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    • Experience Hart House’s Seafood Celebration on Now

      Hart House Restaurant in Burnaby “The Hart House Restaurant really cares about their food and user experience”, I thought as I sat there on a Saturday night with my dining companion. The white cotton patterned table-cloth, the beautifully decorated rooms, the knowledgeable servers, the beautifully plated food, all caught my attention.

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    • BBQ Corner (part 15) — Smoked Lamb Lollipops

      By contributing writer Sean, aka “the hubby” As we prepare for Thanksgiving, we love trying out new ways adding BBQ to our holiday party, either with appetizers, drinks (see smoked bloody mary) or dessert. This year, we’re throwing together a smoked rack of lamb for a great finger food that adds that little wow factor and also pairs well with wine.

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  • Last Minute Wine & Food Ideas for Thanksgiving

    … searching Pinterest looking for inspiration while sipping on your third cup of coffee (or mimosa, I won’t judge). Whether you’re hosting this year or heading somewhere for T-day and looking for some ideas for appetizers or wine here are some suggestions. Easy Appetizer Idea — Cranberry and Red Wine Meatballs Looking for a last minute appetizer…

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  • Thanksgiving Wine Classes

    …. They can be dry and savory (like Rainwater or Sercial Madeira) or sweet and unctuous (like Bual Madeira or Port). Some are complements to a fine meal, while others are the crowning touch after dessert. But all are fascinating, fun to explore, and very, very, delicious. Join us on Sunday, November 23, as we explore the world of sweet and savory…

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  • Haywire Lunar New Year Red and White 2015 Hit the Spot

    … bottles I received, I decided to contact some wine loving friends, and try these wines with Chinese food from Sun Sui Wah restaurant on Main Street in Vancouver. We decided to try the following dishes from Sun Sui Wah: Sautéed beef with oyster sauce Braised prawn and sliced chicken with vermicelli hot pot Steamed bean cake and scallop topped…

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  • 8 Urban Wineries & Tasting Rooms in Portland to Visit this Fall

    … In the big city and can’t make it out to wine country? No worries you can still get your wine on in Portland this fall. Try one, or all five, of these tasting rooms and sip away while the last leaves fall and the rain soaks the street. Portland Pairings Not sure what to have with dinner? Then head to Pairings Portland to grab a bottle and some…

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  • Smoked Tomato Bisque

    … bacon pieces. 2.6 You’ll be so amazed by the balanced smoky flavor. It’s not over the top! And the cream helps to balance out the acidity from the tomatoes. Wine Pairing Don’t be afraid of the word “smoke” when looking for a wine to pair. This is not a heavily smoked flavored soup. Nor…

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  • Wine of the Week; 2012 Tablas Creek Petit Manseng

    …. The flavors follow the aromas with spiced sweet lemon zest joining the party. Clean lingering finish. Retail - $35 (500ml) Rating: A-; This was such an enjoyable wine for me! Pair with: I paired this with a Peach Ginger Cobbler I prepared for a food and wine pairing event (see link below), but its refreshing acidity and off-dry character make…

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  • 6 Albariños to try out…

    … are more round in the mouth with a savory and briny side. All of these characteristics make for a great food wine. Food Pairing This wine is often hailed as a great summer wine. Why not? It’s refreshing, bright, and can be a great appetizer or picnic wine. But I believe that it’s so much more than just refreshing wine reserved for hot months…

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  • Smoked Tri-Tip Sandwiches with Chimichurri Sauce

    I have two words for you – Chimichurri Sauce Chimichurri sauce, where have you been all my life? Hubs catered an event recently leaving us with several pounds of leftover smoked tri-tip. The tri-tip was certainly delicious on its own, but after munching on leftovers for the next few days, I have to admit, it started to get rather boring. I know I know, #firstworldproblems.

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  • Beer Versus Wine (And Don’t Forget The Cider) + Food

    … Beer Versus Wine (And Don’t Forget The Cider) + Food I don’t know what you think based on the title, but the premise of this [short] post is simple. The Wondering Gourmand has a permanent monthly feature in his blog, called “Beer Versus Wine Pairing Challenge”. In that challenge, you are given a choice of a dish, and you are supposed to come…

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  • Announcements, Recent Articles, and all things Mushrooms

    … this through their daily newsletter, national events, and social media platforms. I’ll be focusing on one of my favorite topics, recipes and wine pairings, through their Daily Sip newsletter. My first article, Wines to Pair with Tailgating Classics, was published last month. My second piece, Expert Advice on Pairing Wine with Mushrooms, was published…

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  • Pinot Noir BBQ Sauce

    … barbecue sauce recipe (below). We decided to take it up a notch by using their Pinot Noir IN the sauce. Pinot Noir and BBQ? Really? Pairing wine and BBQ can be tricky, especially when the wines are more delicate in nature, like Pinot Noir for example. And Phelps Creeks wines, their Pinot Noirs in particular, are not the type of bold in-your-face…

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