… Post card. I was looking for the tall and skinny bronze by Giacometti, I kept looking in the spots I thought it should be. . . I wanted to see it again, to examine its curiously soft profile and then the stark and elongated full frontal. Instead I found Gaston Lachaise's Standing Woman. She's comparatively squat and broad; fertile and ample…

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    Wynns Black Label Cabernet sauvignon 1998

    … Bottle one of six. I'm not sure why I've waited for so long and why I have so many, but disorganisation and a constant flow of new bottles to distract would feature in my defence. These bottles have been sitting in a cardboard box in a Tasmanian oak wardrobe, under the Christmas decorations and several layers of cushions. Waiting. A decade…

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    Rocking out with the 2014 WineAlign World Wine Awards of Canada

    … well and with so much grace. Head judge Anthony Gismondi talks with Rhys Pender MW, Steve Thurlow, DJ Kearney and Godello Photo: Jason Dziver ( In today’s WineAlign WWAC14 results dissertation, Anthony Gismondi tells us that “nothing has value unless you give it some.” The awards are about assessing daily drinkers, wines…

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    Last week

    … 1. A green rub for roast lamb. A small handful of parsley, a few sprigs of rosemary, three or four cloves of garlic and the zest from half a small lemon, salt and pepper. Process (with mortar or machine) into a paste and add a glug of olive oil to loosen. Rub onto a leg lamb which is lying on a bed of chopped onions (3) and white wine vinegar (2…

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    … a former ally installing an Italian wine list into a joint that's halfway between the Adelaide Club and the Parliament House on North Terrace and a bloke who was born an ally before he moved to Aussie becoming our Prime Minister and giving the local submarine factory to the Japs. All in one week. Frisson, see. Jamie's famous lobster Mac…

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