Thursday Sips & Nibbles

    … (Argentinian-style chorizo “hotdog,” chimichurri, Portuguese pop - $5), the Vegan Plate (Chef’s selections - $10), Lobster Pappardelle (grilled lobster, fresh pasta, roasted tomato, English peas – half: $12; full: $20), Grilled Pork Loin Sandwich (chile, arugula, kewpie, black pepper, herbed house-cut fries - $13), a Cheeseburger (grass-fed beef…

    5 readers - By Richard Auffrey/ The Passionate Foodie

    Imbibing to Music

    …(A short sabbatical is in order - So, for the next few weeks, we'll take a look back at some older posts: This one is from 2012 about the affects of music on wine drinking.) Music is said to have charms to sooth a savage breast, but did you know it could also influence what wine you buy? And, it can also affect how that wine tastes to you…

    6 readers - By Joy Neighbors/ Joy's JOY of Wine