Portugal (UK /ˈpɔːtʃʊɡl/; US /ˈpɔrtʃʉɡəl/; Portuguese: Portugal [puɾtuˈɣaɫ]), officially the Portuguese Republic (Portuguese: República Portuguesa), is a unitary semi-presidential republic. It is located in South-Western Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula, and it is the westernmost country of mainland Europe, being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. Aside from continental Portugal, the Portuguese Republic holds sovereignty over the Atlantic archipelagos of Azores and Madeira, which are autonomous regions of Portugal. The country is named after its second largest city, Porto, whose name derives from Latin Portus and Celtic Cale.
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    • #douro14: Portugal is a Small Package with Big Surprises

      As I was nearing 16, I told my parents I didn’t want a big birthday party. I opted instead for a trip to Portugal—the best sweet sixteen gift I could ever receive. In college, I went so far as to turn down a trip to Cancun for a chance to explore historic Portuguese villages. There was no way around it, I was always dreaming of Portugal … Why the obsession with Portugal?, I ...

      Sonia Nolasco/ Catavino- 9 readers -
    • Eat Like A Local: the Best Portuguese and Spanish Restaurants in the USA

      Portugal is synonymous with meandering alleys adorned with dancing laundry. The faded florals of sun-bleached sheets, starched by heat of the sun, among a waterfall of socks flowing across the lines. When we’re not picking our way carefully across the uneven stones worn smooth and often slick from the rain, we look up to get our bearings, to find the sunlight filtering down.

      Catavino- 8 readers -
  • Friday Feature Photo: The Setting Sun Over Portugal

    … Photographer: Ryan Opaz Capture Date: November 29, 2014 Location: Figueira da Foz, Portugal About: As legend has it, Figueira da Foz is named after a fig tree which stood at the quay of Salmanha where the fisherman used to dock their boats; while Figueira derived from the word “fagaria”, which means “opening, huge mouth”. Regardless of its…

    Gabriella Opaz/ Catavino- 2 readers -
  • Old-vine wine and simply old wine with Roy Hersch

    … I met up with Roy Hersh (For the Love of Port) during my most recent trip to Seattle. That this was our first time meeting, despite all of my trips to Seattle, is in retrospect a shame on my part but we now have the future ahead. As it was my first night in town we went to dinner near my hotel at Matt’s in the Market. We each brought a bottle…

    Aaron Nix Gomez/ Hogshead - A Wine Blog- 3 readers -
  • Six iconic wines this week – some true bargains, too

    … to this winery and its historic liqueur Muscat wines. These are mind-blowing creations with epic sweetness and length. There is a hint of rose petals on the nose overlaying a pure, liquid toffee core. ‘Behind the Label’ – 2012 Dourosa, Quinta de la Rosa, Douro, Portugal (£12.00, Oddbins). The Douro river may well be famous for its vertiginous sloped…

    Matthew Jukes- 3 readers -
  • Friday Feature Photo: Centuries-Old Quinta do Noval

    … Photographer: Gabriella Opaz Capture Date: February 15, 2011 Location: Porto, Portugal About: There are old bottles, and there are bottles that stay etched in your memory forever. Century old bottles of Quinta do Noval collect layers of dust, waiting for that one singular moment when they can sing their story. Desktop Wallpaper: To download…

    Gabriella Opaz/ Catavino- 2 readers -
  • Cooper’s Hawk Winery: Wine Snobs Not Allowed

    …, when they dine at the restaurant. Besides discounts, there is an upcoming wine trip to Portugal, themed events, and dinners that are exclusive to wine club members. Most of these offerings are sold out. Visitors can try the wines in the tasting room located near the restaurant entrance within an expansive gift shop boasting bottles of Cooper’s Hawk…

    Cindy Rynning/ Grape Experiences- 11 readers -
  • Interview with Nelson Carvalheiro: Award Winning Portuguese Travel Writer

    … meanings to the words “world” and “communication” and “trade”. Portugal a country of less than 800.000 habitants in the 15th century, ventured out into the unknown ocean and for almost 200 years controlled the New World’s commodity and spice trade. This is what I relate to the most: the need, will and determination to seek adventure in foreign…

    Gabriella Opaz/ Catavino- 4 readers -
  • Vintage Ports

    … This cold weather calls for heartier fare than table wines so I have been sampling the Port wines of Portugal. There is a mystique and aura surrounding Ports that I find especially intriguing. Ports have a long history and tradition. Although I am in dry dock for the winter, Ports (and Madeira wines) were originally created for British sea…

    Frederick Thurber/ The Wine Observer- 3 readers -
  • 2012 Esporao Reserve Red

    … Dark fruit, spicy nose with a bit of smokiness. Lots of ripe dark berry and plum flavors. Firm tannins on a dry finish. Like this wine a lot at this pricepoint. Will improve with some time in the bottle and with decanting. Pairings: Burger, pasta with tomato sauce, grilled meat. Style: Red Wine Grape Type(s): Cabernet Sauvignon, Aragonês, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet Region: Alentejo, Portugal Price: $20 …

    Veronique Deblois/ Food & Wine Chickie Insiderin Cabernet Sauvignon- 4 readers -
  • Three wines for the cold weather

    … Produced by the famous port produce Quinta do Noval, the 2009 Cedro do Noval, Duriense offers a slight twist for a table wine by including a bit of Syrah. Though you might expect this vintage to show some age the wine itself is young, firm, and full of barrel influences. I would cellar this wine another year or two to let the flavors integrate…

    Aaron Nix Gomez/ Hogshead - A Wine Blog- 6 readers -
  • Toledo Area Wine Events & Tastings: January 14-17, 2015

    … – Spain, 3. 2012 Reguengos – Portugal, 4. 2012 Allamand Malbec – Argentina. Nominal fee per sample or $8 per flight. Andersons, Talmadge Road, Wine Tasting. 6-8 PM. Closeout Tasting #2: January is the time of closeouts and great deals. We will pick eight of our best closeouts to taste, and will arrange other closeout tastings as new closeouts…

    Toledo Wines and Vinesin Merlot- 6 readers -
  • Another Portuguese Red Wine Value from the Douro

    … Valley, Portugal Tasted By: Neil & Cheri Date: January 2015 Tasting Notes: – produced by Caves Vale do Rodo, this is a deep, ruby red, and the nose throws off a bouquet of red fruits. Cherry and strawberry come out, and there are others buried in there. The palate delivers red fruit as well, with very subtle oak evident. Tannins are a little firm…

    Red Wine Please!- 4 readers -
  • Six more superb wines, all with Indian-food-matching skills

    … Six more superb wines which all have Indian-food-matching skills in their repertoires. 2013 Cheverny, Domaine du Salvard, Loire, France (£10.75, Oddbins). A clever amalgam between citrusy, classic Loire Sauvignon Blanc and a dash of silky-smooth Chardonnay, Cheverny is a cultured, mouth-watering white with immense appeal and considerable élan…

    Matthew Jukesin Sauvignon Blanc- 3 readers -
  • The Portuguese Pinot Noir, Quinta de Sant’Ana

    … The Portuguese Pinot Noir, Quinta de Sant'Ana Pinot Noir? From Portugal? With so many of its own grape varieties to focus on, you’d think Portugal has little to gain from trying to make Pinot Noir. But why not? If the climate and soils are there for making serious Pinot, it’s worth a go. Pinot rocks, after all. It’s especially worth a go…

    jamie goode's wine blogin Pinot Noir- 7 readers -
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