• No Wine? Sorry, No Story.

      A troubling trend is starting to appear in my Inbox. [ Editor’s note: I wonder how many cheesy detective novels now begin with that premise… ] Somewhat ironically, the troubling trend seems to mostly be coming from very well-meaning wine producers and their various public relations arms / firms / etc., and with very well-meant intentions.

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    • Thoughts On Thoughts On Thoughts On Influential Wine Blogs

      Back in October (yeah, I really am about that far behind on things), the scientifically-minded Becca Yeamans-Irwin wrote on her blog about a research study that examined five influential English language wine blogs (including this lil’ ol’ one right here) using content analysis software called Leximancer.

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    • #MWWC13- Serendipity, or Destiny?

      Serendipity, or Destiny? Is the joy in life simply destiny, or serendipity? You have to decide for yourself. Some of my happiest moments have come from sharing time with friends. As we get older, often I find a bottle (or two, or three) of wine involved. For example. just sharing several bottles of wine at #WBC14 was pure bliss to me.

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  • Letters from Readers (I’m Not Drinking Merlot)

    …) Argentina: Gouguenheim Valle Escondido Merlot ($13) Making this quick list just reminded me how much amazing merlot is out there for a song. The next time someone tells you they aren’t drinking any merlot, smack them over the head and tell ‘em “Relax, Miles!” and pour them a taste of one of these. :) I hope this list helps when you go shopping, and let us know how your party goes! So… who else plans to open up a merlot tonight? Like this: Like Loading... Related Tags: Commentary, merlot, Wine Commentary …

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  • That Time of Year: 2014 Thanksgiving Postmortem

    … For lovers of the grape, “holiday” means wine time! When chance put a perfect Halloween wine in my hands, I wrote about it (here). But this fall, I found myself somewhat reluctant to write about the biggest food holiday we celebrate: Thanksgiving. Every year I write about what I’m serving, and make suggestions to the myriad friends and lurkers…

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  • Thanksgiving Wine Street Exchange with a Beer Drinker

    … the meal will be.” “Standard meal, it’s usually turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and pie for dessert. They’ll make a very traditional afternoon turkey dinner that lasts 2-3 hours,” he explains. “My wife, her sister and their parents are the wine drinkers, I’ll have a sip of wine to toast the meal…

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  • Wine’s Quiet Hypocrisy

    … For some reason (maybe I look trustworthy?), I’ve had a disproportionately large number of conversations with winemakers in which they divulge to me that they are upset about a myth/misunderstanding/half-truth/whatever being perpetuated by members of the wine media. This could be things such as - 1) inaccuracies regarding long-held notions…

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  • Belleruche Rosé from Côtes-du-Rhône

    … Belleruche Côtes-du-Rhône 2013, M. Chapoutier, Rhône, France. 13% ABV. $13 at Wine & Spirit Company; Online pricing from $10-14/bottle. Color is a light blush, with a nose of young red raspberry and strawberry. In the mouth, red plum and a hint of strawberry, without the sweetness. Good blend of acidity, delightfully dry finish…

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  • Think Wine Criticism Is B.S.? Then You Need To Reject All Forms Of Criticism

    … because, well, that’s just the way that we’re wired. Millions of years of evolution will create strange epistemological bedfellows in the relentless pursuit of molding us to our environs. The trouble is, evolution doesn’t easily forget, so what worked for us then can work against us in some ways now. Ok, so far so good, right? Another logical step we…

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  • Reader Mailbag: Trying New Wine Is A Pain In The Ass

    … for validation; we don’t want to get burned (by purchasing something that we won’t like). This is where quality ratings (most especially numeric wine scores) fail us miserably. I can taste and rate a wine an “A” BUT… if it’s a Shiraz laden with blueberry fruitiness, and you hate blueberry fruitiness in your Shiraz, then that “A” means precisely f*ck-all…

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  • Why Everyone Hates Us

    … The Tasting Guide and start getting more out of every glass of wine today! Shop Wine Products at Copyright © 2014. Originally at Why Everyone Hates Us from - for personal, non-commercial use only. Cheers! …

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  • Working, Buying, and Hoping!

    …. -Full OWCs (original wood cases) of 1970 Premiere Chateaux. -Four cases of a well-scored, lightly aged Bordeaux Superior at a mere $12/bottle. -1978 Montrachet by the Case, Multiple lots! -Nicely aged Montepulciano d’Abruzzo -Screaming Eagle, Harlan, Schrader, and Dominus -Cases of 375ml high-scoring Sauternes that are drinking perfectly…

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  • Everything That I Know About Investing (I Learned From Wine)

    … [ Warning: This post has very little to do about wine. But, it might just help to make you a millionaire. Your mileage may vary. ] Back in March, when I let the cat out of the bag on my personal financial situation, I got a lot of interesting reactions. Most of them were of the attah-boy! variety, but since that time there’s been no shortage…

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  • Wine’s Next Big Thing Is…

    … (think some wine mags, some critics, etc.). Thankfully, the future trends of the wine industry seem to be moving in the opposite direction. Think about it this way: we now live in the age of splintered wine recommendations, and you have more informed (and uninformed!) voices you could follow than ever before when it comes to recommendations. You…

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  • Reality Check

    … an annoyance, but is it so much of an annoyance that you’d support a politician that you didn’t agree with otherwise? That you’d spend a lot of free time lobbying for or working to enact change in Harrisburg? Couldn’t that time be just as easily spent driving across the border, or scouring the deal sites online? (Of course you shouldn’t have to act…

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