What is a wine with “personality”?

    … and consumers? I confess I don’t know, but this meme of “personality” in wine ties in nicely to the storytelling aspect that has enveloped wine lately. It seems that every winery—and its marketing team—wants consumers to form a personal bond with the wine—as if they have a stake in it. This is the elusive “personality” of the wine that makes…

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    How do you know it’s not just a trend?

    …Back in 1999, a wine writer, Randall Murray, called Sangiovese “the next Merlot,” by which he meant that the red grape native to Tuscany was poised to become one of the leading red wines of California. Never happened, did it? Actually, by 1999, Sangiovese already had one foot in the grave. Ten years prior, one might have been forgiven for betting…

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    The Wall of Wine, Stories, and Consumer Psychology

    …, the top of my little head exploded at that. You know that we’ve been talking about “stories” quite a bit here at Stories are the new black of marketing: the latest, hottest trend in the industry. Until my experience at that tasting, I had not perhaps appreciated the power of a good story, told by a trusted authority figure…

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    Trending PR, is this the way of the future or just a guise?

    … you can get guaranteed nationwide coverage, click here. Here’s an example of one of our co-op branded recipe stories: Okay, it looked good, and while it was outside of my day’s workload, which meant I would have to really hustle. I looked up the Website and found the above image… Grass Roots Marketing? Is grass roots marketing the new trending PR? I…

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    Chartier, IGA et vous

    … millésime, ni les cépages sur l’étiquette des vins vendus en épicerie, limitation contournée par l’information rendue disponible sur le site internet. Au final, trois vins ont fait leur apparition, un blanc et deux rouges provenant respectivement du Languedoc, du Rhône méridional et de la Toscane. Comme pour la gamme de vins en SAQ, le focus est…

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