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    Millenials vs. grocery store wines

    Last month a wine buyer for a major northern California grocery store chain made this observation at Wines & Vines' packaging seminar. "Baby boomers are still driving volume ...

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    The tides that bind: East Coast swing

    Tide’s Out, Big Cove, New Brunswick Tides. The Maritimes. The new viticulture. Headed out for the East Coast, pulled by a great maritime tide, family in tow. To a cape and back. Ontario-New York-Massachusetts-New Hampshire-Maine-New Brunswick-Nova Scotia-New Brunswick-Quebec-Ontario.

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      Umbria wine country – our adventures on the Umbria wine trail

      Wine Country Getaways - - 6 readers - In Umbria wine country When we redesigned the WineCountryGetaways Website, this article I’d posted about our wine country trip to Umbria was misplaced and never made it to the blog. I am posting this and if you are considering a wine adventure in Italy, think about Umbria. It is next door to Tuscany, but much less crowded with tourists and it is just as beautiful.

      Visit to Laimburg Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry #AltoAdige

      A Wine Story - - 4 readers - The @MastersofWine trip to the Laimburg Research institute in Alto Adige kicked off the trip in a major way, mostly due to the excellent presentation made by Dr. Heike Platter of the institute, whose father was a pioneer here when it opened doors in 1975. Until the 1970s, Trentino-Alto Adige was one autonomous region, now it is recognized as two separate provinces.

      Tales From: Cargasacchi and Loring Tasting Room

      the drunken cyclist - - 4 readers - This past July, as many of you know, I attended the Wine Bloggers Conference in Buellton, California. I rented a car while I was out there in order to visit a few wineries after the conclusion of the conference. Perhaps the visit I was most looking forward to was the relatively new tasting room that was a joint venture between the Loring Wine Company and Peter Cargasacchi.

      WineProGuy Wine Blog

      WineProGuy Wine Blog - - 3 readers - Of course, visitors enjoy the music, food and artisan vendors at all the wineries during the Livermore Valley Harvest Wine Celebration, but the primary interest at any of the wineries was to taste the wine! After visiting several wineries on Sunday, we found many excellent wines being served.

    The latest about Pinot Grigio

      2nd Coming of Colio

      … as richness and flavor. You could call it a toned-down Chard, or a toned-up PG. As the ad used to say ‘you could take it anywhere’. Especially to a supper table of pork or chicken, or cream sauced pasta. COLIO 13 Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio ‘Bricklayer’s Predicament’, VQA Lake Erie North Shore 371567 $13.95 The Sauvignon is atypical, low-flavoured, devoid…

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      WineProGuy Wine Blog

      … but with a touch of white peach that continues on in the palate with a spice, floral and white pepper quality. Eagle Ridge Vineyard – They were serving four of their wines during the event, the 2012 Estate Pinot Grigio particularly stood out. This is a fantastic dry summer wine with bright acidity and a touch of minerality. The apple and pear…

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      If There Were Such Thing as Vector Winemaking…

      … the slight smokiness became part of the wine. The 2013 Pinot Grigio has a nice crispness to it with aromas of white flower, pear and mineral. The Folio is a blend made with Pinot Grigio and unfermented Muscato. It tastes like a sweet juicy apple. Sei Ore Rosé 2013 is a blend of Sangiovese and Barbera. It is earthy and dry with aromas of rhubarb…

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      Visit to Laimburg Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry #AltoAdige

      … gravel and sand, and Gewurztraminer likes loamy soils rich in lime. Though it is less than 1% of Italy's total production, it is highly respected for its quality level. Major varieties include pinot grigio, pinot bianco (sometimes labeled as weissburgunder), gewurtzraminer, pinot nero, schiava, and lagrein. The grapes are grown on the hillsides…

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      Cupcake wine review 2014

      …• Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 ($9, purchased, 13.5%) • Cupcake Pinot Grigio 2013 ($9, purchased, 12.5%) Whenever the Wine Curmudgeon reviews Cupcake wines, I always end up writing as much about the brand and the company that owns Cupcake as I do about the wines. That’s because Cupcake may be the most fascinating wine brand in the world today…

      By The Wine Curmudgeon

      In the warm California sun.

      …skip to main | skip to sidebar Enough of my lollygagging with earthquakes, wine trains, AVA signs and that certain gargle of Grenaches. Enough, I say! I spent an entire day spent in the vineyard today, pulling leaves in the Syrah and admiring the pretty sight that was these back-lit Pinot grigio grapes. But wait a minute, what else is going…

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      Umbria wine country – our adventures on the Umbria wine trail

      … produced is the Bianco delle Regine, a unique blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Grigio. We have not tasted anything in the U.S. that is similar or as refreshing. Their flagship wine is a Merlot, made from 100 percent old vine Merlot. The cost is 30 Euros, and it is a fantastic wine drinkable now or to be cellared for a few…

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      Tales From: Cargasacchi and Loring Tasting Room

      … to me and got me started. 2012 Point Concepciòn Pinot Grigio Marea Solis: Retail $18. Light and bright. Some kiwi and stone fruit. Very Good. 86-88 Points. 2012 Point Concepciòn Chardonnay Caponera: Retail $20. Really nice. Pineapple, peach and just a hint of oak. Great mouthfeel and long finish. Very Good to Outstanding. 89-91 Points. 2012 Loring…

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      Meeting Joan Kautz of Ironstone Vineyards in the Sierra Foothills

      …, and a Pinot Grigio. The wines were all excellent quality thanks to a "rebranding" that the family instigated last year, yet my personal favorites are the reds, especially the Zinfandel which was the best i ever had with its balance, moderate alcohol, and juicy ripe rich berry flavors. Also new is the packaging, with a new style of bottles and labels…

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      Millenials vs. grocery store wines

      …, it's usually, 'What is the difference between these 4 Italian Pinot Grigios?' The reality is there isn't much difference." -- Mann A baby boomer would say, Meet the new Pinot Grigio; same as the old Pinot Grigio.…

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      The Wines of Tenuta Villanova

      …This is the last article about my visit to Friuli as judge for the 2014 Pinot Grigio Challenge and subsequent visit to some of the winemakers. After the Challenge ended, I went to the Lis Neris Winery and tasted wines from Lis Neris and Ronco del Gelso, which I have already written about, and Tenuta Villanova. Alberto Grossi Representing Tenuta…

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      2013 Villa Puccini Pinot Grigio

      …Palest yellow in the glass, this easy-drinking wine is both affordable and food friendly. Both the aromas and flavors are light with floral and tropical notes that would make it ideal for a sipper before a meal or for pairing with light dishes. The finish is dry and clean. Pairings: Aperitif, light fish and seafood dishes. Style: White Wine Grape Type(s): Pinot Grigio Region: Veneto, Italy Price: $10…

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      Fall PA Wine Primer

      … to the autumn table. 14.1% ABV. Paradocx Pinot Grigio 2013 ($17.99) Fresh-nosed and carrying some zest, this straightforward sipper renders ripe pear flavors, slated firmament and mid-level acid. 13.3% ABV. Paradocx Leverage 2012 ($30.99) A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (two-thirds) and Petit Verdot, on the richer side of the flavor spectrum. Red and dark…

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      The tides that bind: East Coast swing

      …, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and (13 per cent) mitigating and rounding Muscat. In character of what it sets out to define, this 2013 Tidal Bay concentrates Nova Scotia brightness with tight acids and a clear, stain removing shout into the machine. A warm streak of Fundy salinity soothes the savage cool-climate beast. @gaspereauwine L’Acadie Vineyards…

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