• Those Parker scores: Score inflation?

      Quite a lot of buzz in the brouhaha-sphere over all the perfect 100s Parker have been bestowing lately. This time the commentary is from Narsai David, the food and wine critic for our local KCBS radio affiliate in San Francisco, and an old acquaintance. The most common reaction in the commentariat has been to use the word “exponential” or a variant of it to describe the inc ...

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    • Lots of wine books, not very many good ones

      As the author of two tomes on California wine, I know full well how short the lifespan is of a book. They come and go with the regularity of coastal fog, drifting in and out of existence. Some, because of the peculiarities of the media ritual of book reviewing, are more persistent than others. For example, anything Eric Asimov reviews and raves about can be counted to have a l ...

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    • Real wine-drinking countries don’t need wine critics

      Matt Kramer makes a good case about the difference between “enjoyment” and “assessment” of wine in his Dec. 15 Wine Spectator column—too good a case, for in describing the importance of “context” in wine appreciation, he carves out a huge exception for “truly great wines” in a way that is not entirely consistent with his argument.

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  • On those mega “wine rooms” that are so popular out there

    … of them were buying wine to out-do their friends in the show-off game. Oh, the stories I could tell (and have told, if you care to wade through my older posts). I felt one could be a good critic while decrying the tendency on the part of some to slavishly label-shop the latest critical darling. What about all the honest, good vins ordinaires…

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  • A nation that twitters together fritters together

    … it anyplace else. I love staying in touch with my family and friends online, anytime, anywhere. I’m glad social media is in my life. But we’re talking about apples and oranges. There is a positive, plus side to Twitter and a side that should concern us all, when it turns into the mindless addiction to constant tweeting with the expectation…

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  • O.K. , you have your social media data. Now, what good is it?

    … I asked it six years ago, five years ago, four, three and two years ago, and I’m asking it now. And it’s not just me: That bastion of U.S. capitalism itself, the Wall Street Journal, is asking the same question. In a five-column headline in last Monday’s Marketplace section, they wondered “What is all that data worth?” (The online version…

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  • Matt Kramer got it right about bullies who put wine down

    … This think piece by Matt Kramer is a little opaque.(I hope you can open the Wine Spectator link.) I had to read it twice to understand it—and I’m not sure I do even now—but it seems to be a rebuttal to the notion, widespread in America and somewhat anti-intellectual, that expertise is a form of pretentious bull. With specific regard to wine…

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  • Monday Mayhem: Drinking too much, and memories of a P.R. guy

    … It’s important for us to have a conversation about drinking too much—about alcoholism—for two reasons. One is because there’s always been, and still is, a neo-prohibitionist mindset in this country that frowns on any use of alcoholic beverages at all; and so, as if in advance of an impending flood, we have to pile the sandbags around the door…

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  • The importance of an editor ~ So get over it

    … it Repeat steps #3 and #4 as often as you edit, ending in the “edit” step, if you believe you’ve got it down to a perfect deliverable. If and when I make a mistake, and I know I make them, I first apologize; especially if it’s a name faux pas. I feel really awful when that happens. Emotionally, I have to forgive myself for not being perfect, after…

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  • The emotional intelligence of wine blogging and its vitriol eruption

    … OPINION: Recently, poop finally hit the fan for the wine blogging community. Everything that’s right with it and everything that’s wrong with it collided in the biggest mess I’ve yet to witness. I believe it’s finally hit a paradigm shift that’s been so needed, but not without its pain and suffering. Imagine creating a wine blog because…

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