Navarre (English /nəˈvɑr/; Spanish: Navarra; Basque: Nafarroa), officially the Chartered Community of Navarre (Spanish: Comunidad Foral de Navarra [komuniˈðað foˈɾal de naˈβara]; Basque: Nafarroako Foru Komunitatea [nafaroako foɾu komunitatea]), is an autonomous community in northern Spain, bordering the Basque Country, La Rioja, and Aragon in Spain and Aquitaine in France. The capital city is Pamplona (or Iruña in Basque).
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    • Single varietal Spanish wine

      Meat Me in the Junction In which camp do you take up permanent and loyal residence? Do you listen to, build your cellar around and taste exclusively of the singer-songwriter, the solo artist, the grape that goes it alone? Who are you? Single varietal or blend? Many a quarrel has landed on the subject of pitting meritage versus the single-varietal.

      Michael Godel/ Godelloin Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Riesling- 9 readers -
    • LCBO Wine Picks: Spain + Chile + Argentina

      The next LCBO VINTAGES release will be on shelves across Ontario on Saturday, January 24th. The major theme of this release is on new value wines from Spain, while the mini-theme highlights wines from South America's two wine superpowers - Argentina and Chile. Out of 22 Spanish wines featured, 6 made my list of wine picks - all are red wines.

      Jason Solanki/ Vintages Wine Picks & Reviews- 6 readers -
  • Spanish Wines & Spirits to Keep your Holidays Merry!

    … this winter. The wines from Toro, a D.O. located in the province of Zamora (Northwestern Spain), are definitely on the heavier end of the spectrum and are a perfect match for cold nights and rich red meat and game based dishes. With an extreme continental climate comprising short and relatively warm summers and long harsh winters, the Tinta de Toro…

    John Perry/ Catavino- 3 readers -
  • Homage to Catalonia

    … and acidic with the leanness and neutrality propped up by the lees. I really enjoyed this. Spanish Muscadet. Dominio del Aguila Pícaro del Aguila 2012 A Clarete from Ribera del Duero, i.e. a blend of red and white grapes (mainly Tempranillo & Albillo with a bit else added as spices) vinified like a red so the result is a rosé coloured, deep…

    Repository of Useless Informationin Syrah- 1 readers -
  • Wine of the Week 26 – a deliciously tangy white

    … of braised ox check, with smoked wild boar in stunningly rich sauce, and a blindingly good cheese board. The wines that partnered them were all from the delightfully disparate region that is South West France and they went very well indeed. My favourite though, or one of them anyway, was a tangy, zesty, aromatic and richly flavoursome dry white wine…

    Quentin Sadler's Wine Page- 1 readers -
  • 2013 Bodegas Ochoa Moscatel Vendimia Tardia (Late Harvest) Holy...

    … 2013 Bodegas Ochoa Moscatel Vendimia Tardia (Late Harvest) Holy crap, this is some amazingly awesome (and apparently hilarious) stuff, kinda like the other amazing Ochoa. Lovely nose of white peach, white nectarine, white florals, and honeysuckle. White nectarines with candied Meyer lemon and white flowers on the palate. Beautiful balance between the acidity and the fruit. Almost feels like this sweet wine has a gentle mousse (bubbles). Excellent. 5/5 bones $$ Muscat 15% abv Navarra, SPAIN …

    Shiba Sommelier- 2 readers -
  • Grenache, Halloween and Surprises!

    … of costumes parties are the surprises. Though long disputed by Italy, most would agree that Garnacha/Grenache is originally from Spain, and from there moved to the South of France and to Italy, Sardinia specifically where it is called Cannonau. Garnacha is not a noble grape mainly because it doesn’t necessarily age well. It has low tannins…

    From Vinho Verde to Barolo with Love- 7 readers -
  • Navarra, a Spanish Soujourn

    … Kingdom Navarra ~ Spain… Off on a new adventure to the Denominacion de Oregen… Northeastern Spain; or, an Iberian wine. The region of Navarra has interestingly diverse terroir, comprised of three separate climates. These regions are the following: Northern Mountains, where you’ll find the Baztan valley Center appellation, where valleys…

    Jo Diaz/ Wine Blogin Merlot Chardonnay- 2 readers -
  • Wine of the Week 13 – another Spanish gem

    … mentioned before, Navarra produces a beguiling array of different wine styles, so it isn’t always easy to know what to expect. However the quality is generally high and the wines can be very exciting indeed. As regards red wines, there are mainly two types in Navarra. The more normal is wines made from Tempranillo and Cabernet / Merlot blends…

    Quentin Sadler/ Quentin Sadler's Wine Page- 5 readers -
  • Wine of the Week 11 – a great barbecue wine

    … Nekeas Valley. It’s turning out to be quite a good summer here in the UK, so I thought it would be nice to have a Wine of the Week that would be delicious with a barbecue in the garden. Yet again it is a wine from the Spanish region of Navarra, which is a place that I love as it produces a dazzling array of very different, but good quality…

    Quentin Sadler/ Quentin Sadler's Wine Page- 11 readers -
  • Wine of the Week 10 – a touch of Spanish elegance

    … J. Chivite Family Estates vineyards. Recently I have been tasting quite a few wines from Navarra - indeed one has been a previous Wine of the Week. Some of you will have read about the trip I made to this to this fascinating and beautiful region of Spain last year. The wines were as varied as the landscape, with every producer having a very…

    Quentin Sadler/ Quentin Sadler's Wine Page- 5 readers -
  • Wine of the Week 2 – Domaine Lupier El Terroir

    … 2009 Domaine Lupier El Terroir Garnacha Bodegas Domaine Lupier, San Martín de Unx Navarra, Spain At first glance this wine might appear to be French – Domine Lupier might imply that – but actually it’s Spanish, from the under appreciated region of Navarra. What’s more, although it doesn’t say so on the label it is from the cool and mountainous…

    Quentin Sadler/ Quentin Sadler's Wine Page- 3 readers -
  • Vina Speri, Rioja from La Guardia

    … While most people spend their vacations sitting on a beach, we take ours to wine country. This year brought us to the Basque country, Navarra and Rioja, some of the most incredible areas of Spain for food, wine and nature. We ate and drank our way through 12 days of travel, stopping at a few vineyards on the way. In the medieval town of La…

    Wine Indulgence- 3 readers -
  • Shut the Front Door: A Vinsane, Pay-it-Forward, Drinks 4X the Price Wine Recommendation

    … if it follows a certain circuitous Internet-borne dynamic that seems unusual even in this day and age of “brand vs. land, there are no secret wine values anymore…” online battle. Jose Pastor is a wunderkind (30 years old) wine importer with a fast growing reputation amongst wine insiders for his portfolio of Spanish wines that are typically…

    Good Grape- 2 readers -
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