Highlights from Part II of big LCBO Ontario wine release, plus new wines from Leaning Post, Cattail Creek and Southbrook

    It’s Part II of the LCBO’s big Ontario wine release this Saturday, but a much more modest selection than two weeks ago. I’ve pointed to a few of the highlights from the release and added some other wines tasted recently including some new juice from Cattail Creek and Leaning Post (that’s winemaker and owner Ilya Senchuk in top photo). Coming to Vintages Sept.

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    Canadian Wine Harvest 2014: BC, Ontario, Quebec, NS Winemakers Weigh In

    Join us Friday morning on Global Television as we discuss how the Canadian wine harvest is going from coast to coast. In the meantime, here are reports from the field: winemakers from British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia give their impressions of how the 2014 harvest is looking so far. Tantalus Vineyards David Paterson, Winemaker, Tantalus Vineyards, British Columbi ...

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      Loire Valley Wine: France’s Royal Wine Region (VIDEO)

      Wine Oh TV - - 5 readers - Loire Valley Wine Holds Court There are 10 main wine producing regions in France. The most famous of course are Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. Loire Valley wine might not be as well known but the heart of France is holding its own. The Loire Valley is the most massive and most diverse wine producing region in France.

      A cultivated tale of two Okanagan wineries

      Godello - - 5 readers - Blue Mountain Vineyards Photo: (c) Some wine is made all in the family. These days I am particularly intrigued by the ancestral homestead turned grape-growing entity. This past summer I paid a visit to Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards in Nova Scotia’s Gaspereau Valley.

      27 Shades of French Wine Perfection

      MyWinePal - - 5 readers - At a certain quality level of wine, which typically comes from wineries that have decided to spend the extra effort on selecting grapes from the best vineyard plots, hand picking and sorting the grapes, and letting the grapes express themselves in the wine without an over agressive human hand, you get shades of perfection (note that I am not talking about 100 point wine rating scores).

      Wine of the Day October 14, 2014 - - 4 readers - 2013 Bow & Arrow, Melon, Johan Vineyard, Willamette Valley, Oregon. Bow & Arrow Wines of Portland, Oregon are a boutique hand craft winery making some wonderfully creative wines that are inspired by the natural wines of the Loire Valley, I have been impressed and entertained by all the efforts I’ve tried to date and highly recommend sampling these innovative wines.

    The latest about Gamay

      Loire Valley Wine: France’s Royal Wine Region (VIDEO)

      …. In the second video, we learn about the wines of Loire Valley’s Anjou and Saumur. In the third and final video we will look closely at Vouvray and Chinon. Loire Valley Wine Facts The Upper Loire Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé where Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir dominate. The Middle Loire regions include Touraine, Saumur, Chinon and Vouvray and the main…

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      Wine of the Day October 20, 2014

      … 2013 Domaine du Vissoux, Beaujolais Vieilles Vignes, Cuvee Traditionnelle, France. Pierre-Marie Chermette’s Vissoux old vine Beaujolais is a Gamay wonderland and one of the best non Crus I’ve ever tried, this is serious and beautiful wine that offers joyous fruit and intriguing complexities. The 2013 Pierre-Marie Domaine du Vissoux Cuvee…

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      Wine of the Day October 18, 2014

      …2013 Christian Venier, Cheverny, Les Hauts de Madon, Loire Valley Red, France. This crisp and spicy loire red is lovely and fresh with tangy red fruits, lifting acidity, mineral notes and soft fine tannins, making for a stylish and easy drinking wine. Christian Venier’s Cheverny is a cuvee of Gamay and Pinot Noir from near his home in Madon…

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      Loire Valley Wine Country and Wine Bargains

      … Vouvray. But you may not know the Loire Valley has vineyards of Pinot Noir, Gamay, Cabernet Franc and Cot. What is Cot? It is the local term used for Malbec. Malbec is one of the Bordeaux varieties mostly used in small amounts for blending purposes. In Argentina Malbec is king. In the Loire it is mostly used in blending, but we did try a 100% Cot…

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      Wine of the Day October 14, 2014

