Joe Roberts

    Off the Beaten Path with Joe Roberts, Red Wine Varieties

    … I received an E-Mail from FIX that’s worth sharing, about red wine varieties that are off the beaten path, which includes Petite Sirah. Hey, Jo, My name is Kat and I work for We recently published an article by Joe Roberts, creator of wine website 1WineDude about branching out, and discovering different varieties of red wine…

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    Just the Facts (and a Mea Culpa)

    … My earlier post has generated some negative comments, many of them well-deserved. As is typical with this kind of dust-up, there are people who agree but don’t want to roll around in the mud. Although not as many as usual. All of this points to one thing; I was wrong. When Amy compiled these numbers we felt that if we just published the charts…

    1 readers - By Joe Power/ Another Wine Blog
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