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  • Liquidity Event

    Oh, my. The Wine Giques have been very busy NOT writing about wine. But don't fret, gentle reader: it doesn't mean that we've dispensed with DRINKING the wine, as well. We continue to pursue that noble occupation, every chance we get. Case in point: I was lucky enough to attend a forum hosted by a noted business school last night about investing in digital media.

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  • Quaffing Oscar: Wine Pairings for the Best Picture Nominees

    …, and ultimately satisfying film, we offer up a similarly-themed wine: 2005 Shypoke Charbono. Made from an underused varietal grape, like the Clooney, it goes down smooth but finishes with a punch. So, there you have it. There's still time to go shopping before the cameras start rolling. And have your people call our people after the show, darling. Kiss kiss. …

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  • Three Things.

    Three things made me very happy last night (even though it was Giorgio the houseboy's night off): 1) The delicious vegetarian cassoulet I made. Recipe here. 2) The big, honkin' glass of 2007 Les Hèrétiques I ...

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