• Aspen: Apres Ski Cocktail Classic

      Aspen: Apres Ski Cocktail Classic January 12, 2015 By admin Experience the peak of après ski culture with the Après-Ski Cocktail Classic – March 5-8, 2015 FOUR DAY SPIRIT CELEBRATION MOVES TO THE LITTLE NELL AND OTHER ICONIC ASPEN SNOWMASS LOCATIONS The 3rd annual Après Ski Cocktail Classic returns in 2015 with new dates and a new home base.

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    • #ZinExp: Your ticket to Zintastic Zinfandel!

      Zinfandel Experience Postertop (source: ZAP, Last year I was supposed to attend Zinfandel Advocates & Producers’ (ZAP) Zinfandel Experience, but I was in a middle of a big, cross-country move and settling into a new life and career. In fact, on January 11, 2015, I celebrate my one-way trip to Napa, California, where I continue to live today.

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  • Looking Ahead Through a Glass Half-Full

    … The year kicked off just right, with Lighthall Vineyards 2013 Progression in hand. We made it to midnight (albeit barely), toasted 2015 and went to bed. Yup, my wild New Year's Eve celebrations put Times Square to shame, don't they? What two kids will do to you. I saved up the energy for a week-long family trip in Punta Cana, where I learned…

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  • Super Bowl Snacks!

    … Super Bowl Snacks! The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and for those of you who like to get dressed up in your favorite football gear, plant yourself on the couch, and snack while watching the big game, be sure to make Blue Diamond Almonds a big part of game day! Thanks to Blue Diamond I got to try these new delicious flavors, which pair very well…

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  • Recipe: Spanish Chili with Chorizo

    … An alternative to bean and meat “chili” at this year’s Super Bowl party is the hearty stew from the Spanish region of Asturias known as Fabada. One of this northern region’s claims to gastronomic fame, Fabada is great for feeding a crowd and is really para chuparse los dedos—They’re “finger-sucking good”. Fabada is even sold in a can…

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  • Recipe: Valencian Paella

    … The Mediterranean Spanish province of Valencia is known as the home of paella, and though there are plenty of iterations of this dish that revolve around fruits of the sea, the true “Paella Valenciana” is all about the bounty of the land. Typical proteins include chicken, rabbit, and snails (feel free to go hunting in your garden for the latter…

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  • Award Winning: Make A Meal App

    … Award Winning: Make A Meal App January 28, 2015 By admin Make A Meal App Wins UK and US Design Awards Make A Meal, the meal planning app that helps families to waste less food and save money, is a two time award winner. The app has won recognition on both sides of the pond since its launch. It was named the Best Cooking App in the UK App…

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  • Grenache! Grenache? Grenache!, Few Rare Grapes and a Recipe

    … continues on the palate – limited fruit expression, medium to full body, good acidity, food friendly. (Drinkability: 7+) Okay, now we can finally talk Grenache, which I mentioned 3 times in the title of this post, right? I think when it comes to the range of expression among 7-10 most widely known red grapes, Grenache offer the most versatility…

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  • Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

    … Are you ready for some football… and this Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip!? After posting this recipe for Smoked Buffalo Turkey Dip over a year ago the dish has become a staple in our house. And by staple we make it so often I’m almost embarrassed to share. But since we only smoke turkey a couple times a year, we’re usually making the dip…

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  • Hill Country: Women for WineSense Valentine Progressive Wine Dinner

    … You may have heard about the Women for WineSense which has different chapters around the United States. The Texas Hill Country chapter is holding their 1st Annual Valentine Progressive Wine Dinner on Friday, February 13, which sounds like a fantastic event. Anybody can attend and you don’t need to be a woman! This is how it works. During…

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  • Score a Touchdown with these Super Bowl Pairings

    … I’ll begin by pausing for a moment to acknowledge that Texas does not have an NFL team going to the Super Bowl, and that is something that deeply saddens my native Texan soul. What I won’t do is wade into controversy and mention that one particularly contentious call (AKA “the play”) during the Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers game…

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  • Pork Belly Pairings!

    … Pork Belly over Mashed Potatoes and Corn. This dish paired beautifully with Erdinger Weissbräu Dunkel, a stunning, smooth, and creamy dark German beer. This pairing is the ultimate comfort food for winter, and should be enjoyed on a chilly winter night with your loved ones. Check out for more grocery stores, restaurants, and booze…

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  • Not such a good grade: Speck, Pea Shoot and Marsala Meatballs

    … Don’t you get tired to always cook the same dishes? During the last years, I have mastered some recipes that have become my signature dishes. I always have the essential ingredients for them in my refrigerator and I can cook them with my eyes closed. And, of course, I always shoot for one of those dishes for a weeknight meal. Unfortunately…

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  • Recent Articles — Sicilian Meatballs on Wine4.Me

    …. “When I recently visited Sicily, I was impressed by not only the wines I tasted, but also the food and the people hosting us. From the simple, fresh ways they prepare their seafood to the unique uses for eggplant, or the signature Arancini di Riso (fried rice balls), I was exposed to many staples in Sicilian cooking that I’m not accustomed…

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  • Walla Walla: February is for Foodies

    … intertwine. The property was fully renovated in 2001 and restored to its original grandeur, while adding modern updates to provide a truly luxurious experience for today’s traveler. The full grounds include a 127-room hotel with luxury suites, a state-of-the art conference center featuring grand renaissance ballrooms, six on-site wine tasting boutiques…

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  • Unexpected Pairings with Lebanese Food and Wine

    … Unexpected Pairings Lebanese Food and Wine By Linda Kissam Food and wine pairing is an art that goes back to the beginnings of civilization. As an indigenous cuisine and its local vineyards evolve, they influence one another. Wine was always intended to accompany food so it makes sense that people have always tried to find the perfect match…

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  • Cleansing the Body Portuguese Style with Pork!

    … come up with! For every recipe we receive, we’ll throw in one as well. Ready to get your cleansing on? I’ll go first! One of my favorite Portuguese dishes is the “Carne de Porco à Alentejana,” a combo of pork cubes and clams served with fried potatoes. It’s a southern specialty that’s in no way diet-friendly, since all you’ll want to do is sop up…

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