Mike Steinberger

Michael Steinberger is an American author and journalist, and was the wine columnist of the internet magazine Slate from 2002 to 2011. He has been described as "one of the greatest wine writers on the planet", and to possess a "blessedly trustworthy voice and palate". Steinberger has himself stated his palate is Euro-centric, having been cultivated on French wine, with the wine from Bordeaux and Burgundy being his "touchstones".
Posts about Mike Steinberger
  • Daily Wine News: Look to Champagne

    … inside and ask what is important.” Alfonso Cevola reflects on “the toughest harvest in years.” In Serious Eats, Stacey Gibson offers some Thanksgiving wine advice. Alder Yarrow attends a Champagne tasting put on by the Institute for the Masters of Wine. Want to drink better coffee? Treat it like wine. …

    David White/ Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blogin Syrah- 5 readers -
  • Daily Wine News: Powdered Tannins

    … “It hasn’t happened with food; I doubt it will happen with wine.” Mike Steinberger believes that it’s “fantasy to believe that ingredient lists are going to somehow discourage the use of things like gum arabic and powdered tannins.” “Instructors can usually spot the laypeople because, while enthusiastic and eager to learn, ‘they don’t know what…

    David White/ Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog- 1 readers -
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