Bass River Winemaker Dinner at Merchants Wine Cellar in Singapore

    Pictures: Bass River Winemaker Dinner at Merchants Wine Cellar in Singapore with Ainslie Kenny, Frank Butera, Christian G.E. Schiller and Annette Schiller from Ombiasy WineTours Helmed by the Australian team Ainslie Kenny and David Elliott, Merchants Wine Cellar is a wine bar and wine store on Duxton Road that exclusively carries wines from Australia and New Zealand in its ...

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    Hattenheim, Germany, Goes Stellenbosch, South Africa: Howzit Shiraz, Germany and South Africa

    Pictures: Paul Barth, Mark P. Barth and Alexander Jung with 2011 Howzit Shiraz at The Ivory Club in Frankfurt am Main, Germany Howzit is slang in South Africa (and Hawaii) for: hello - what's up? It is a contraction of "how is it”. Howzit is also the name of a new wine – a Shiraz – made by 4 men from South Africa and Germany in Stellenbosch in South Africa.

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      ¡Mucho Gusto! Get to know #Riesling

      Señorita Vino - - 6 readers - One of my favorite wine-tasting-gone-wrong stories happened a year after starting my blog when I was invited to join a group of women bloggers on a day of vino tasting in the Santa Ynez Valley. In the tasting room of a winery whose name I won’t mention, the gentleman pouring our wine opened a bottle of Riesling and said, “You girls will love this one because it’s sweet.

      Decanter: Dry German Riesling Vintage 2012, Germany, 2014

      schiller-wine - - 6 readers - Pictures: At Kloster Eberbach with Hessische Staatsweingüter Kloster Eberbach's Head Winemaker Ralf Bengel. The Kloster Eberbach, Hessische Staatsweingüter, Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg, Großes Gewächs, Rheingau received 95pts - the highest score - in the tasting Decanter tasted 88 dry German Rieslings and issued its results in its September issue.

      An Efficient Riesling Tasting

      From Vinho Verde to Barolo with Love - - 5 readers - I recently had a wine tasting using the Society of Wine Educators’ tasting rationale. We tasted through six Rieslings from different regions, starting with the driest and going to the sweetest. Sticking to the form was a little like writing a lab report. It was somewhat frustrating to have to describe the flavors and aromas with the general terms given rather than using the word ...

    The latest about Germany

      A Seriously Useful Guide on Biodynamic Wines

      … of the earliest converts Domaine LeRoy Red & White wines from Burgundy, France Cristal Champagne by Bollinger Champagne, France Domaine Zind-Humbrecht Aromatic white wines from Alsace, France TIP: There are just over 620 biodynamic wine producers in the world You can find biodynamic wines in United States, France, Germany, Spain…

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      Meeting Matteo Lunelli of Ferrari Sparkling Wine

      … was no sparkling wine production in Trentino and there was no Chardonnay, so he was a great pioneer because he started the Trento DOC production and he was the first one to spread Chardonnay in the Italian market. He studied enology in Trentino and then he moved to Montpellier in France where he studied and even went to Germany in Geisenheim…

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      Daily Wine News: Darwinian Element

      …Wine Star Award Nominees and awards Tony Terlato with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” and names New York State the “Wine Region of the Year.” “In future generations… perhaps the culture of weed will mature into something akin to the culture of wine, with all its exquisite variation, but also all its madly inflated pomposity.” In Noble Rot, Richard…

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      Australia’s 10 Best Winemakers (2014)

      … and perfectionist ways he is often compared with Australia's greatest riesling maker, John Vickery at Leo Buring and Richmond Grove. Riesling was his first wine and love. It remains thus. Plus he's a pretty dab hand at pinot noir and chardonnay, too. ● Signature wine? Grosset Polish Hill riesling $52. ● Jeffrey Grosset's top winemakers: Iain Riggs…

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      Koenig Vineyards 2012 Sunnyslope Cuvée Riesling, Snake River Valley, $12

      … sugar is essentially absent at 0.1 percent. It merited a gold medal at the 2014 Idaho Wine Competition, and for serious Riesling lovers, it’s a steal at this price. Rating: Outstanding! Production: 212 cases Alcohol: 13.6% Winery website About Great Northwest Wine Articles authored by Great Northwest Wine are co-authored by Eric Degerman and Andy Perdue. In most cases, these are wine reviews that are judged blind by the Great Northwest Wine tasting panel. …

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      Wandering through Germany: Part 1 – Pfalz

      … Wachenheimer Gerümpel Riesling (Calcarious) We also had a fantastic discussion regarding the aroma of petrol in Riesling. Jürgen weighed in on this and stated that his opinion was that Petrol showing up within the first 2 years is definitively a fault in the winemaking process that comes from high pressure in the press and a high level of phenolics…

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      Sake News

      … 2015. The top two European markets for Sake are Britain and Germany, and Italy falls behind France, though only by a small margin. Italy's strong wine culture is seen by some people as an obstacle to their embracing Sake, though that shouldn't be an obstacle that cannot be overcome. Sake and Italian food can pair very well, and I previously held…

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      Six terrific wines to match to Marcus Wareing’s recipes in Weekend Magazine

      … Here are six spectacular wines including a few matched to one of my favourite chefs in the UK’s recipes – the talented Mr Marcus Wareing. 2013 Boschendal, Grande Cuvée 1685 Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa (£8.99, reduced to £5.99 until 11 November, Tesco). Marcus’ fishcakes are flavour-packed and tender and rather than swamping them with a rich…

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      Wine in Indonesia

      … Pictures: Annette Schiller, ombiasy PR and WineTours, and Christian G.E. Schiller having an Australian Wine at Bintan Lagoon Resort on Bintan Island in Indonesia. Suhaemi Opened the Bottle. In 2014, I spent the month of October in Singapore. A number of beach resorts in Malaysia and Indonesia are just about an hour away from Singapore by ferry…

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      Schiller's Favorite Wines of Madagascar

      … is increasing interest in French-American hybrids in the 'green' movement. Currently seven producers in Madagascar make wine with French-American hybrid grapes. Each winemaker produces one or more brands, each of which typically comes as vin rouge, vin gris (white wine made from red grapes), vin rosé and vin blanc. In addition, you find vin blanc…

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      Speechless in Swabia: Tasting with Jochen Beurer.

      … With the Germany chronicles, I’m going to start with a visit to Jochen Beurer in the town of Stetten, and work backwards in time to trailing behind prince-among-men Gernot Kollmann in the Immich-Batterieberg cellar. Anyone who’s obsessed with wine will tell you that at a certain point it’s rare to encounter anything truly new, much less *new…

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      Huber’s Winery

      … Huber settled in the area in 1843, he brought with him his wine-making experience from Baden-Baden, Germany. Along with traditional Midwestern crops and livestock, Simon grew grapes on his 80 acres of land. Today, the farm covers more than 600 acres, and his vineyards grow more than 18 varieties of grapes. Huber’s is Indiana’s largest wine-grape…

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