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    • No Need to Wait for Spring – Lisa Livoni is Here!

      Napa artist Lisa Livoni’s work is so bright, so fresh, so evocative, that one glance at her watercolor of flowers, bulbs, or fruit, is enough to get you through another dreary winter day. Lisa’s watercolors are a visual elixir, a mesmerizing achievement, reproducing on paper how outdoor plants and vegetation make you feel. 3 readers -
  • Liquidity Event

    … Oh, my. The Wine Giques have been very busy NOT writing about wine. But don't fret, gentle reader: it doesn't mean that we've dispensed with DRINKING the wine, as well. We continue to pursue that noble occupation, every chance we get. Case in point: I was lucky enough to attend a forum hosted by a noted business school last night about investing…

    Wine Giquesin Syrah- 1 readers -
  • Quaffing Oscar: Wine Pairings for the Best Picture Nominees

    … for the Amazon. Up in the Air -- Ordinarily we'd avoid a film about a professional corporate downsizer, given the current depressing state of employment and its concomitant effect on the wine industry. However, we'd attend the opening of an envelope if George Clooney were involved ... so, here we are. To celebrate this quirky, complicated…

    Wine Giques -
  • Three Things.

    Three things made me very happy last night (even though it was Giorgio the houseboy's night off): 1) The delicious vegetarian cassoulet I made. Recipe here. 2) The big, honkin' glass of 2007 Les Hèrétiques I ...

    Wine Giques -
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