Joe Roberts

    Off the Beaten Path with Joe Roberts, Red Wine Varieties

    … endorsements from people in the know… As I looked at this info graphic, I decided that I did like it a lot, for the sake of Petite Sirah and would share it with others, as suggested by Kat, because Petite Sirah is a growing phenomenon. I just read this in the Sacramento Bee, the other day, and thought… okay… October 03, 2014 “Feast Q&A: Darrell Corti…

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    Just the Facts (and a Mea Culpa)

    … to Joe Roberts. I’ve always been mystified how the public gets angry at France when they sometimes criticize the actions of the U.S. Allies who let you do stupid things have their uses, I suppose. An ally who is brave enough to point out your folly when it is way less risky to stay out of the fray is more than an ally, that’s a good friend. So…

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