Wine Century Club: Varietals 71 – 80

    …, dry, bright acidity, steely minerality, flavours of peach, pear, apple and white pepper. 79. Prosecco, N/V, Villa Teresa Organic Prosecco, Veneto, Italy: small persistent bubbles, aromas of light floral, citrus and toast, dry, creamy mousse with flavours of apple, citrus and some nuttiness. 80. Chinuri, 2008 vintage, Bagrationi Finest Brut, Kartli, Georgia: persistent tiny bubbles, fine mousse, dry, crisp, flavours of citrus with some yeasty notes. Tasty!   …

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    July Wine Roundup: Top 10 from my Last Tasting

    … This tasting included 18 wines from California and Italy.  We toggled between a selection of Proseccos from Mionetto and a selection of California wines.  Here’s the top 10 list: Italy Sparkling Mionette Prosecco Luxury Cartizze – a very nice dry sparkling wine with notes of apple, pear, flowers and baked bread.  It had a bit…

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    Mionetto IL Prosecco – Tasty Everyday Sparkler

    … Last week I did a write-up on the Mionetto Prestige Collection Prosecco and commented about how I’ve been coming across more and more of their wines lately.  This is another Prosecco from their “IL” line and is also quite tasty. I love what Mionetto is doing with the packaging on their IL line sparklers.  Rather than a cork, it has a bottle cap…

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    Mionetto Prestige Collection Brut – Fabulous Prosecco

    … I’ve been coming across a number of different sparklers from Mionetto lately.  They seem to be doing a marketing push and I’m seeing them everywhere.  And after tasting some of their bubbly, I had to share this one with you. Prosecco is the focus at Mionetto, and they don’t just produce one.  In the category of sparkling wine, Prosecco tends…

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    Bolla Extra Dry Prosecco – A Bubbly Bargain

    … of their wines, this time a Prosecco. When it comes to bubbly, Prosecco is a great option for the budget-conscious.  Although it’s made with a different process than “traditional method” sparklers, which can result in Prosecco being a little less bubbly than you might prefer.  I didn’t have that problem at all with this one from Bolla, it had plenty…

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