New Mexico

    Liking Them Apples – In a Glass!

    … Apple Cider and their iconic Corn and Rye Mash Whiskey. I am also very fond of the work being done at Santa Fe Distillery in New Mexico. Their apple brandy is a dry, Calvados-style brandy made from tart (but edible), mountain west apples. I love sipping it alongside nuts and cheese and have stirred it into plenty of spiritus cocktails. photo…

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    Dinner at a Winery Taproom

    … Dinner at a Winery Taproom Portland, Oregon has one of the best food scenes in the country. Last evening we had dinner at Cooper Hall Winery & Taproom. Most of the building in the Central Eastside Industrial District is used for the winery including production area and space for barrels and tanks. At the time of our September visit…

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    #winePW 4: Sicily

    … in origin and high in iron. Only natural yeast is used to facilitate fermentation and the wine goes through partial (20%) malolactic fermentation. No wood is used during fermentation or aging. The Food So, what is Sicilian food exactly? We had no idea, so we did some research online. We found many seafood recipes, egg plant (aubergine) is commonly used…

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    Mill Valley Film Festival 37: 11 days of film, stars, music (Preview)

    … opened the now legendary Mandarin Restaurant in 1961. Other notables receiving special screenings include Kevin Costner in Black and White (director Mike Binder), Eddie Redmayne in Theory of Everything (James Marsh), and Reese Witherspoon in Wild (Jean-Marc Vallée). Over ten films will mark their premieres this year at MVFF including 3 Still Standing…

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