The Wines Of Uruguay (Part 1)

    …. By 1877, it was being considered the national grape of Uruguay, and in honor of Pascal, Tannat became commonly referred to as Harriague. Another important person in the history of wine in Uruguay is Francisco Vidiella, a former gardener from Catalonia. In 1874, he established a vineyard and winery at Colón, planting Folle Noire and Gamay Blanc, both…

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    Red Willow Vineyard: Hallowed ground in the Yakima Valley

    … is where he built one of the great partnerships and friendships in the history of Washington wine. Here is where four generations of a family have farmed on the Yakama Nation reservation and in the shadow of rugged Mount Adams. In this week’s Great Northwest Winecast, we head to Red Willow Vineyard to chat with Sauer. Here’s the interview. Mike Sauer…

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    A Day in Alentejo, Portugal in Photos

    …Portugal: A Day in Alentejo with Esporao After a day of travel, we arrived to Lisbon early morning, then drove southeast, checking into a hotel in UNESCO World Heritage site, Evora, Portugal. The city stands within a 15th c. outer standing wall, with the center including portions of an 11th c. fortification. Ancient megolithic monuments, 3rd…

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