6 Fantastically Refreshing Rosé Under $12 Plus FREE SHIPPING From Marketview Liquor!

    A who's who list of the best rosé under $12: the 2013 Yalumba Y Series Sangiovese Rosé, the 2012 Las Rocas Garnacha Rosé, the 2013 Domaine Houchart Cotes de Provence Rosé, the 2013 DeMorgenzon DMZ Cabernet Rosé, the 2013 Kanonkop Kadette Pinotage Rosé and the 2013 Crios Rosé of Malbec.

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    Aug. 16 LCBO Wine Picks: Southern Belles + Malbec

    The next Vintages release will be in LCBO outlets across Ontario on Saturday, August 16th. The major theme of this release highlights wines from the South of France, a region frequently referred to as Midi or Languedoc, while the second theme focuses on Argentina's signature grape - Malbec.

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      Bodega Noemia J. Alberto 2012

      Just Grapes - - 5 readers - I haven’t had an Argentinian wine in at least two years. The country has fallen off my map for lack of truly distinctive, site driven wine. Indeed, Argentina and Chile still dominate the under $15 category in BC (under $10 in the US) with their reams of commodity offerings. The super-premium wines rarely delivered compared to similarly priced wines from the old-world.

      Budget Wine: Skeleton Malbec Mendoza 2013

      Edible Arts - - 4 readers - There is a debate among wine critics about whether we should write negative reviews. Most say they don’t have time to waste on bad wine. But film, art, and music critics write negative reviews and so do consumer guides.

      Winebits 348: Wine press release edition

      The Wine Curmudgeon - - 3 readers - This year, the Wine Curmudgeon has been overwhelmed with some of the most bizarre wine press releases ever. That I have not written the greatest rant in the blog’s history is because cooler heads prevailed. As several people said, “Jeff, no one cares about this but you.” Perhaps.

      Friday Favorites – Travel edition (Neskowin, Oregon)

      Vindulge - - 3 readers - A roundup of my favorite things from the week in the categories of wine, food, travel, and lifestyle. TRAVEL   About two weeks ago we decided we needed to get out of town for a weekend. We have not had a vacation in what feels like forever and I needed to get the heck out of dodge.

    The latest about Malbec

      A Chilean Winemaker in Argentina – Meet Aurelio Montes Jr. of Kaiken Winery

      … finish until after midnight.” That’s my kind of BBQ! Speaking of BBQs, his wines are perfect for grilled meats. It should come as no surprise that Malbec is a great match for grilled meat with its robust flavors, but at Kaiken they make much more than just Malbec, and Aurelio Montes wants you to get out and explore the other varieties that thrive…

      By Vindulge

      Winebits 348: Wine press release edition

      … as it is unbelievable. (Hat tip to W. Blake Gray for sending this my way; he expects the wine to be a big seller.) • It’s EPICA! Does someone really get paid for writing this stuff? “EPICA Wines, the adventurous brand that inspires epic lifestyles, has announced the launch of the 2013 Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. Aimed at millennials, EPICA Malbec…

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      Bodega Noemia J. Alberto 2012

      … wines from the old-world. $100 Malbec or Cote-Rotie? As with all generalities, exceptions can give a greater sense of possibility and truth. The Other Argentina Bodega Noemia is not your standard Argentinian winery. First of all, they are located in Patagonia way in the south of Argentina, not Mendoza. Second, these are old-vine, pre-phylloxera massale…

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      Budget Wine: Skeleton Malbec Mendoza 2013

      … that Argentinean Malbec has been in demand as the new “hot” grape for a few years now may mean only inferior grapes are available at a good price. That’s just speculation but it would explain this mediocre wine. Simple black cherry on the nose with some earth notes that provoke mild interest. But the palate is meager and watery with muddy flavors and sour…

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      Friday Favorites – Travel edition (Neskowin, Oregon)

