Drought is an extended period when a region notes a deficiency in its water supply whether surface or underground water.[citation needed] A drought can last for months or years, or may be declared after as few as 15 days. Generally, this occurs when a region receives consistently below average precipitation. It can have a substantial impact on the ecosystem and agriculture of the affected region. Although droughts can persist for several years, even a short, intense drought can cause significant damage and harm to the local economy. Prolonged drought has caused cause mass migrations and humanitarian crises.
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    • The effect of herbicides on soil structure

      I’m just preparing a presentation I’m giving in the Netherlands tomorrow, and I came across two pictures I took in the vineyards at Waterkloof in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The first is of one of their vineyards that has been managed biodynamically from the start, which is above. [It's not an old vineyard.] The soils had a loose structure and were quite pliable.

      jamie goode's wine blog- 9 readers -
    • Tavel AOC (Southern Rhone): Terroir, wine production, wines

      The wine producers of Tavel have no reservations as to which is the premier Rosé producing region in France. And while that sentiment is not universally shared, it is widely acknowledged that Tavel stands alone as a Rosé-only AOC and is, without a doubt, the most famous wine of that style in the land.

      Wine -- Mise en abyme- 8 readers -
    • Premiere Napa Valley: Wine lots revealed for annual auction (Video Preview)

      225 lots. That’s how many we can expect at this year’s edition of the annual wine auction known as Premiere Napa Valley. The Napa Valley Vintners released the list of wines that will be auctioned off, and you can see it here on the PNV site. Featuring winemaker dinners, barrel tastings, and seminars, ultimately its […] A lot of Scarecrow Cabernet garnered much attention aft ...

      Loni Stark/ Stark Insider- 5 readers -
  • The Year in the Wine Family 2014--Goodbye to All That

    …, kept them locked in a closet, right next to his Wine Spectator voodoo doll (oh, yes, that Wine Spectator is full of pricks). Now, suddenly, in the past few years, Uncle Bob has started handing out his perfect scores willy-nilly. Sure, they’re his, and he can give them to whomever he pleases, but the wine family is worried he’ll give them all away…

    Ron Washam/ HoseMaster of Wine™- 4 readers -
  • Times Union: Capital Region Wineries Grow

    … last week, "is looking better. Thank god we had a storm last night. The drought is definitely having a serious amount of stress" on his vineyard. Such is the life of Capital Region vintners. Yet, new wineries are opening, some with their own vineyards, and while the Capital Region isn't yet wine country, it does have nearly a dozen active wineries…

    Carlo De Vito/ Hudson River Valley Wineriesin Cabernet Franc- 3 readers -
  • Top Wine Stories of 2014

    … to lots of food crops and less expensive bulk wine production may still be hurting. Craft Beer The craft beer boom is going strong. The amount of craft beer sold is now greater than Budweiser. Lagunitas, once the little brewery from Petaluma, expanded to Chicago to help meet demand in the eastern U.S. At a Napa wine executives seminar in September a speaker said craft beer was their primary competitor. …

    Bob Hunnicutt/ Bob on Sonoma- 3 readers -
  • Drunk driving, Sonoma vineyards and rain, rain, rain!

    … in the Vaca Mountains, has had almost 20 inches this month, about equal to San Francisco’s total annual rainfall. These are astonishing numbers. But “California still needs 11 trillion gallons of water to end its drought. Even with two weeks that saw inches of rain break local and daily records,” reports the website thinkprogress.com, “more than 77 percent of the state is in ‘extreme drought.’” Back tomorrow… …

    STEVE HEIMOFFin Pinot Noir- 4 readers -
  • The Sky is Falling? Wine Country Wants More of This Wet Stuff

    … about images they’ve seen on the news of vineyards up to their elbows in water, they query, “On top of the earthquake, now you’ve got to deal with flooded vineyards? Can’t you guys in Napa ever catch a break?” What they don’t know is that this December rain is just the break- the break in the historical drought- that we’ve been looking…

    Alison Crowe/ Girl and The Grape- 4 readers -
  • Weekly Wine News Around the Web

    … million per acre, according to this report. Jackson Expands to South Africa: Continuing to expand its footprint of vineyards across the globe, California’s Jackson’s Family Vineyards has purchased a 120-acre farm in the Banghoek Valley of the Stellenbosch region, according to this report in the Shanken News Daily blog. With 20 acres of vines, Jackson…

    Homein Chardonnay- 5 readers -
  • San Luis Obispo County: After the Storm

    … Last week's storm system, christened the "Pineapple Express," soaked drought-stricken California and left its mark throughout San Luis Obispo County. Although Thursday night's raging winds and deluge of rainfall wreaked havoc—causing capsized trees, flooding, and leaving many homes and businesses without power—we got what we needed: a magnificent…

    Elizabeth White/ Elizabeth in SLO- 2 readers -
  • On Palate Press: Water footprints and Waiheke (and chickens, again)

    … My Palate Press piece for this month (which I really wish was entitled something involving “water” to make the subject more clear) is a bit about Waiheke Island, just off the coast of Auckland, and a bit about water footprints in the wine industry. The relationship between the two is that Waiheke — shockingly, for a North American accustomed…

    The Wine-o-scope- 2 readers -
  • The “F” Word and Mother Nature’s Lady Parts: VINTAGE 2014

    … If you think you know what someone means when she says “the ‘F’ Word,” you probably have not spent much time with a winemaker. Talk of Lady parts and Mother Nature’s ass — it was not quite was I expected when Wil Fernandez sent me a sneak preview of VINTAGE 2014: the stories behind the vines. I have seen some of the initial filming…

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blog- 3 readers -
  • NEWS FETCH – December 9, 2014

    …TOP NEWS US economy to accelerate in 2015 Global vineyard area rises, popular varietals rule Nature, not climate change, blamed for drought Newly 21 Millennials To Drive 2015 Alcohol sales Take control of your wine costing and set your prices with confidence *Sponsored Link* HARVEST 2014/GLOBAL WINE SUPPLY Bordeaux: Giscours Sees Positive 2014 Vintage FINANCE, […]…

    Lewis Perdue/ Wine Industry Insight- 2 readers -
  • Lovely Louise Swenson

    …, gentler Sauvignon Blanc with apples and pears instead of pyrazine. The difference in temperature between the cooler eastern and warmer western shores of Lake Champlain may be telling dividing line on the ripening curve. Double A Vineyard Nursery out in Fredonia, NY seems to regularly sell out of their Louise Swenson stock, and Northeast Vine…

    Todd Trzaskos/ New York Cork Report- 3 readers -
  • Angela Moench of Stone House Vineyard Winemaker Profile

    … to the prominent museums in Australia to coincide with the America’s Cup there in 1985. What is the toughest challenge about being a winemaker in Texas? I think that the weather creates the challenge here. Even if the late freezes are avoided, one faces a very long hot summer and in the past few years, severe drought. Is winemaking an art…

    Jeff Cope/ Texas Wine Lover- 5 readers -
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