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  • Two superb whites: Radikon 1993 and Shobrook Giallo 2013

    … So, on Wednesday evening I had one of the best pizzas I have ever experienced. I met up with buddy and fellow Beer Anorak Daniel Primack for a spot of dinner at Pizza Pilgrims. We each bought a bottle, both white it turns out, and they were both fantastic. It was such a nice evening. Radikon Slatnik di Oslavia 1993 Vino di Tavola, Italy What…

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  • Craig Hawkins: Testalonga and Lammershoek

    … Craig Hawkins (pictured above with significant other Carla Kretzel in the background) is one of South Africa’s most talented and brave winemakers. He’s the winemaker at Lammershoek, and also makes his own wines under the Testalonga label. He’s very experimental, and has worked a lot with skin contact and lees. He prefers picking earlier, making…

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  • The Rise of “Natural” in Wine Marketing

    …Back in 2008, a study by Minitel found that “All Natural” was the second most frequently used claim on new American food products. A more recent study found that the term “100 Percent Natural” was consumers most popular claim to read on a food label. Marketers have figured out that “Natural” sells. They’ve also figured it out in the wine industry…

    Tom Wark/ Fermentation
  • A Natural Debate over Natural Wines

    … I guess it must be that time of the year again. Every six months or so, it seems, the wine blogosphere erupts in a cascade of screed, accusation, and innuendo about so called “natural wines”. This latest go-round was initiated by an intemperate article in Newsweek entitled “Why ‘Natural’ Wine Tastes Worse Than Putrid Cider”. As you might imagine…

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  • Comments on Bruce Palling’s anti-natural wine article

    … Bruce Palling’s article on natural wine has been the subject of a lot of debate over the last week or so. I’ve read it twice. Three times if you count the abbreviated version that appeared in the New Statesman. He writes well, and he makes some valid points. But… The ‘but’ is because I think he’s actually wrong. He’s wrong because of his…

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