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  • Podcast #4: Bending Branch Winery’s Flash Détente

    … John Rivenburgh Gloria and I met owners Dr. Bob Young and John Rivenburgh where we were taken to their new number three production building. Outside the building there was no missing the Flash Détente unit as it sits on the crush pad and would fill the entire cargo trailer of an eighteen-wheeler. That is in fact how the unit was shipped. Flash window Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast. Ipad for Flash Détente Subscribe on iTunes Listen on Stitcher …

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  • Movie Review: American Wine Story

    … runs Cartograph Wines in Healdsburg with Serena Lourie. Mike Officer also has a story that resonated with me. He realized at an early age that sitting in a cubicle writing web code was the recipe for a slow death. He started making wine at home and that endeavor blossomed into Carlisle Winery. For myself, as a web coder in a previous life, that hit…

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  • Why Everyone Hates Us

    … Because… well… THIS: Wine geeks and wine pros are taking it on the chin right now (for a hilarious and totally NSFW example, have a listen to this podcast by Internet comedy icon Maddox). We are accused of just about everything uncool, from being fond of snobbery to displaying nepotism to having bullsh*t jobs to engaging in major douchebaggery…

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  • Podcast #3: Chris Brundrett of William Chris Vineyards

    … of the Texas Wine Lover podcast highlights a few up-to-date things going on at the winery, as well as some background on the people and history of the company as we talk to Chris Brundrett. Chris Brundrett Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast. Subscribe on iTunes Listen on Stitcher …

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  • Wineries of Minervois – with Chateau Maris

    … Interestingly, Argentina’s wine history and culture began about the same time as our’s here in the U.S. Arguably more interesting is the fact that it began with the same impetus – Italian immigration. Today, Argentina has become known as the world’s largest purveyor of Malbec. Another thing that singles out Argentina – some of the highest…

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  • Randy Dunn brings maverick style from Napa to Walla Walla

    …, and poured the foundation for greatness. The Caymus 1984 Special Selection would be named Wine Spectator magazine’s Wine of the Year in 1989. (Five years later, Caymus produced the world’s top wine, No. 1, too.) During his time at Caymus, Dunn planted his eponymous vineyard on Howell Mountain. In 1981, he released his 1979 Cabernet Sauvignon…

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  • Tantalus Riesling: Electricity in Okanagan White Wines

    …, one of the most exciting sparkling wines I’ve tasted, during last year’s Riesling Rendezvous at Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville, Washington. And they were the first stop on this trip. Woot! (Sorry, I know “woot” is passé, but I feel this is woot-worthy.) Anyhoo, we were up in the Okanagan to explore wines that are now featured at Whole Foods…

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  • From Field to Glass - Hillrock Estate Distillery

    … Tucked away on a beautiful country road in Ancram, New York you'll find Hillrock Farm, home to Hillrock Estate Distillery and Jeffrey Baker producing whiskey under the direction of Master Distiller, Dave Pickerall. I recently toured the distillery with Tim Welly, who I knew from his days at Millbrook Winery. I am not a bourbon or whiskey…

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  • Sean Sullivan scales new heights in Washington wine writing

    … Sean Sullivan is Wine Enthusiast magazine’s Washington wine reviewer. (Photo courtesy of Sean Sullivan) SEATTLE – It hasn’t taken long for a guy from the East Coast who was merely interested in learning more about wine to become one of the most important reviewers of Washington wines in the world. Sean Sullivan, whose blog Washington Wine…

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