• Those Parker scores: Score inflation?

      Quite a lot of buzz in the brouhaha-sphere over all the perfect 100s Parker have been bestowing lately. This time the commentary is from Narsai David, the food and wine critic for our local KCBS radio affiliate in San Francisco, and an old acquaintance. The most common reaction in the commentariat has been to use the word “exponential” or a variant of it to describe the inc ...

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    • Lots of wine books, not very many good ones

      As the author of two tomes on California wine, I know full well how short the lifespan is of a book. They come and go with the regularity of coastal fog, drifting in and out of existence. Some, because of the peculiarities of the media ritual of book reviewing, are more persistent than others. For example, anything Eric Asimov reviews and raves about can be counted to have a l ...

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    • Real wine-drinking countries don’t need wine critics

      Matt Kramer makes a good case about the difference between “enjoyment” and “assessment” of wine in his Dec. 15 Wine Spectator column—too good a case, for in describing the importance of “context” in wine appreciation, he carves out a huge exception for “truly great wines” in a way that is not entirely consistent with his argument.

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  • On those mega “wine rooms” that are so popular out there

    … the majority of which I’d never be able to drink in my lifetime. That was the situation in which many of the wealthy men whom I met over the years found themselves. They had 50,000, 100,000, 250,000 bottle cellars full of rare and expensive wines, the collecting of which seemed to me to be the symptom of some sort of hoarding mentality, like those cat…

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  • A nation that twitters together fritters together

    … This scares me: “Calvin Lee, a graphic designer, is a massive tweeter. ‘I really can’t stop,’ he joked. In Twitterland, Lee has become a rock star. ‘I’ve gone through life wondering what my ‘thing’ would be. I believe I’ve found it.’ Lee describes himself as a ‘social media ho. I tweet at least 200 times a day.’ He has been quite successful…

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  • O.K. , you have your social media data. Now, what good is it?

    … media. We know beyond a doubt that the metrics of social media use are huge. Everybody is Facebooking, tweeting, Instagramming, pinning and so on. They’re liking and following and retweeting each other like crazy. For this reason, wine companies feel, with “the fierce urgency of now,” that they have to get onboard, before the train leaves…

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  • Matt Kramer got it right about bullies who put wine down

    … This think piece by Matt Kramer is a little opaque.(I hope you can open the Wine Spectator link.) I had to read it twice to understand it—and I’m not sure I do even now—but it seems to be a rebuttal to the notion, widespread in America and somewhat anti-intellectual, that expertise is a form of pretentious bull. With specific regard to wine…

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  • Monday Mayhem: Drinking too much, and memories of a P.R. guy

    … It’s important for us to have a conversation about drinking too much—about alcoholism—for two reasons. One is because there’s always been, and still is, a neo-prohibitionist mindset in this country that frowns on any use of alcoholic beverages at all; and so, as if in advance of an impending flood, we have to pile the sandbags around the door…

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  • The importance of an editor ~ So get over it

    … The importance of an editor cannot be underscored. I’ve hired one for everything that I put out there, and there are even times when my mistakes might go unnoticed. Not very many of them, but it does occasionally happen. This is because we – most especially those of us who write the original document, or even blog posts – read things exactly…

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  • The emotional intelligence of wine blogging and its vitriol eruption

    … the cognitive, psychological skill of vocalizing. Did it really have to happen this way? Yes, because not everyone is emotionally mature enough yet (me more than anyone, I’m in the mix, too, I know). If we were, there would be no further need for Earth School; i.e., we’d all be peacefully settled in heaven, as this lower education would have graduated…

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