Hospice Du Rhone

  • Hospice du Rhône {Blackberry Farm}

    …On the Saturday of Hospice du Rhône, as lunch wraps up, the auction kicks into full swing. After introductions from John Alban and comments from Chris Cherry of Villa Creek, Jesse Ventura, a Central Coast Auctioneer, and his gang of cowboy side-kicks get down to business. We mistakenly got a paddle, thinking there would be [...]…

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  • Hospice du Rhône {John Alban}

    …I was surprised to learn just how involved John Alban is with Hospice du Rhône. From moderating panel discussions, to acting as the MC, John is a central part of the organization. We had our first Alban that weekend, although not at the event. Thursday, on the eve of Hospice, while at dinner with friends, [...]…

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  • Hospice du Rhône {The Girl + The Fig}

    …There were many stand-out moments at this year’s Hospice du Rhône. For Damaris and I, our first Hospice, the entire weekend was special, with many opportunities to try new things. Of course, the wine was fantastic, but we start our Hospice coverage with a focus on another aspect of the event, the food. Good wine [...]…

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