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Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, and Italian wines are known worldwide for their broad variety. Italy, closely followed by France, is the world's largest wine producer by volume. Its contribution is about 45-50 million hl per year, and represents about 1/3 of global production. Italian wine is exported around the world and is also extremely popular in Italy: Italians rank fifth on the world wine consumption list by volume with 42 litres per capita consumption. Grapes are grown in almost every region of the country and there are more than one million vineyards under cultivation.
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  • The Authoritative Guide to Beaujolais Nouveau

    …. Italian wine … you tasted too much like Uncle Tony’s garage wine at the end. I liked your effort at rustic but it turned out a little too rustic if you know what I mean. And Ontario wine … I like Jolly Ranchers as much as the next guy but sweet jolly rancher wine is not my idea of a Nouveau. Art … I just didn’t like you. Nothing personal. I know that sounded personal but it’s not. I will buy you again next year. Like this: Like Loading... Related About Travis Oke …

    Travis Oke/ Pull the cork- 1 readers -
  • Peace, Love & Pizza @OGSgtPepperonis #BYO #NebbioloNight

    … I am super proud to be part of the hospitality industry. Supplying Italian wine to restaurants and shops has become an amazingly satisfying career for me- I love our community! Recently we started a monthly “Industry Night” in Orange County, California, where we get together to network, to relax, to get to know each other, and to taste wine. What…

    Joanie Karapetian/ Italian Wine Geek- 2 readers -
  • A barrel of…questions

    … in the oak-aged wines — that make this direct comparison impossible. So instead I’ll just put our most elegant oak-aged wine out there, the Tuscanio Rosso 2009 from Società Agricola Bulichella in the Maremma in Tuscany ($35). It’s 100% Sangiovese, from the best vines on the property, aged 18 months in oak then a year in the bottle before release. Truly…

    Vine Art ... from the palate of first vine wine online- 1 readers -
  • Ornellaia tasting on Thursday

    … scene, long dominated by the Brunello’s based on the Sangiovese grape and the Barolo’s based on Nebbiolo grape, has been turned upside down by the emergence of Super Tuscans which feature a mixture of Italian and French grapes. These are big, bold wines with a lofty reputation and price. Whereas the top Napa wines have a certain uniformity, I find…

    Frederick Thurber/ The Wine Observer- 1 readers -
  • Thanksgiving Wine: What to Drink

    … of all you are thankful for as well as all the ingredients you need for cooking, then make sure to also write down these tips for choosing the better bottle for your Thanksgiving feast. Happy Thanksgiving East Tennessee! Conti Riccati Brut Prosecco NV ($15) Without a doubt the best Prosecco I’ve tried for under $15, the Conti Riccati is an Italian…

    Roger Killen/ What's in the Bottle?in Riesling -
  • Drink More Pink Bubbles.

    … in Montana. Where it can (and should) be consumed out of red Solo cups. Also perfect for pairing with just about any savory appetizer or cheese. As written by my friend at Best Wines Online, “Lise and Bertrand Jousset are mixing things up. Their enlightened viewpoint in the cellar allows them to make wines that are both serious and joyful…

    Joanie Karapetian/ Italian Wine Geek- 1 readers -
  • Indigenous Italy

    …, the refreshing bubbly wine of the Veneto region in northern Italy. Formerly named for both the grape and the region, things got confusing when Prosecco achieved DOCG status, the highest quality designation for Italian wine, so they since went back to using the name Glera for the grape. Prosecco is not "Italian Champagne" – it’s a completely…

    Wine Maven in Training- 1 readers -
  • Do Bianchi Thanksgiving Six-Pack 2014

    … My Thanksgiving 2014 Six-Pack is almost sold out but there are still a few left. To order please just click the link below to email me. Thanks for your support… E buon weekend, yall! Above: this year’s six-pack includes the 1999 Bonci Verdicchio, one of the most stunning wines I’ve tasted this year. Old white wine? It’s what makes our world…

    Do Bianchi/ Do Bianchiin Riesling- 1 readers -
  • Tasting Montefalco Sagrantino and Rosso

    … before release, in some combination or sequence of oak barrels (one year required), concrete vats and bottle. The size and composition of barrels is the choice of the producer; many still lean toward the traditional large Slovenian oak casks, but as in much else of Italy, the small French barrique has made inroads. I first encountered Sagrantino di…

    Fredric Koeppel/ Bigger Than Your Headin Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot- 1 readers -
  • 2007 Scacciadiavoli Sagrantino di Montefalco

    … – Sagrantino. I’ll admit to not knowing much about the grape, but a little research revealed that while originally used to make dessert wines, since the 70s it’s been used to make dry red wines more in line for consuming with dinner than afterwards. There, your history lesson for the day – now on to this particular wine. In the glass the was a dark red…

    George Perry/ The Good Wine Guru- 3 readers -
  • Good Texas wines honor Terroir

    …-influenced regions of France near the Pyrénées, it made its way to Uraguay where it is also known as Harriague, named after the man who brought plantings there in the 19th century. It made its way from Southwest France to the University of California at Berkley in the 19th century, and in the 1990s several plantings appeared in California’s Paso…

    Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blogin Merlot- 6 readers -
  • Stiletto Wine ~ The making of a wine brand

    …, as a courtesy they did. And, what they found changed their minds: Sicily is very quickly becoming the next bet thing from Italy. (Opportunity) The wines offer top quality and great value. (Opportunity) They also found that their distributor partner’s books had few if any Sicilian wines (Opportunity) Substantive winery partner: Cantine Ermes is Sicily’s 2nd…

    Jo Diaz/ Wine Blog- 1 readers -
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