Tasting Report: Rosso Montefalco and Montefalco Sagrantino, 2014 Releases

    Welcome to Montefalco, “the balcony of Umbria” in the backyard of Tuscany. Montefalco is a relatively little-known wine region in the U.S., known primarily as the birthplace and home of Sagrantino, a grape that thrives in the hills of this area. Sagrantino (from “sacrament,” called thusly because dried Sagrantino grapes have been used by monks to produce raisin-based wines fo ...

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    Are Genetically Modified grape vines ever going to be good for wine?

    Let’s consider if Genetically Modified grape vines are ever going to be good for us… In order to do that, we have to look at studies that are being done independently, many of which are happening outside of the United States, as regards other crops. It’s also important to note that a study handed off to a university through a grant program by a corporation might as well rea ...

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      Must a wine be true to or representative of its type?

      TomBarrasWineCommentary - - 5 readers - Lettie Teague’s 10/23/14 Wall Street Journal article on Pinot Grigio—specifically the high quality, northern Italian producers—brought to mind an experience I had some time ago with a California version of Pinot Grigio. After swirling, sniffing and sipping, I quickly checked the label to verify what I just tasted.

      Wine of the Week 22 – Croatian specialities

      Quentin Sadler's Wine Page - - 5 readers - Dubrovnil from the south. Earlier in the year I was judging in a wine competition in Dubrovnik. I have been meaning to write about it ever since as the whole experience was quite wonderful. The place itself completely lives up to expectations and fully deserves its reputation as one of the great destinations.

      New Jersey Wineries Are Bringing Home The Bling.

      winesnark.com - - 4 readers - New Jersey Wineries Are Bringing Home The Bling. The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #MWWC12 theme is “local” which inspired me to check out the New Jersey wine scene. You can read all of the entries and cast your vote at mwwcblog.wordpress.com/ from October 14th through the 20th. Alba Vineyard in Milford New Jersey.

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    • Gervasi Vineyard: A Little Tract of Italy in Ohio

      … the winery and tasting the wines. Ah, yes, the wines. Made in Ohio, but Italian at heart. Enter Andrew Codispoti, winemaker. Born in Italy, Codispoti came to America at the age of six with his parents and two brothers. “I remember when we arrived in New York harbor,” he reminisced. “I’d never seen a city like New York.” The Codispotis initially…

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    • What Wines Did King David Drink?

      …, Single Highland Malt, Scotch Whisky (43 percent abv; $30): This lovely, light, limpid gold-colored whisky, with very subtle amber highlights, offers floral, grassy, fruity, vanilla, caramel, citrus and slightly nutty aromatic notes, with a whiff of cereal grain and possibly even smoke. On the palate, this light- to medium-bodied whisky is sweet…

    • The prettiest Bumba

      … Spider taxonomy is driving me crazy! This pretty lady with her stunning purple legs used to be called Paraphysa pulcherrimaklaasi when I got her. Then it was changed to Phrixotrichus pulcherrimaklaasi. Then to Euathlus pulcherrimaklaasi. And that's how it stayed for so long that I finally thought things were settled.That is until a couple months…

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    • José Maria da Fonseca: Portuguese Pride

      … 390, and met Domingos Soares Franco, the senior winemaker and vice president at José Maria da Fonseca. Domingos is part of the 6th generation of the Soares France family, and three members of the 7th generation are currently involved in the winery too. Domingos was the first Portuguese national to graduate in Fermentation Sciences (Viticulture…

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    • Are big food and wine flavors ruining our palates?

      … into the oven and bake. You could serve the custard (and the chicken or pork) with a light-bodied red wine, like Cave la Romaine Rouge Tradition ($10), made from Grenache and Syrah. Or a medium-bodied white, like the Tuscanio Bianco from Società Agricola Bulichella ($18). It’s 100% Vermentino, made from organic grapes in the Maremma, in southwestern…

    • Is the Cannon Closed Or What Does it Take for New Crosses to Become Classic Varieties?

      … the masses the way some of us Riesling lovers would have liked it to. Jancis Robinson recently commented on this in one recent post. That makes me wonder, if Riesling can’t catch on then what chance do any of the “new” varieties have? Let’s face it. According to Carole Meredith’s DNA research at UC Davis, Cabernet Sauvignon was a chance crossing…

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    • Are Genetically Modified grape vines ever going to be good for wine?

      … by True Activist, Geneticist David Suzuki Says Humans “Are Part Of A Massive Experiment”, By Arjun Walia DAVID SUZUKI: “It doesn’t seem to be much of a debate anymore, it’s clear that GMOs can indeed be harmful to human health. There is a reason why a majority of countries around the world have permanently banned GMOs, so what’s taking North America…

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    • Wine of the Week 22 – Croatian specialities

      … on a holiday – you know how it it! On that occasion I visited Istria in the north west of the country where the local specialities are the earthy and herbal tasting Teran reds and the refreshing, although sometimes fleshy, Malvasia white wines. While I was there I visited a winery in Slovenia. Anyway all this came flooding back to me while I…

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    • Must a wine be true to or representative of its type?

      …, they express themselves quite differently when bottled. They are as much alike as the svelte, mucho-attractive, actress Ashley Judd and her singing, Reubenesque, half-sister Wynonna Judd. While the DNA link is there, their very visible, personal characteristics are displayed quite differently. Except for those originating in Italy’s Alto Adige region…

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    • Yeast odd-balls: Trying to understand flor

      … they’re genes; we don’t know much about what they do. So goes the story of modern genetics, caught between the past of not understanding how DNA mapped to functions at all and the future in which (we hope and presume) we’ll know what all (heck; I think we’d settle for most) genes actually do. This study also reinforces some previous findings about…

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    • New Jersey Wineries Are Bringing Home The Bling.

      … wineries are embracing the advent of American Viticultural Areas or AVAs and in a sense, changing their address. AVAs are wine growing regions demarcated by the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The program imitates the French AOC or Italian DOC systems, except that the graft is paid in dollars, not euros. John Cifelli, executive…

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    • DNA tests don’t do anything, or, how to read wine science news

      … Yesterday, a headline appeared in my email inbox, courtesy of Wine Business Monthly’s daily run-down, that read “DNA tests defeat wine barrel fraud.” About four different reactions crossed my mind more or less simultaneously. 1. I doubt it. Sounds like journalist hype. 2. Took them long enough; haven’t we had that technology for awhile now…

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    • Review: Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Years Old

      … whisky in the company’s permanent collection to be entirely aged in ex-bourbon casks. While it’s got Glenfiddich DNA through and through, this is a powerful spirit from the Speyside giant. The nose is intense with fruit — pears, apricots, and a dollop of orange blossom honey to sweeten things up. Fairly light oak notes emerge here as well. The body…

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