Columbia Valley

The Columbia Valley is the name used for a region in the Rocky Mountain Trench near the headwaters of the Columbia River between the town of Golden and the Canal Flats. The main hub of the valley is the town of Invermere. Other towns include Radium Hot Springs, Windermere and Fairmont Hot Springs. The Panorama Ski Resort is located near the valley.The Columbia Valley is home to the Columbia Wetlands the wetlands are a vital link on a major bird migration route.
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    • We’ve Got People Coming Over — Help!!

      In the last few weeks, I’ve had more than one person ask for help with planning their holiday parties. They want to serve wine. They want to serve decent wine, but they don’t want to go broke. Or, they don’t want to serve expensive, high quality wines because they know that at a party very few people even pay attention. What, they ask, should they do.

      Tom Riley/ THE GRAPE BELT- 5 readers -
    • Six Great Hostess Gift Wines

      Bringing wine to a party can be really daunting. If the hosts asks you to contribute wine then inquire about the menu. We have a series of wine and food pairing articles that can help you make a wise choice. Even if the menu is diverse you can bring a wine and suggest it for a particular course. What if there is a buffet or you are simply bringing the wine as a hostess gift? ...

      Jade Helm/ Tasting Pourin Syrah Riesling- 4 readers -
    • Our List of Top 50 Washington Wineries

      As 2014 winds down and a new year begins, we want to reflect on the wineries in Washington state that made our list of Top 50 Washington Wineries. The way to get on our list is fairly simple; we only have two criteria: wineries must offer good juice and good people who provide an excellent wine experience. Perhaps we had fun or learned something in a tasting room.

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  • Flavor Town

    … The wines of California can certainly deliver on flavor with the 2012 Relic Wine Cellars, The Archive, Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast being an excellent example. I would not particularly think that this is a Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast but perhaps that does not matter. If you are looking for aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and acidity this offers all…

    Aaron Nix Gomez/ Hogshead - A Wine Blog- 5 readers -
  • Pacific Rim Dry Riesling Columbia Valley

    … and the texture it gives dishes. Mix all ingredients in a large skillet and cook on med until coconut milk has thickened. Serve with rice or naan. I know ground beef isn’t traditional with all Indian food but it’s your home, make what you want, the way you want. Since Mother Nature has decided it should look and feel a lot like Christmas, I say bundle up next to a cozy fire and let the festivities begin. Cheers! Like this: Like Loading... Related …

    Kellie Stargaard/ Wine Chicks Guidein Riesling- 1 readers -
  • Anniversary drinks at Fleurie in Charlottesville

    … red wines. The 2011 Avennia, Sestina, Columbia Valley is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc blend with fruit sourced from the Bacchus and Red Willow vineyards. It was forward and complex with darker, racy fruit that was hard to resist. Avennia was only launched in 2010 so if this second vintage is an example of their other wines…

    Aaron Nix Gomez/ Hogshead - A Wine Blogin Cabernet Franc- 1 readers -
  • Budget Wine: Hogue Merlot Columbia Valley 2012

    … I’ve been tasting lots of Washington Merlot this week and I’m a believer. And at this price it doesn’t get any better. Black cherry and pencil shavings with hints of chocolate and herbs on the nose with bold, lush dark chocolate on the palate. The nose is a little reticent but the palate delivers. A medium body and medium length finish…

    Dwight Furrow/ Edible Artsin Merlot- 5 readers -
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  • Compelling wines from Savage Grace

    … It seems to me that over the last several years the wine store scene has changed in Seattle. There seems to have been a loss of enthusiasm in some of the stores. This changed may have been signaled by the Whole Foods on 65th at Roosevelt Square opening up their walk-in wine cellar by removing the glass walls. The inventory at Pete’s on East Lake…

    Aaron Nix Gomez/ Hogshead - A Wine Blogin Cabernet Franc Syrah Malbec- 4 readers -
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle 2013 Pinot Gris, Columbia Valley, $11

    … Best Buy! The stated stylistic approach to Pinot Gris by head winemaker Bob Bertheau is one that “falls between the lighter Italian Pinot Grigio and the richer, rounder Pinot Gris from Alsace.” This does that, starting with a floral nose of sweet herbs, pineapple, pear, Granny Smith apple and lime. There’s a nice pop of acidity…

    Great Northwest Wine- 8 readers -
  • Roller Girl 2013 Pivot Blanc, Columbia Valley, $14

    … and white pepper, followed by flavors of home-canned pear, more apple and sliced almond. There’s a good punch of gooseberry acidity to keep the sweetness in check, so chill it and kill it. The next home match for for the Walla Walls Sweet Roller Girls is Oct. 18 vs. the Rolling Hills Derby Dames of Pullman. Rating: Recommended Production: 222 cases Alcohol: 12.7% …

    Great Northwest Winein Sauvignon Blanc Riesling- 4 readers -
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley, $15

    … pie, Hershey’s with Almonds, cola nut, brown sugar and baking spices. A rich entry of black cherry, black currant and plum flavors comes with remarkable balance, length and a pinch of white pepper. It’s a classic Washington Cab that McKee’s boss — Bob Bertheau — enjoys with beef tenderloin or pasta. Rating: Outstanding! Production: 305,000 cases Alcohol: 13.1% …

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  • Great Northwest Destinations: Alexandria Nicole Cellars

    … Art galleries Antique shops Hiking Horseback riding Outdoor concerts Hot air balloon rides Alexandria Nicole Cellars locations, contact info and hours Prosser: 2880 Lee Road, Suite C Prosser, WA 99350 509-786-3497 Directions: Take Exit 82 off Interstate 82, head east and follow the signs to such wineries as Hogue Cellars, Kestrel…

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  • Maryhill Winery 2011 Malbec, Columbia Valley, $22

    … The Leutholds continue to build upon their winery’s reputation not only by having hired talented winemakers over the years, but also with their long-standing relationships with many of the state’s top growers, and the Milbrandt brothers supplied the fruit for this beauty. Twenty months in 50 percent new oak help develop aromas of blackberry…

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  • Change in Responsibilities at Wine Enthusiast

    … I am pleased to announce that, as of October 1st, my tasting responsibilities for Wine Enthusiast will expand to include reviewing wines for all of Washington as well as the Oregon sides of the Walla Walla Valley and Columbia Valley. This will obviously significantly impact what is posted in this space. My plan is as follows: Existing…

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