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    Dotson~Cervantes Something Red: And, Definitely Worth the Wait

    Alphonse Dotson & Martha Cervantes & their Something Red Dotson~Cervantes Something Red: And, Definitely Worth the Wait We met in Mason on a Saturday in September not really knowing much more than what Alphonse Dotson told me over the phone earlier in the week. He said, “Russ, my brother, I’ve got something for you to taste.

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    Drinking (and grabbing a bite or two) in El Born, Barcelona.

    Drinking (and grabbing a bite or two) in El Born, Barcelona. Posted by winesleuth in All, Food and Wine, Spain | 0 comments Oct 18, 14 I’m currently hanging out in Barcelona and getting to know the city. It’s not only a cheap holiday destination but a gorgeous city to wander around. As a wine blogger, I’m always interested in finding good wine shops.

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      Matching Cheese and Wine

      Spittoon - - 4 readers - Matching Cheese and Wine A recent trip though the Chablis area of Burgundy was enlivened by the consumption of large quantities of cheese! One particularly runny Epoisses being highly memorable and the Soumaintrain has now become a favourite. Time to reacquaint myself with the art of matching cheese and wine I thought.

      The artfully applied science of Versado Malbec

      Godello - - 3 readers - Versado Vineyard Manager Sergio Rinaldi reviews the plan for the harvest with winemakers Ann Sperling and Peter Gamble Photo: (Elene Galey-Pride, A popular but unconfirmed theory claims that Malbec is a mathematical acronym, “Math, Algorithms, Learning, Brains, Engineering, Computing.

      A hip of wine from Hidden Bench

      Godello - - 2 readers - French cask in the Hidden Bench cellar A visit to the Beamsville Bench on a warm October morning is a beautiful thing. Facilitated by their sagacious Ontario agent Bernard Stramwasser of Le Sommelier, the royal welcome was presented at Hidden Bench Vineyards and Winery. Proprietor Harald Thiel and winemaker Marlize Beyers left no barrel, vine, wine or helping left to the imagination.

      It’s A Matter Of Degrees. - - 2 readers - It’s A Matter Of Degrees. Last chance to vote for The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. The theme is “local” and my entry from October 9th is about what’s happening at New Jersey’s wineries since they’ve done away with the disco balls. Cast your vote at Chapter Three, Part Eleven. Proper wine tasting technique starts with serving wine at the right temperature.

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      It’s A Matter Of Degrees.

      … an idea that will keep the supply chain moving. When I have excess food I donate it to an organization that feeds starving people. I suggest we feed unscrupulous suppliers to starving people. Back in the day, before wine cellars were plugged into an outlet, wine was kept in an unfinished basement. Here, the temperature would gradually change…

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      Matching Cheese and Wine

      … as the classical tang of ammonia often jars nastily with wine. Try a red from the South of France – Fitou or Corbieres. An LBV port is also worth trying. Champagne works as would other dry sparkling wines. Brillat Savarin – red Bordeaux. Burrata – rosé Champagne. Buxton Blue – A cousin of Blue Stilton. Cabrales – a dry or sweet Sherry for this Spanish blue…

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      Drinking (and grabbing a bite or two) in El Born, Barcelona.

      … a fair amount of wines from France and Italy as well as some Spanish wines lining the walls of both venues. L’anima del Vi is bigger then El Soplo, having a good sized seating area with tables for drinking the night away. El Soplo is more of a hole in the wall but very atmospheric. L’Anima del Vi has a small tapas type menus to soak up the vino and El…

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      Strictly Veggie Tacos and a Weeknight White

      …Strictly Veggie Tacos and a Weeknight White Hey guys, Just wanted to check in with you to show you my food and wine pairing from tonight… Arrogant Frog 2013 Sauvignon Blanc and Veggie Tacos (Wine Sample Provided by Sopexa USA and Pays d’OC IGP) This 100% Sauv Blanc comes from the Pays d’OC IGP of the Languedoc Roussillon in southern France. I’ve…

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      A hip of wine from Hidden Bench

