• Pacific Rim Dry Riesling Columbia Valley

    … raspberries • 2 tablespoons sugar • ½ teaspoon vanilla For the crumble: • ½ cup butter, softened • ½ cup brown sugar • 1 cup flour Instructions 1. Combine all ingredients for the berries and stir gently. 2. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F. 3. Mix all crumble ingredients in a mixer just until pea-sized crumbs are formed. 4. Lay crumbs in a single layer…

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  • 6 Tips to Guarantee Fresh and Delicious Olive Oil

    … for about ten minutes, drain and dip each piece in some extra virgin olive oil garnished with black pepper, laurel and thyme. After a 24 hour marinade in the fridge, we’ll enjoy them, as is, alongside a tall glass of vermouth! In case you have any question regarding cooking and preparation methods don’t hesitate to ask. If you can read Spanish, I…

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  • Simply… Cooking with MawMaw’s and Granny’s Cast Iron

    … Yesterday I read Rick Bragg’s, “Southern Journal”, at the end of the November issue of Maw-Maw and buggy Southern Living. In this issue he was talking about his mother and her refusal to cook “on new stuff”. For some time now I’ve realized the older I get the more I want to simplify my life. While some can’t wait for the latest technological…

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  • There are witches in the air: purple cauliflower soup

    … store, the idea struck me like a thunder. Isn’t purple a typical witch color? How about a purple soup to be served after the bat eyes and before the skeleton stake? :-) I decided to use very few ingredients – kind of a basic soup recipe, because I didn’t want the color of the other ingredients to alter the purple color of the cauliflower. And since…

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  • Chianti Days are Upon Us

    … I’m crazy for Chianti with three recent samples from Banfi. I’ll cover two of those wines in this post. Look for the third coming soon. Chianti Classico Riserva Banfi Tuscany 2010 Deep ruby in color with aromas of plum and black cherry. Flavors are lush with ripe blackberry and currant with a hint of toasted vanilla bean in the finish. This isn’t…

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  • Red Heat Tavern: Josper Charcoal Broiler Oven (Part 1)

    …. The Josper Oven was created in 1970 by Josep Armangue and Pere Juli, who opened the restaurant Mas Pi in Pinedar de Mar in northeast Spain. They enjoyed cooking over charcoal, but wanted a better way to do so. The Josper is both grill and oven, and you have the ability to close its front door to keep the smoke, moisture and flavor inside…

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  • My goodbye to summer: tomato, olive and eggplant spaghetti

    … leaves, basil 1/2 cup, black pitted olives, cut in half 6/7 oz, spaghetti 1 eggplant salt Directions: Wash the tomatoes and cut them up into 1 inch pieces. Set aside. Rinse the basil leaves and shred them. Set aside. Using a citrus zester, cut some strips out of the eggplant skin. Add some salt (to taste) and set them aside. In a large skillet…

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  • Simply…Fresh Food Basil Pesto

    … – amount depends on amount of basil Optional: Tbsp. lemon juice Pine Nuts I love growing fresh herbs just steps from my kitchen and miss it dearly during the colder months. So long basil, until next summer. Like this: Like Loading... Related This entry was posted in Cooking and tagged Basil, low temps, pesto, Simply fresh food, summer basil, Wine Chicks Guide. Bookmark the permalink. …

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  • Rave Review! Original Culinary Spirits now in Texas

    … A lot of Texas wine drinkers also enjoy cooking. Rave Review!™ Original Culinary Spirits™, the first line of spirits produced specifically for cooking is now available in Texas. The four culinary spirits (brandy, rum, blended bourbon, and hops) are designed to be heat stable and come in two sizes: 200ml bottles (SRP $9.99) and 1L bottles…

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  • Sushi Titans Battle! O Ya vs Sushi Iwa

    … Iwa, of Sushi Iwa in Japan. The event was held at the Clarke Studio in Milford and was filmed for ABC Asahi Broadcasting, a national Japanese TV network, for their prime time cooking competition. You can check out one of their prior episodes here, though please know that it is all in Japanese. So, when this new episode airs, everything I said…

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  • Scenes From an Italian Wedding and Bacon-Wrapped Cauliflower and Broccoli Florets

    The Meaning of Life Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Monsieur Creosote (Terry Jones) underestimates his stomach when his waiter (John Cleese) offers him a parting mint. TM & © Universal (2012) Cast: John Cleese, Terry Jones Director: Terry Jones MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: Join our Facebook page: http://j.

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  • Kick Off Your Summer Grill

    … I've been cooking for almost 30 years and have learned a lot from mom, grandma, chefs, television, books and internet. I've tried many new things in the past number of years and I have to say, I get the most enjoyment out of grilling outdoors. You can cook almost any meal outdoors and more than you can cook in, and the enjoyment you get on your…

  • Cooking and Tasting in Santorini

    … Santorini is a beautiful island. Everything that you have likely heard about Santorini is true. It is amazing and it is touristy! Santorini is in the southern Aegean Sea and is part of the southern Cyclades group of islands. View from Thira The island is home to a flourishing wine industry primarily driven by the indigenous grape varietal…

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  • Going to the high country? Eat your liver & onions first.

    … winehiker: Today may be #NationalPiDay, but it’s also #ThrowbackThursday. With apologies to my vegan and vegetarian friends, I dig back into the winehiker witiculture archive to bring you a post I originally published in September 2006: “Going to the high country? Eat your liver & onions first.” Happy #ThrowbackThursday…

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