Blush – This wine is like a white zinfandel with a hint of cherry. It’s the fruitier wine of the Lighthouse line. Mom liked this one best. Like me, her taste leans sweeter. Isaac…

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      Giant Steps Sexton Chardonnay 2012

      … I think this is stylistically closer to the Arthurs Creek than the Tarraford. There's more stone than creamy augmentation and something green springs from the glass. . . The mouth is greater than the nose. . . The sensory impact on the tongue more telling and demanding than the scent which seems to belong something else. It's bitter and pith like…

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      What defines a wine region? Questions following TasteCamp in the Hudson Valley

      … The view at Millbrook Vineyards, in the lower Hudson Valley Defining the identity of a wine region is a tough thing, especially with young and emerging wine regions – which means a lot of them, in the New World. Over six editions of TasteCamp, since 2009, in Long Island, the Finger Lakes, Niagara, Virginia, Québec and now the Hudson Valley…

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      Exploring the world of hard cider

      … with a soapy finish. Woodchuck Granny Smith: Not a barn burner. Had medium gold color, was light bodied but with a nice touch of sweetness on the finish. Cider Riot- Never Give an Inch Blackberry: This selection had a pretty red color with big fruit on the nose. Unfortunately it had very little body and barely any finish to speak of. Blue Mountain Eden Ridge…

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      Wines of the Week: October 10, 2014

      … and steeped black tea texture. This wine needs air and time, and will likely evolve further over the next several years. Donnafugata Rosso “Mille e Una Notte” Contessa Entillina Rosso DOP 2008 13% abv | $89 (sample) Nero d’Avola and other varieties give this wine a bright ruby color and the scent of red licorice, eucalyptus, and brushy herbs. Lean…

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      1995 Champagne Drappier Cuvée du Millénaire 2000 Brut Vintage...

      … 1995 Champagne Drappier Cuvée du Millénaire 2000 Brut Vintage champagne is always a treat. This one’s got some oxidized notes of apple cider, button mushrooms, and white nuts. Hints of lemon, brown sugar, and pie crust for a tarte tatin. Nice mousse (bubbles). 3/5 bones $$$$ Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier 12% abv Champagne, FRANCE …

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