France (UK: /ˈfrɑːns/; US: /ˈfræns/; French: [fʁɑ̃s] ), officially the French Republic (French: République française [ʁepyblik fʁɑ̃sɛz]), is a sovereign country in Western Europe that includes overseas regions and territories. Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of only three countries (with Morocco and Spain) to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. Due to its shape, it is often referred to in French as l’Hexagone ("The Hexagon").By area, France is the largest country in Western Europe and the European Union, and the third-largest in Europe as a whole.
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  • Bridlewood Estate Winery, Paso Robles, CA

    …, slope/aspects, rainfall and flora. Hard to believe that this could be realized in only three decades when Burgundy took centuries to come to the same conclusions about their region. Burgundy: that archetype of classification for wine-regions, is only 3 times larger then Paso Robles AVA and yet has 9 times as many sub-regions (known as AOC in France…

    a chef's journey to learn winein Cabernet Sauvignon- 4 readers -
  • Thanksgiving Wine Street Exchange with a Beer Drinker

    …. They represent the premiere regions making Pinot noir today: Burgundy (France) , Willamette Valley (Oregon), California, and Central Otago (New Zealand). They will probably offer you a bunch of medium-fancy bottles in the $20-25 range, which is where you find the higher quality stuff, but there is plenty of great value under $25. If nothing that sounds…

    jvb uncorkedin Pinot Noir- 4 readers -
  • Joseph Drouhin Beaujolais Nouveau 2014

    … such as herb-based vine treatments, natural predators rather then chemicals, and plowing by horse. Tasting Notes: Red-violet with magenta edges, with radiant aromas of strawberry, raspberry and fresh earth. Fresh flavours parallel the vivid aromas with strawberry, raspberry and tart cherry, balanced by a food friendly acidity and clean mineral finish…

    the buddha in your glass- 3 readers -
  • Pick My Next Bottle – 2007 Syrah Showdown

    … Non. Cayuse – Cayuse was founded in 1997 by Christophe Baron, a native of France who grew up in family of winemakers in Champagne. Baron studied viticulture in Burgundy and Champagne, and had ambitions to make Pinot Noir in Oregon. However, on a visit to Walla Walla he found property that he believed would be perfect for growing grapes…

    Tom Lee/ Zinfandel Chronicles- 9 readers -
  • Olivier Leflaive – 2012 Bourgogne Blanc Les Sétilles

    …. Granny Smith apple leads the substantial palate which shows off a solid core of minerals and spice. Wisps of apricot and a little hint of white peach are present as well. The long and lingering finish features limestone, continued apple characteristics and subtle but consistent spices. As soon as you down a sip, your’re going to want to go back…

    Gabe's Viewin Chardonnay- 5 readers -
  • Le Beaujolais Nouveau est — inevitably — arrivé!

    The cash-cow of Beaujolais Nouveau jumped over the moon Thursday, the third Thursday of November being the regulated release day for the first wine after harvest of the gamay grapes in the bucolic French region of Beaujolais. Much ink had been expended in maligning the supposedly fresh fruity quaff, especially in its role of submerging or obliterating recognition of the fine wi ...

    Fredric Koeppel/ Bigger Than Your Head- 3 readers -
  • The Other Bordeaux Variety for Thanksgiving

    … to know how it would do on a holiday table. The grapes for this wine were grown in Apalta, Colchagua Valley. The wine was a blend of mostly Carmenére with a jus splash of Carignane and Tempranillo. The 14.3% alcohol wine was a dark purple to black color with a ruby rim. The aroma reminded me of earthiness, dark berry fruits and spices…

    Wine Trail Traveler- 3 readers -
  • Six exquisite wines this week including a stunning, inexpensive Champagne

    NV J.P. Secondé, Brut Intégral, Champagne, France (£24.10, & tel. 01823 339032). Before you go out and buy a big name fizz for the next month’s entertaining consider the extraordinary value you get from the smaller, one-man-band operations. This is an epic wine with tangy citrus notes and a stunning dry finish.

    Matthew Jukes- 4 readers -
  • Petit Manseng Impresses at the 2014 Virginia Wine Summit

    … produced outside of the Jurancon region in southwest France, wine enthusiasts are likely more familiar with the sweeter versions. “Petit Manseng does not show terroir well and can hamper the beauty of so many sites in Virginia,” said Harris. “Part of our charm is the diversity of terroirs and how transparent they can be.” “With that being said…

    Drink What YOU Like- 1 readers -
  • LCBO Vintages release – November 22, 2014 (WVN 205)

    …, crisp acid and layers of toast, lemon, green apple and chalky minerals. Why buy Champagne for your special toasts when you could buy this wine for half the price? Dry, sparkling wine – $25.95 per bottle South Africa, Stellenbosch – WO Stellenbosch Meerlust Rubicon 2008 Rubicon is an iconic Bordeaux blend (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet France…

    W John Switzer/ The Winesights Reader- 1 readers -
  • Holiday Bubbles? Let Purpose, not Price or Pedigree, be Your Guide

    … for all your “bubbly +” needs like sparkling wine cocktails, mimosas and other recipes. However, it’s not “big” enough to stand up to rich appetizers or creamy, savory main dishes. Though I usually don’t serve sparkling wines with dessert (I don’t like syrupy bubblies), this wine, with its balance of sub-threshold sugar and acidity, could be a nice…

    Alison Crowe/ Girl and The Grape- 1 readers -

    …. They are wonderful with a variety of foods offering cleansing and crisp finishes as they do. If your experience with “sparkling wine” has been of the “popping-pouring-drinking” scenario, I’m not surprised you limit (if you do) that experience to celebrations. May I suggest you celebrate instead the joie de vin (joy of wine)? Take your time; sip, savor and enjoy! Follow and like Wine Mizer on Facebook for mini reviews, fun facts, recipes and more. …

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  • A Very Vincent Birthday and The Better Birthday Song

    "The Better Birthday Song." Music & lyrics by Barbara McAfee © Big Bug Music Video produced by Lucy Mathews Heegaard at Studio-Lu. Music: Engineered, mixed and mastered by Joe Johnson, Fur Seal Recording Studios, Minneapolis, MN. Vocals & piano: Barbara McAfee, Bass and guitar: Jocko MacNelly, Drums: Michael Bissonnette All photographs used with permission.

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  • Rhone wines for the cold weather

    The two wines featured in today’s post will warm your heart during this latest polar vortex. Unlike the 2010 vintage the 2012 Domaine de la Janasse, Terre d’Argile, Cotes du Rhone Villages is remarkably forward, polished, and round in comparison. The fruit is pure in a sense so I would drink this over the next several years.

    Aaron Nix Gomez/ Hogshead - A Wine Blog- 4 readers -
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