Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and many viruses. DNA is a nucleic acid; alongside proteins and carbohydrates, nucleic acids compose the three major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life. Most DNA molecules consist of two biopolymer strands coiled around each other to form a double helix. The two DNA strands are known as polynucleotides since they are composed of simpler units called nucleotides.
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    • A Special Tribute To An Organic Vineyard Owner — Al Bechthold

      Al Bechthold Bechthold Vineyards is the oldest continuously-farmed vineyard in Lodi, originally planted in 1886. It’s only 25 acres, but the grapes are highly prized by clients like Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon, Abe Schoener of Scholium Project and Turley Wine Cellars. Kevin Phillips of Michael-David Winery continues to farm this plot organically.

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    • Seafood Mislabeling: How Prevalent?

      When you go to the local butcher shop, and buy a steak, you'll most likely get exactly what you want. If you want beef, you''ll get it. The store wouldn't confuse the issue and mislabel pork or venison as beef. They wouldn't do it with poultry either, so if you want chicken, you'll get it and not duck or quail instead. However, when it comes to seafood, the issue is far from clear cut.

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    • Affordable Wines from Greece and Chile – It’s the Weekend!

      The weekend is upon us and you may have your favorite, expensive bottle ready to open. But there is more than enough space on the wine bar to open a few bottles of wine under or around $20. It’s always fun for me to taste then suggest wines that are at or around that reasonable price range. I hope you find the affordable wines reviewed below interesting enough to purchase an ...

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  • What Wines Did King David Drink?

    Reviews of Shiloh Legend II 2010 and several Speyburn Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. By Joshua E. London and Lou Marmon Washington Jewish Week October 23, 2014 Although the biblical texts are replete with references to wine, the exact varietals employed to create these libations remain a mystery.

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  • The prettiest Bumba

    … ago when she changed genus once more to Maraca pulcherrimaklaasi. And now, only months later, it's happened again. So for now this is Bumba pulcherrimaklaasi. How many weeks until it jumps to yet another genus? But whatever this is, it is IMO an uncommonly beautiful terrestrial. But I can't wait for DNA studies to become cheaper so we could finally make sense of taxonomy and spiders.…

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  • José Maria da Fonseca: Portuguese Pride

    … Extending back 180 years, to its founding in 1834, José Maria da Fonseca is a family-owned Portuguese winery with one foot firmly planted in its rich history and traditions, and the other foot stepping forward into the future. My own experience with their wines extends back as well. About eight to nine years ago, in the wine blog I wrote before…

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  • Are Genetically Modified grape vines ever going to be good for wine?

    …), a widely published author on topics ranging from Azlheimer’s Disease to autism and cardiovascular disease, raised plenty of eyebrows recently with a bold proclamation on autism at a special panel in Massachusetts about genetically modified organisms and other topics. “At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic,” Seneff said…

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  • Wine of the Week 22 – Croatian specialities

    … the island of Šolta. True Zinfandel originates here in Croatia where it grows in tiny amounts on the Dalmatian coast where it is known as Crljenak Kaštelanski . The even rarer and older Tribidrag has exactly the same DNA and is thought to be the same grape. I had been to Croatia before, not on a wine trip as it happens, but wine gets consumed even…

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  • Must a wine be true to or representative of its type?

    …, they express themselves quite differently when bottled. They are as much alike as the svelte, mucho-attractive, actress Ashley Judd and her singing, Reubenesque, half-sister Wynonna Judd. While the DNA link is there, their very visible, personal characteristics are displayed quite differently. Except for those originating in Italy’s Alto Adige region…

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  • Yeast odd-balls: Trying to understand flor

    …. You’re really glad he’s there, but he’s a mystery. I’m stretching, but you get the point: flor yeast are useful, we’re glad they’re there for us, and we don’t understand them. Flor are the film-forming, surface-dwelling yeast best known for their role in making sherry, though they’re also key actors in Hungarian Tokaj Hegyalja, Xeres from Jurez…

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  • New Jersey Wineries Are Bringing Home The Bling.

    …; “This food is horrible, but at least there’s lots of it.” Of course I was basing my outdated opinion on a decades old visit to the Blazing River Winery, located on the bubonic shores of the Arthur Kill waterway that separates New Jersey from New York’s Staten Island. They named it Blazing River because the Arthur Kill was known to routinely catch…

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  • DNA tests don’t do anything, or, how to read wine science news

    … a Wine-Searcher brief about new French technology to identify the geographic origin and species of barrel oak. But, really, the article is about the French asserting that they’re better than everyone else. The first three sentences of the piece outline, in very general terms, what the DNA tests do: researchers have genetically profiled enough oak…

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  • Review: Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Years Old

    … 2014’s autumn of whiskey releases continues with this new release from Speyside’s Glenfiddich, a permanent addition to the distillery’s portfolio. Nothing fancy here: Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Years Old is aged entirely in American oak ex-bourbon casks, with no finishing. It’s actually the first whisky in the company’s permanent collection…

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