Friuli (Italian: [friˈuːli], Friulian: Friûl About this sound listen , Venetian: Friul, German: Friaul, Slovene: Furlanija) is an area of northeastern Italy with its own particular cultural and historical identity. It comprises the major part of the autonomous region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, i.e. the province (administrative provinces) of Udine, Pordenone, part of Gorizia, excluding Trieste. The historical capital and most important city of Friuli is Udine, it was also the capital in the Middle Ages of the Patriarchate of Aquileia. Other important towns are Pordenone, Gorizia, Sacile, Codroipo, Cervignano del Friuli, Cividale del Friuli, Gemona del Friuli, Monfalcone, and Tolmezzo.
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  • Properly Cellared For Long Life: Livio Felluga

    … has, but it surely has a lot time before it. A great wine. This entry was posted on November 14, 2014 at 7:00 am and is filed under Friuli, Italy. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. …

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  • Forza Friuli!

    … Indigenous grapes of Friuli set the standard for Italian whites. image via Perusini Facebook page In no other region of Italy, with the possible exception of Alto-Adige, can be found, across the board, white wines of the quality and complexity as those produced in Friuli. Operating in the cultural crossroads that are a constant reminder…

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  • 2010 Ronc di Vico, Vicorosso, Colli Orientali del Friuli, Italy

    … 2010 Ronc di Vico, Vicorosso, Colli Orientali del Friuli, Italy (£16.95 Vagabond tel. 0207 381 1717 & This wine is half price. I am not supposed to divulge this but you need to know that the following words are written about a wine which should cost well over £30.00. There is no space here to explain why – so just…

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  • The Wines of Tenuta Villanova

    … This is the last article about my visit to Friuli as judge for the 2014 Pinot Grigio Challenge and subsequent visit to some of the winemakers. After the Challenge ended, I went to the Lis Neris Winery and tasted wines from Lis Neris and Ronco del Gelso, which I have already written about, and Tenuta Villanova. Alberto Grossi Representing…

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  • 2014 Vintage in Friuli

    … When I visited Lis Neris winery in early June I asked the owner Alvaro Pecorari about the 2014 vintage in Friuli. He said we would have to wait and see what the weather conditions would be during the summer before he could give me am answer. A few days ago I received the answer to my question from him in an e-mail. This is what he said about…

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  • Remembering Paolo Rapuzzi of Ronchi di Cialla

    … Pouring some Ribolla out for the lost. Enjoyed a bottle of 2012 Ribolla Gialla from Ronchi di Cialla on the beach earlier this week in memory of Paolo Rapuzzi the legendary producer of indigenous varieties from Friuli. This wine was showing a blazing minerality that day which I have watched open up over the past year since it's release. Its…

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