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  • October 2014 Virginia Wine Chat

    …, it was certainly one I enjoyed, with a subtle oakiness balanced by a good level of acid. Flavors of Apple, Banana, and a bit of Toast were most evident, and while it wasn’t quite up my wife’s alley (she doesn’t really like oaked Chardonnay), it was one I really enjoyed sipping on both during the tasting and the next evening. 2013 James River…

    George Perry/ The Good Wine Guruin Cabernet Franc Merlot Chardonnay- 3 readers -
  • Decanter Retailer of the Year Awards 2014 winners revealed

    … Specialist – Bordeaux Winner: Bordeaux Index Specialist – Rhone Winner: Uncorked Specialist – Germany Winner: Howard Ripley Specialist – Spain & Portugal Winner: Highbury Vintners Runner up: The Wine Society Specialist – Americas Winner: Roberson – Specialist North America Runner up: The Wine Society – Specialist South America Specialist – South Africa Winner: Handford Wines…

    Decanterin Riesling- 2 readers -
  • That new Bordeaux ad campaign wants it both ways

    … hope it is) and people seem a little more willing to spend money on wine. And then too, the Millennials are getting older and they want their wine. But just as important as “Why now?” is the question of “Where?” The seven markets the campaign will focus on are the U.S., France, U.K., Germany, China, Belgium, and Japan—in other words, Bordeaux’s…

    STEVE HEIMOFF- 1 readers -
  • Wine Tasting Techniques; Weight A Minute.

    Wine Tasting Techniques; Weight A Minute. A couple of months ago I started announcing these posts on twitter and I now have the spookiest feeling that 250 people are following me. Chapter Three. Part Thirteen. Analyzing wine means much more than simply identifying aromas and flavors; you must also learn to identify tactile sensations.

    Don Carter/ 3 readers -
  • Keller Hubacker 2012

    … barramundi. Post script - I'm sipping at the morning after dregs of the Lovedale and it's apparent that its subtle charms are more readily appreciated once away from the distractions. Click here for the original context …

    Wino sapienin Riesling- 1 readers -
  • “How To” Guide: Your Cabernet Sauvignon Survival Kit

    … the evening, I suggest having your favorite CD or music download. For the picture I grabbed Passin’ Through by Honky Tonk Homeslice, which features my brother on guitar, vocals and major songwriting duties. There you have it, a kit to see you through winter white-outs, floods and asteroid impacts. You’ll be safe and sound with this kit – just remember to close the bunker door behind you… Technorati Tags: wine,Cabernet Sauvignon,Napa Valley …

    Toledo Wines and Vinesin Cabernet Sauvignon- 5 readers -
  • Wandering Through Germany: Part 2 – Rhine

    … In the continuation of our journey through Germany, we stopped by Kloster Eberbach in the Rhine and were hosted by the Director of Oenology Ralf Bengel. It was originally founded in 1136 by Cistercian Monks from Burgundy and the Kloster, which is just up the road, is impressive as is the small prayer chapel that is along a path from the Kloster…

    Nova Cadamatrein Pinot Noir Riesling- 2 readers -
  • Throw Back Thursday with wine and other medicials

    … in and educate me on this one. At some point it would be fun to do some research on it. For today’s purposes, I just spent a boatload of time just copying these images, so they didn’t distort. C.F. Boehringer & Soehne’s Quinine and Cocaine: The paper weight image is promoting C.F. Boehringer & Soehne from Mannheim, Germany. The company was promoting…

    Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog -
  • What to Drink this Halloween? Think German Wine!

    … at Costco and left in the garage) At their suggestion I tried Spaetburgunder with licorice. I like how the candy bumped up the red fruit character of the wine, while the acid in the wine tamped down the rampant sweetness of the licorice. I also tried it with the salted caramel truffle and was pleased with the peanut butter and jelly riff the two…

    Liza Swift/ Brix Chicksin Pinot Noir Riesling- 1 readers -
  • A Seriously Useful Guide on Biodynamic Wines

    … think about it, there’s not really anything ‘new’ behind the theory of biodynamics. Mankind has looked to the celestial sky for guidance from the ancient Greeks and Egyptians all the way to the trusty ‘Farmer’s Almanac’ which is the bible of traditional American farming. What Makes Wine Biodynamic? The ‘Demeter’ symbol represents one of only two…

    Hilarie Larson/ Wine Folly- 2 readers -
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