      … of rosé wines produced there from Malbec. It’s just not something you expect from the region, but nearly every producer I met made a small quantity (most of it doesn’t enter the US). This was one of the best I tried from the region bursting with beautiful fresh red berry fruit (strawberries, cherries, raspberries) along with some sweet peach aromas…

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      Meritage blending – Franciscan Magnificat $50

      …Napa Valley I just came out of a local wine shop after attending a great seminar on Meritage and Bordeaux wine blending. This was excellent to understand “Meritage”, it’s history, guidelines for varietals and how closely related it is to a Bordeaux blend. It brought me a greater appreciation to the wine makers, working to create that perfect…

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      Red Wine for delicious dishes

      … at the foot of the Andes. In Mendoza, these grapes displayed their full potential, becoming the most cherished varieties of their new home, Argentina. For years and years... Argentina thought they had a lot of Merlot. But, with investigations, it turned out to Malbec, and had become their national treasure. I love Malbec, first introduced to it while…

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      Aug. 16 LCBO Wine Picks: Southern Belles + Malbec

      … The next Vintages release will be in LCBO outlets across Ontario on Saturday, August 16th. The major theme of this release highlights wines from the South of France, a region frequently referred to as Midi or Languedoc, while the second theme focuses on Argentina's signature grape - Malbec. I was surprised to see only 12 wines listed…

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      Wine Review: Stottle Winery 2011 Malbec - Horse Heaven Hills @stottlewinery

      … A Stylish Washington Malbec.  Malbec is another of the varietals Washington winemakers have embraced. Strongly associated with fine wines from Argentina, Malbec is a red wine varietal originally from the Bordeaux region of France. Stottle Winery has crafted a truly stylish Washington Malbec. A fragrant food worthy wine. The smart label design…

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      Quick Pour: Cameron Hughes Lot 383 2011 Meritage IGP Pays D’Oc

      …Producer: Cameron Hughes Region: Languedoc-Roussillon – Pays d’Oc (France) Price: $15 Vintage: 2011 Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon 63%, Merlot 19%, Malbec 18% ABV: 13.5% Virginia Pour House Notes: Cassis, peat and leather in the nose. Dark fruit flavors lead to toasty tobacco and mocha undertones that are carried away by smoke and jammy black fruit…

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      Nuvino Wine Pouches

      …, South Africa 13.5% abv. Light apricot, no oak, mild finish. Really very delicate for a Southern hemisphere Chardonnay. 2013 Malbec Maipu, Argentina 14.5% abv. Dominant profile of prune and stewed fruits with a little ash and leather. 2013 Red Blend Swan Hill, Australia 13.9% abv. Blackberry and chocolate with firm tannins and a long, lingering finish. Note: These wines were provided as samples for review.…

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      In My Glass: El Malbec 2006 de Ricardo Santos (Mendoza)

      … It’s been so long now, that I cannot remember how Eleni and I became fascinated with Mendoza’s Ricardo Santos and his wines. But in any case, this bottle of Malbec from the 2006 vintage had been waiting for a comparative tasting of aging, mid-priced Argentine Malbecs that never happened. It was finally time to open and enjoy it. My immediate…

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      Wine Review: 2011 Amancaya Gran Reserva - Argentina

      … A rewarding collaboration creates an uplifting Malbec dominant wine. Amancaya is produced in Argentina’s Mendoza region, by Nicolas Catena of Bodega Catena, in partnership with Barons de Rothchild (Lafite). Catena is one of South America’s largest wineries. The Amancaya is a flower of the Andes, worn by native Indian women of Mendoza…

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      2011 Vina Montes Kaiken Ultra Malbec

      …Posted on 24 July 2014. Wine Review: Vina Montes Kaiken Ultra Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina The team at Vina Montes seems to be able to do magic with this Kaiken Ultra Malbec when it comes to consistently delivering a well-made exciting and tasty wine. Vintage after vintage with very little variance for whatever growing conditions nature dealt them…

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