Nasty plastic residues in wine, elitism, and the real cost of an MW

    I’d planned, today, to write about fine research led by Dr. Pascal Chatonnet and company at the French Laboratoire Excell demonstrating disturbingly high phthalate residues in some older French brandies, at least some level of plastic residue contamination in all of the French spirits and many wines they tested, and laying out some really sensible thinking on whether that’s a problem.

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    Imagine Moore....Great Wine!

    There are plenty of cool dudes in the wine business...and even more who think they are cool but are not. Count Tim Moore in the first category. Handsome, well connected, and well liked, Moore walks through a room like he already owns it. There's not a lot of braggadocio. There's a little bit of cockiness...but that's just the attitude of someone who knows what he's doing.

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      Wine in Idaho: Telaya Wines

      CHASING THE VINE - - 5 readers - Telaya Wines After chatting with Melanie Krause of Cinder, I conveniently walked three feet left to Telaya’s tasting bar to meet with Owner Earl Sullivan. His wife Carrie was not available to meet. Telaya founders Carrie and Earl both originated from the Midwest: Carrie from the suburbs of Indiana, and Earl from a tobacco and cattle farm in central Kentucky.

      5 Questions with… Meg Tipton, Keuka Spring Vineyards

      New York Cork Report - - 5 readers - Keuka Spring Vineyards has received a lot of attention the last couple years especially after receiving the Governor’s Cup trophy for their 2012 Riesling at last year’s annual New York Wine & Food Classic competition. One of the people diligently working hard to make it all happen is assistant winemaker Meg Tipton.

    The latest about Enology

      Nasty plastic residues in wine, elitism, and the real cost of an MW

      …. What if MWs were involved in helping to advocate for this sort of change? What do MW’s have that PhDs in enology don’t? Highly public profiles. Broad, international wine industry knowledge. Extraordinarily strong networks. Often excellent communication skills (sporadic among scientists, unfortunately). Lots and lots of prestige. It’s really…

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      Wine of the Week – 2006 Shafer Relentless

      … of California at Davis with a degree in enology and viticulture, a year later Elias Fernandez joined the winery as assistant winemaker. Together Doug and Elias have worked closely to forge the Shafer style of quality, consistency and elegance. New vineyards have been added over the years, with acreage acquired in the Oak Knoll, Stags Leap and Carneros…

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      Brian Carter Cellars soars with great Washington blends

      … to the University of California-Davis and its famed school of enology. After two years, he went to work in the California wine industry. In 1980, he was at Chateau Montelena, which still was glowing from its 1976 victory at the now-famous Judgment of Paris tasting in which Montelena’s Chardonnay beat out the best of Burgundy (Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars…

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      Craft Beverages Unlimited 2015

      … 4-5, 2015 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, VA. Some highlights: Dr. Bruce Zoecklein, Enology Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech, will be joined by winemaker Clark Smith, whose “Postmodern Winemaking” was hailed as Wine and Spirits Magazine’s 2013 Book of the Year. These two experts will conduct a two-day forum on cutting…

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      Township 7 recruits winemaker from Canadian giant Peller

      … Wine Awards, and the Trius Nonvintage Brut also earned a gold medal. Her inspiration to pursue a winemaking career began in Vancouver as a sommelier at former False Creek landmark Monk McQueens Fresh Seafood and Oyster Bar. She returned home to Ontario, where McDermott earned a degree in viticulture and enology from Brock University in St. Catharines…

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      Imagine Moore....Great Wine!

      … a fall back when we have company. They are usually soft, approachable, and complex, and please a good number of palates. Tim and Diane Moore bring over 15 years of winemaking and grape-growing experience in the Finger Lakes to Inspire Moore. They met at the University of California at Davis, where Tim was studying Enology and Diane, International…

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      5 Questions with… Meg Tipton, Keuka Spring Vineyards

      … were five and about to enter kindergarten. I was ready to add another dimension to my life and I realized this amazing region was within reach. It was time to get serious. I jumped in feet first and enrolled in FLCC to pursue a Viticulture and Enology degree, which I completed in 2013. I haven’t looked back for a second. It was one of the best…

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      Wine in Idaho? Coiled Wines Excels at Riesling, Syrah

      … involved with spud wine, however, Leslie had a 20 year career in California that serendipitously started with landing a teaching job at U.C. Davis – for French literature. Surrounded by winemaking students, her interest in wine grew to the point of completing an MS in Enology at Davis. After graduating, she worked in Carneros before landing…

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      Wine in Idaho: Telaya Wines

      … supplies like yeast and chemicals, we have to get them from our colleagues over the border. Another downside is that viticultural practices are lagging here as compared to neighboring regions. The state hasn’t been as proactive in funding and encouraging viticulture and enology education, but hopefully it will soon. Idaho has great farmers, but what…

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      Backyard Vineyards gets a well-deserved second look

      … visited Backyard, I learned that James Cambridge has just been in the Okanagan, meeting with growers. One of numerous visits during the season. That’s a very good sign and something I would expect from as seasoned a winemaker as he is. An Ontario native, James is a graduate (top of the class) from Niagara College’s enology and viticulture program…

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      Wines of La Vuelta Stage 17: Envinate Vina de Aldea

      … and Portugal More from Christy here. From the importer: Envínate (Wine Yourself) is the brainchild of 4 friends, winemakers Roberto Santana, Alfonso Torrente, Laura Ramos, and José Martínez. This gang of 4 formed back in 2005 while studying enology at the University of Miguel Hernandez in Alicante. Upon graduation, they formed a winemaking consultancy…

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      Retailer With Beverage Education As A Priority ~ Total Wines & More

      … a tasting of differing alcohol percentages from the same original wine. It was a remarkable tasting.] [Winemaker Joe Freeman's glasses of wine, for his demonstration.] [A lovely pizza picnic in the vineyards with River Road Family Vineyards and Winery wines.] Tags: Alvaro Zamora, Diane DiRoma, Ed Morris, Enology, Joe Freeman, Kate Dos Santos, River Road Family Vineyards and Winery, The Rubin Family of Wines, Viticulture, Winemaking…

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      2010-2012 ABV of California & Oregon PNO

      … and broader. Since alcohol is a solvent, it can extract more flavor out of skins, pips and oak barrels. It is a critical factor in wine balance which in turn is an important feature that determines wine quality. Dr. Bruce Zoecklein, Head, Enology-Grape Chemistry Group at Virginia Tech, has discussed alcohol and balance in several of his Enology…

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