• A Finished Product

      When is a wine truly finished? These are the crazy things that I think about while I’m driving along highway 97. It’s amazing I haven’t had a serious accident lately. What I mean is this: When a car rolls off the assembly line at Toyota, it’s finished and ready to be used. It’s the same with any other manufactured product. In the art world, when a painter is finished a painting, it’s done.

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    • Inaugural “Yountville Live” Festival March19-22

      With performances by multi-platinum-selling artists including Colbie Caillat and the group O.A.R., food by celebrity chefs and local stars, and the finest wines, the inaugural Yountville Live offers the ultimate Wine Country experience March 19-22 in the heart of the Napa Valley. Long considered the culinary and viticultural center of Napa Valley, Yountville is ultimate luxury get-away.

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  • I Sing the Beer Electric, Dogfish Head 'Bitches Brew'

    … I Sing the Beer Electric, Dogfish Head 'Bitches Brew' Ok, I missed original release of this special edition beer from Dogfish Head by more than 4 years. I sing the beer electric with Bitches Brew ... View the entire comment thread. Please enable JavaScript if you would like to comment on this blog…

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  • Thursday Sips & Nibbles

    … I am back again with a new edition of Thursday Sips & Nibbles, my regular column where I highlight some interesting wine and food items that are upcoming. ********************************************************** 1) On Friday, November 7, from 6:30pm-9:30pm, Rock the Boat will be hosting a fund raiser to support the Northwest Atlantic Marine…

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  • Imbibing to Music

    (A short sabbatical is in order - So, for the next few weeks, we'll take a look back at some older posts: This one is from 2012 about the affects of music on wine drinking.) Music is said to have charms to sooth a savage breast, but did you know it could also influence what wine you buy? And, it can also affect how that wine tastes to you, depending on what type of music is playing.

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  • Wine + Food + Beer + Music – Bottle Rock Napa

    … Wine + Food + Beer + Music – Bottle Rock Napa May 24, 2014 · by Amy Lieberfarb · 3 Comments Bottle Rock Napa 2014 is here, folks, and I couldn’t be happier. Us locals to Wine Country think of the Bottle Rock show as an event that kicks off the summer fun in Northern California. This year I am happy to be part of the BottleRock Napa Social…

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  • Now Hear This – Sony Walkman W & The Grateful Dead

    … probably spent almost an entire work week out there since Memorial Day weekend. Margot has helped with the work quite a bit, but during the times where we have worked in separate parts of the yard or when she was working elsewhere I've enjoyed taking my music with me as a work. The Sony Walkman W is a about the side of a normal pair of headsets…

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  • Now Hear This – Kid Rock Helped Me Make Better Beer

    … ( Us from the night in question. ) Where: Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean onboard the Carnival Destiny cruise ship When: April 2012, late at night What: Me joking that I could create a lime-infused ale that is better than Bud Light Lime, not that that is really that hard… I’ll be honest, I struggled to find what I personally consider worthy…

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  • Now Hear This - Music with Soul

    …This is the inaugural column of Now Hear This, a weekly music-themed article that will showcase the strange interplay between music and beverages which may only exist in my own mind. Maybe it will make sense, maybe it won't. Maybe you will be inspired to check out new-to-you music and beverages as a result of reading it, or maybe you will dismiss…

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    … I rarely write about topics that do not involve food, wine or travel, but the LOVE part of DEL is supposed to include other passions that stir my heart. I recently purchased theBeachBoys'Smile Sessions. The album was never fully finished or realized butBrian Wilsonand Co. have put together the best of what they cut and I can tell you it is one…

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  • Pete Quaife 1943 – 2010

    …” Ca 1964: Kinks attend party in home of small-time music promoter in northern Illinois. Host seems to be after young Dave all evening. Party mainly attended by young men. Noticing that party is totally lacking in female guests, Kinks decide to split. Group later finds out identity of solicitous host: JOHN WAYNE GACY. I later fell out with Toronto…

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