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    • On Palate Press: Machine vs. hand-harvesting (and our future with robots in winemaking)

      A few years back, a group of Auckland-based researchers established that machine-harvested Marlborough sauvignon blanc has higher aromatic thiol concentrations = tastes more intensely Marlborough sauv blanc-y = is better than wine from hand-harvested grapes. I don’t know how widely that logic is known amongst wine consumers, in New Zealand or elsewhere.

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  • On Palate Press: Water footprints and Waiheke (and chickens, again)

    … My Palate Press piece for this month (which I really wish was entitled something involving “water” to make the subject more clear) is a bit about Waiheke Island, just off the coast of Auckland, and a bit about water footprints in the wine industry. The relationship between the two is that Waiheke — shockingly, for a North American accustomed…

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  • On Palate Press: Old wine research we’re still trying to finish

    … My piece for Palate Press this month asks what California (proto-Davis) wine researchers were doing in the era before mass spectrophotometers and DNA sequencers and even automated pH meters and all the other fancy stuff wine scientists consider essential today. The short story is that they were trying to figure out what grows best where…

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  • Yield and quality, and epistemology (on Palate Press)

    … An enormous lot has been said about the relationship, or lack thereof, between grape yield and wine quality. So why is my October piece for Palate Press about whether higher yields mean lower quality? 1. My Palate Press colleague W. Blake Gray took an interesting economic tack on the problem a few months ago, reminding me that I wanted…

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  • On Palate Press: Sustainability, in New Zealand and elsewhere

    … My September piece for Palate Press asks, “Is New Zealand the world’s most sustainable wine producing country?” to which the answer is: quite possibly, but the metrics we have don’t exactly say. The more important point is that sustainability is an excellent tool for industry self-improvement and a pretty terrible tool for comparisons between…

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  • Using a log splitter to perform surgery and other thoughts on alcohol regulations

    … My August piece for Palate Press, up today, reviews some of the recent literature on what alcohol restrictions do for public health. I’d hoped, when I first logged in to PubMed, for one of two things. 1. Three or four reviews showing that placing restrictions on alcohol reduces consumption by “everyday” drinkers but doesn’t change heavy drinkers…

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  • Where’s Hardy? Wallace AWOL? Not Goode! Plus: Whine Radio? Say Wha!

    … whereabouts, not in the least because weeks ago {before he become “Oh, That Hardy”}, the young man from Atlanta pledged to serve in some capacity on Palate Press. Next thing we knew, the gig was Hardy’s, but he grew quieter than the major league baseball pennant races! Today, however, we are proud to announce that we have a bead on the Hardster…

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  • Fall Forward? Palate Present?

    …, on to a more cerebral topic: I am back in the Wine Media Game. For the past month or so, this blog has been very…quiet…as I have been working on the launch of a new website: If you are reading this on Wednesday, 09/09/09, do not click through just yet. The official launch is tomorrow, September 10, 2009. In short, Palate Press…

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