• Are Wine Critics More Qualified Than Wine Bloggers?

      A friend of mine – Elaine Brown of Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews – recently sent me a note indicating that another friend of mine (David White of Terroirist) and I were mentioned in an online article over at that was written by yet another friend of mine, Jonathan Cristaldi. Yeah, the wine world is kind of small like that.

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    • The Top 22 Wines I tasted during 2014

      Let me be the first to acknowledge that yes, I need to venture further afield, because all of these wines are grown and produced in Santa Barbara County — not that there’s anything wrong with that fact — and yes, I’m posting this list late, as it’s already 2015. Oh well. My disclaimer: I have personally tasted all of these wines, either by the taste, glass or bottle.

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  • Sensorist: The One Cellar Tool You Need, Right Now

    … Many oenophiles have both short term and long term locations for wine storage. Some years ago I learned a hard lesson by allowing some bottles to “cook” during an unexpected heatwave in my short term storage. I immediately started researching custom wine cellars. After finding I could not afford what I really wanted (a turn-key, custom-built…

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  • Letters from Readers (I’m Not Drinking Merlot)

    …) Argentina: Gouguenheim Valle Escondido Merlot ($13) Making this quick list just reminded me how much amazing merlot is out there for a song. The next time someone tells you they aren’t drinking any merlot, smack them over the head and tell ‘em “Relax, Miles!” and pour them a taste of one of these. :) I hope this list helps when you go shopping, and let us know how your party goes! So… who else plans to open up a merlot tonight? Like this: Like Loading... Related Tags: Commentary, merlot, Wine Commentary …

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  • Thoughts On Thoughts On Thoughts On Influential Wine Blogs

    … Back in October (yeah, I really am about that far behind on things), the scientifically-minded Becca Yeamans-Irwin wrote on her blog about a research study that examined five influential English language wine blogs (including this lil’ ol’ one right here) using content analysis software called Leximancer. As you no doubt already expected from…

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  • No Wine? Sorry, No Story.

    … A troubling trend is starting to appear in my Inbox. [ Editor’s note: I wonder how many cheesy detective novels now begin with that premise… ] Somewhat ironically, the troubling trend seems to mostly be coming from very well-meaning wine producers and their various public relations arms / firms / etc., and with very well-meant intentions…

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  • #MWWC13- Serendipity, or Destiny?

    …. 16 wines were tasted, a few of them very nice, top flight wines. But perhaps the biggest impression was the 30 year old Glen Ord single malt of the Bottle of 1976 Hennesy XO. That smile says it all: After tasting 16 wines, Jimmy Lawlor and John Estep were ready for the vintage liquors! A good friend and business associate had a milestone…

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  • That Time of Year: 2014 Thanksgiving Postmortem

    … For lovers of the grape, “holiday” means wine time! When chance put a perfect Halloween wine in my hands, I wrote about it (here). But this fall, I found myself somewhat reluctant to write about the biggest food holiday we celebrate: Thanksgiving. Every year I write about what I’m serving, and make suggestions to the myriad friends and lurkers…

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  • Thanksgiving Wine Street Exchange with a Beer Drinker

    … I had a funny exchange on a freezing street corner: A co-worker approached me, needing some wine help and at the same time, unwittingly offering me some interesting constructive criticism. “JvB, you know I’m a beer guy and have no time… or honestly, any interest to read your wine blog. But I can’t go to the liquor store and say ‘gimme…

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  • Wine’s Quiet Hypocrisy

    … For some reason (maybe I look trustworthy?), I’ve had a disproportionately large number of conversations with winemakers in which they divulge to me that they are upset about a myth/misunderstanding/half-truth/whatever being perpetuated by members of the wine media. This could be things such as - 1) inaccuracies regarding long-held notions about…

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  • Belleruche Rosé from Côtes-du-Rhône

    … it: like great literature, it will grow on you, a wonderful value in Côtes-du-Rhône. à votre santé! Like this: Like Loading... Related Tags: Commentary, cotes du rhone, Rosé, Wine Review …

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  • Think Wine Criticism Is B.S.? Then You Need To Reject All Forms Of Criticism

    … Every once in a while, when I tell people what I do for a living, I get a sort of snickering question along the lines of “does it bother you that part of what you do is total bullsh*t?” These folks are usually referring to the studies, quoted by lazy media outlets ad nauseum, that purportedly debunked wine tasting as bull honkey when “expert…

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  • Reader Mailbag: Trying New Wine Is A Pain In The Ass

    … 1WD reader Matt (that’s all your getting, as I don’t have permission to print the person’s full name here) recently wrote to me via an email with a title so intriguing, it sparked the first-ever “reader mailbag” style post on this site in its seven-some-odd-year history: “Trying New Wine Is A Pain In The Ass” There’s much juiciness…

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  • Why Everyone Hates Us

    …. The image problem, though, is understandable, particularly when we have things like the Lalique “100 Points” leather briefcase by James Suckling and Salvatore Ferragamo, available for $8500 USD. At least you get a couple of bottles of wine with it. Go ahead, watch the video on James’s website. And if you order one, do me a favor and unsubscribe…

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  • Working, Buying, and Hoping!

    … in which I’ll have TONS of time on my hands, and the opportunities to taste many more wines, and enjoy some on my own schedule, taking me own, sweet time. I can’t enjoy the wine right now, at least I can get ready for next time. Here’s to next time! à votre santé! Like this: Like Loading... Related Tags: Commentary, wine auctions, Wine Commentary, Working schedule conflicts …

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  • Everything That I Know About Investing (I Learned From Wine)

    … [ Warning: This post has very little to do about wine. But, it might just help to make you a millionaire. Your mileage may vary. ] Back in March, when I let the cat out of the bag on my personal financial situation, I got a lot of interesting reactions. Most of them were of the attah-boy! variety, but since that time there’s been no shortage…

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  • Wine’s Next Big Thing Is…

    … It seems that every quarter we get predictions about the next big thing in the U.S. wine market. Like most predictions, these are almost always wrong and therefore actually have, at best, neutral value for the wine biz (it could be argued that since they’re almost always incorrect, they have negative value if decisions are made based on them…

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