      … sampling these innovative wines. Bow & Arrow would certainly feel right at home with Thierry Puzelat and the wines of Touraine, as they make a very nice Cheverny like Gamay and Pinot Noir blend called Rhinestones, as well as straight Gamay and Pinot Noir, again these are done in the Loire style, not trying to be either Beaujolais and Burgundy, plus…

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      A cultivated tale of two Okanagan wineries

      … thinning and harvesting are all done this way. The winery focuses on varietals; Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Gamay Noir, and Pinot Noir. In addition to the single-varietal bottles, no less than five different Sparkling variations are made in the traditional method. It’s a toss-up between the two styles to decide what…

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      Wine of the Day October 12, 2014

      …2013 Clos du Tue-Boeuf, Cheverny “Rouillon” Loire Valley Red, France. Thierry Puzelat and his brother Jean-Marie run a small winery in the Le Montils area in Touraine, and are the Natural Wine gurus of the Loire Valley, crafting a beautiful selection of wines, including this gorgeous Pinot Noir & Gamay blend from the historic Clos du Tue-Boeuf…

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      Class of 2014: SOAHC Estate Wines

      … amendments to the soil, Jamie in 2010 planted Chardonnay and Riesling on the vineyard’s 2.7 hectare (6.7 acre) lower terrace. He followed that by planting Pinot Noir, Gamay and Siegerrebe on the 4.85 hectare (12 acre) middle terrace. A three hectare upper terrace remains to be planted. In his planting decisions, he has taken advice from Alain Sutre…

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      Some Last Minute BC Wines for Thanksgiving

      … flavour. You need a wine that can stand up on it’s own and complement the roasted flavours. A lightly oaked Chardonnay is one choice, an aromatic Pinot Gris, or if you prefer red, a juicy Merlot, a Gamay Noir or Pinot Noir (see my Ham pairing wines). A few that I’ve tasted over the past year: Burrowing Owl Estate Winery Chardonnay 2009 ($25). Light pear…

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      Jean-Claude Lapalu (Beaujolais)

      …, Foillard and others, he had also tasted their wines while delivering his own wines in Paris as cavistes or restaurants would have him try this or that but for a while he didn't feel confident enough to go see them, so it took its time. Gamay being pressed This pressing began early this morning at 8:30 after their maceration time, and it will take…

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      The sparkling wines of Bugey AOC (Ain, France)

      … the traditional (Champagne) method. A total of 56.5 ha across the 65 villages are engaged in growing grapes for the production of this wine. The Rosé is made from Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes -- together accounting for at leas 50% of the blend -- plus Mondeuse, Pinot Gris, and Poulsard. The white is made from a blend of Chardonnay and Janquère…

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      A Visit to Middle Earth: Tasting with Ganevat.

      … Trousseau and Poulsard with Gamay from Fleurie and Morgon (this falls within a large category of things including *elaborate carrot flower garnishes* and *that’s what she said jokes* that I think of as “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”). I also liked Fan-fan’s 2014 Morgon, sourced from folks in the Descombes family, but I couldn’t swear…

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      Taste Ontario’s polarity of personality

      … to prominence. The increasingly genuflected niches occupied by Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Red Meritage Blends upped the ante and their game. Finally and with much market grab ado, Sparkling, Gamay and Syrah crossed the bridge to be more than gratuitously represented. This is what happens when Wine Country Ontario, the LCBO and the winemakers do…

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      Bar Prima: Upper East Side

      … will be at Bar Prima until mid October, so be sure to try this wine while you can! Some of my favorite reds, that I recommend to try at this wine spot are the 2012 Lo Triolet Gamay, an organic wine that’s well balanced and has striking red fruit notes, medium body, and a long finish. The 2010 San Domenico Aglianico as well as the Villa I Cipressa Rosso…

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      Youthful Wine May Be Better Than Aged Wine

      … studies on anthocyanin (a polyphenol and antioxidant found in red wine, chocolate and tea) have offered some updates to the bioavailability of antioxidants in red wine. Young red wines have more antioxidants than old red wines A research group in China tested Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, and Cabernet Franc and found that 90…

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