Cedro Do Noval 2009: A Touch Of The Rhône In Portugal

    If you know the winery Quinta do Noval, you probably are familiar with their iconic Ports but did you also know they make table wines as well? Dating back to 1715, Quinta do Noval is one of the oldest Port houses and has been a pioneer in Port production in several different aspects. They were also one of the first producers to experiment with Rhône varietals, such as Syrah.

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    Looking Beyond Local #MWWC12 Troon, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Applegate Valley, Oregon 2008

    We in the West with more money than sense have made religion out of things local. Like buying indulgences, that carrot at your farmer’s market or grandma’s un-labeled jam make us feel like we have done our part. Delicious or dangerous, buying local frees us of our carbon-footprint guilt. Yes, directing money back into the native economy slices out the middle-person.

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      Harvest 2014: Week 10 – Rounding Up the Stragglers

      Nova Cadamatre - - 6 readers - Like a duck gliding slowly, wings spread wide, feet reaching for landing on a pond, we are slowly coming to the end of an extremely fast harvest. Last week we saw extreme temperatures. Extreme cold in the mid 40s and extreme heat in the mid 90s. I have seen some vineyards in Calistoga with frost damage at this point and that only reconfirms my belief that the season is coming to a close.

      Napa Valley Earthquake & Drought Help Deliver High Quality 2014 Wine Harvest

      Wine Oh TV - - 5 readers - Napa Valley Earthquake & Drought Help Deliver High Quality 2014 Wine Harvest 0 Napa, CA (October 9, 2014) – The 2014 Napa Valley wine grape harvest, the earliest since 2004, will wrap up next week, five to seven days earlier than previous years, according to Napa Valley Grapegrowers (NVG), who live-streamed its annual Harvest Press Conference, Thursday, October 9, from Moulds Family Vin.

      Beaune Vineyards: EU Austerity Drinking Tour: Nuiton-Beaunoy, Burgundy, France

      WAYWARD WINE - - 4 readers - After much delay, our EU Austerity Drinking Tour continues. 131 continuous days of travel, drinking, eating, and drinking our way through Europe has worn us out. But somehow, we keep striving in Burgundy. Today, we visit Beaune: wine capital of Bourgogne and possibly the world: But we’ll delve into Beaune’s history next Monday. The gates of famous wineries frame our entry into town.

      Autumn’s Claire-ity [sic]

      Roz's small fry Blog - - 2 readers - RBuchanan photo: View south over Okanagan Lake toward Summerland, Naramata and Peachland as autumn arrives. Lately when it comes to my personal blog, I’ve been following the first half of Ernest Hemingway’s advice well. However, I’ve not been delivering so much on the second part of his advice to “Live it up so you can write it down.

    The latest about Grapes

      Happy Washington wine harvest could top 240,000 tons

      … about two weeks ago. He said the crop has come in a bit heavier than anticipated. (Photo by Andy Perdue/Great Northwest Wine) Waliser said the crop was a bit bigger than expected, thanks to heavier grape clusters. He said his vineyard was running larger in Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in particular. He said it wasn’t a huge deal…

      By Andy Perdue/ Great Northwest Wine

      José Maria da Fonseca: Portuguese Pride

      … number of fascinating indigenous grapes. Domingos noted that this significant number is due to an ancient glacial push, which benefited Italy, Spain and Portugal. Personally, I've often preferred Portuguese wines made from indigenous grapes, which I think provide the wines with more of a Portuguese character, more reflective of terroir. Domingoes…

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      Autumn’s Claire-ity [sic]

      …:// . Where I live in Okanagan wine country for many that means the real work begins. I’ll see less of my winemaker friends for a while as they divine those precious grapes into that magic elixir of BC wine we love. I use the word “divine” consciously. It’s not that I think the process just happens rather I appreciate that it takes…

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      Harvest 2014: Week 10 – Rounding Up the Stragglers

      … really can’t stand running. I much prefer dancing, Pilates, Yoga, or even biking to running. However, if I want to push myself I can’t stick with the easy stuff. I have to motivate myself to do it. Unfortunately my training has been hindered by an fateful run in with a tick sometime last month and fighting the resulting infection that may potentially…

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      Final harvest for Paul Champoux

      … Paul Champoux looks at his 1972 block of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Horse Heaven Hills. (Photo by Andy Perdue/Great Northwest Wine) ALDERDALE, Wash. – In the next few weeks, one of Washington’s most talented and respected grape growers will harvest his last cluster of grapes. The 2014 harvest will be Paul Champoux’s last. The man who…

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      Harvest 2014: Week 9 – So Where Are We Going to Put That?

      … high brix harvest that I had feared. Flavor concentration still looks good so that is a blessing. I couldn’t help but think about anyone doing dessert wines because I bet this year would be stellar for botrytis and combined with the ripe fruit concentration that was reached before the rain, it has the potential to be a fantastic year for desserts…

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      Catch the Crush a Yakima Valley harvest tradition

      … dessert wines with complementary food. Yakima Valley Vintners at Yakima Valley Community College in Grandview will lead visitors on a tour through the crush pad and winemaking facility with samples of newly fermenting wines. Tapteil Vineyard Winery on Red Mountain will hold “I Love Lucy”-inspired grape stomps. Kiona Vineyards & Winery…

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      How to Make Grape Juice

      …I almost titled this post “If I Never See a Grape Again….” Grapes are tiny and time consuming and when you have nearly 15 gallons of them you should carve out a couple of weeks for the preserving process. You may recall that my buckets looked like this after all the vines were picked: Bucket by bucket I dumped my harvest into the kitchen sink…

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      The Wines Of Uruguay (Part 3)

      … of Uruguay. As inexpensive Malbec wines from Argentina caught on with consumers, so could these inexpensive Tannats catch on too. Their often fruity and approachable style would please many wine drinkers, and providing a good introduction to the Tannat. Consumers could eventually move up to the Tannat blends, where grapes like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon…

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      Weekly Wine Quiz #115: Grape Trivia – Muscat

      … answers – the most embarrassing thing is not giving it a try… Welcome to your new wine quiz! We are continuing our grape trivia series, and today’s subject is the grape called Muscat. Going through The Wine Century Club journey, I always make an effort to figure out if the seemingly new grape is actually not a localized name for the grape which I…

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