Lodi (Italian: [ˈlɔːdi] , Lombard: Lòd) is a city and comune in Lombardy, northern Italy, on the right bank of the River Adda. It is the capital of the province of Lodi.
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    • That Old, Old, Old, Old, Old Place In Lodi (A Bechthold Vineyard Cinsault Tasting)

      Remember when we talked about that old Cinsault vineyard in Lodi? I mean, that REALLY OLD Cinsault vineyard in Lodi? The tiny, flat, rectangular Bechthold vineyard – all 25 acres of it, or just about 0.0025% of Lodi’s overall plantings – is an organic, own-rooted, sandy-soil patch of Cinsault in the Mokelumne River area, near the town of Lodi itself.

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    • 2012 Old Zin Vines Zinfandel, Lodi

      2012 Old Zin Vines Zinfandel, Lodi This wine shows eucalyptus notes, a rubber band-like aroma, smoke, sassafras, vanilla, cinnamon stick and mild milk chocolate. Some fruit sweetness emerges in the mouth prior to the smoky finish. Not as jammy or fruitf ...

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  • OZV Lodi Zinfandel 2012

    … The OZV Lodi ZInfandel 2012, OZV stands for Old ZInfandel Vines, is 96% Zinfandel and 4% Petite Sirah sourced from 50 to 120 year old ZInfandel vines located in the Lodi AVA, east and a little south of Napa. The OZV Zinfandel is produced by Oak Ridge Winery, started in 1934 as a wine co-op and was purchased and then modernized in 2001 by Maggio…

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  • Celebrate International Tempranillo Day

    … Nov 13 2014 Celebrate International Tempranillo Day Wine Written by Shannon It’s International Tempranillo Day! And while Tempranillo is the signature grape of Spain, with its finest expression in Rioja, Spain, I recently did a tasting of the grape variety from Lodi, California. Lodi is one of California’s major wine growing region, located…

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  • Akiyoshi 2013 Sangiovese Rosé

    … Akiyoshi 2013 Sangiovese Rosé Lodi, California Drink this light rosé and be reminded of playing grown-up with your mother’s make-up collection. She’ll probably yell at you, but she’ll give you a new berry lipstick balm of your very own the next morning. She’s sorry, but please don’t do it again. On the Quini scale, I gave the Akiyoshi 2013…

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  • Michael David Inkblot Tannat 2012

    … The Michael David Inkblot Tannat 2012 is sourced from a single vineyard located in the southeastern edge of the Lodi AVA in northern California. Michael and David Phillips are brothers and 5th generation grape growers (their family has been farming in Lodi since the 1850s) who started their winery in 1984. Lodi is in the northern end…

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  • Oh Lord, Stuck in Lodi, Again: Cinsault’s Long Road

    … with four different versions of Cinsault all from this same historic vineyard shows just how remarkable a plot of land with vines on it can be. The Cinsault’s I tasted were: Onesta - has a spicy and earthy berry note, with minimal blueberry, some acidity. Michael David - bright raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb, earthy with a nice spice. Estate…

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  • Apothic Dark Limited Release 2013

    … The Apothic Dark Limited Edition 2013 is a blend of Petite Sirah, Teroldego and Merlot sourced from more than one California grape growing AVA, but the majority of the grapes came from the Lodi AVA (east of Napa). The Dark is s limited release for E & J Gallo’s hugely popular Apothic line of Red And White blends. Teroldego is a grape usually…

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  • Quick Sip: Turley Wine Cellars 2013 Bechthold Vineyard Cinsault

    … Hello Friends, Today’s Quick Sip is Turley Wine Cellars’ 2013 Bechthold Vineyard Cinsault. I had an opportunity to taste this wine, along with three others I will be reviewing, for a virtual event put on by the good folks at Lodi Wine and Charles Communications. The event highlighted Lodi’s historic Bechthold Vineyard; possibly the oldest…

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  • Touring Lodi's Bechthold Vineyard with Microsoft Sway

    … a Sway about the Bechthold Vineyard in Lodi, California. I have lots of pictures that I'd not previously used, and thought that this was a fun way to present them. Bechthold was my first stop on my press tour earlier in the year, and recently we had an online tasting featuring four wines from that small patch of land: You can also click on this link for the full screen experience: A Sway About the Bechthold Vineyard in Lodi Note: These wines were provided as samples for review. …

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  • Boneshaker Zin: Trick and Treat!

    … Boneshaker Zinfandel 2012; Hahn Family Winery, Lodi California. Retail $19.99; street price approx $16/bottle. 15% ABV. The first days of fall. It’s the time of year when I finally start drinking red wines again after finishing out the ‘indian’ summer stock I have left. Early fall requires you to transition back to cooler weather and look…

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  • Oak Farm Vineyards Winery Expansion!

    … The fishing lake at Oak Farm Vineyard. Click twice for the full view. Oak Farm Vineyards Winery (23627 Devries Road) is on its way to becoming the first of its kind in the Lodi, CA, appellation: a family-owned estate that offers the full experience of a large-scale destination winery, minus the glitzy hotel and pretension. I took part…

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