      … earlier, June 2014 note: “The richest Terroir Caché to date, making use of its barrel in judicious but never obnoxious ways. Huge Bench wine, needs 10 years for sure. From my earlier, April 2014 note: “No other Niagara red and for sure no alternative Peninsula Bordeaux blend exists in such a vacuum of dichotomous behaviour. Act one is an out…

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      VintageTexas: It’s Good to Know We’ve Made a Difference

      … McGinnis): Ray Isle on Left followed by June Rodil, Devon Broglie MS, Russ Kane, Paul M. Bonarrigo (non-panelist), Craig Collins MS. After realizing my dilemma, I called Texas wine marketing maven Denise Clarke after recalling that she had been part of a Texas wine marketing delegation to New York City and by chance maybe she had the information I…

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      Stay Rad Wine Blog TV Episode 144: Syrah, Jerky, and BBQ Potato Chips

      …, BBQ, Cornerstone Cellars, Food and Wine, Jerky, Napa Valley, Potato Chips, Soda Canyon Vineyard, Stay Rad Wine Blog TV, Syrah, Video, Wine Tasting This entry was posted on October 14, 2014 at 7:07 pm and is filed under Food and Wine, Stay Rad Wine Blog TV. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.…

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      Taste Ontario’s polarity of personality

      … to prominence. The increasingly genuflected niches occupied by Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Red Meritage Blends upped the ante and their game. Finally and with much market grab ado, Sparkling, Gamay and Syrah crossed the bridge to be more than gratuitously represented. This is what happens when Wine Country Ontario, the LCBO and the winemakers do…

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      The artfully applied science of Versado Malbec

      … already rich history, it also endorses a notion of Argentina. Versado’s Malbecs are both serious and epicurean. They are gorgeous and alone. They come from a very specific parcel of land, though Peter Gamble admits that “borders are sort of Alice in Wonderland in Argentina.” The Versado Malbec origins may participate in a Mendozan Venn Diagram…

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      Dotson~Cervantes Something Red: And, Definitely Worth the Wait

      … tasting Dotson~Cervantes 2008 Something Red. First. I knew at the start that spicy Mexican food wasn’t going to be the best match for this “near-late-harvest-big-boy” wine. Alcohol and spicy chili is no heavenly pairing. Secondly, I know that even the best of wines can go wrong if stored in barrel or tank too long. But, as Alphonse said, “You know…

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      September 27th at VINTAGES rolls into October 2nd with Taste Ontario

      …Taste Local, Love Local Photo ( This coming weekend’s VINTAGES release will parlay values from around the globe into the meeting place of Ontario stores. Many of the bargains tie directly into a PB and J campaign, a parochial bandwagon advertising juggernaut. The LCBO and Wine Country Ontario‘s #Tastelocal, #Lovelocal and #LCBOGolocal…

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      Dining (literally) Up in the Air

      …Dining (literally) Up in the Air Posted by winesleuth in Food and Wine, Lifestyle, London | 0 comments Sep 24, 14 Last weekend I was invited to a London in the Sky pop-up dining event at Canary Wharf. The event is part of the global Dinner in the Sky series with events in 43 countries. still on the ground coming down The event in London took place…

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      Don’t Be So Sensitive; Sensory Adaptation & Wine Tasting.

      … taste. Are you feeling tired or stressed? If so, you may not be producing as much saliva as usual. With less saliva your palate will detect more tannin and wine will feel more astringent. If you’re eating potatoes, a food high in umami, your favorite wine might suddenly have a bitter quality. If your potatoes are caked with an umami-overriding…

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      A traditional afternoon with the wines of Carpineto

      …, 2012 was a good year, not too warm yet ripening occurred early, with the quality set to high, but the quantities were low. A winemaker’s vintage. Carpineto’s CC comes from the northern aspect of the appellation, from a conca (amphitheater) seven km’s east of Greve, by the piccolo hamlet of Dudda. It’s cooler in this part of Chianti, with more rock…

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      Errazuriz The Blend Collection White

      … with lobster bisque was a fine match. Errazuriz The Blend Collection White 2011 - A UK Wine Blog - We Spit... So You Can Swallow Related posts: Our Olive Oil Glass of Wine at Trattoria La Casalinga Tons Duorum Branco…

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