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    • A Special Tribute To An Organic Vineyard Owner — Al Bechthold

      Al Bechthold Bechthold Vineyards is the oldest continuously-farmed vineyard in Lodi, originally planted in 1886. It’s only 25 acres, but the grapes are highly prized by clients like Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon, Abe Schoener of Scholium Project and Turley Wine Cellars. Kevin Phillips of Michael-David Winery continues to farm this plot organically.

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    • Bonny Doon Vineyard 2012 A Proper Claret

      This red blend comes from the laboratory of wine “bad boy” Randall Grahm. He is the brains behind Bonny Doon Vineyard and one of the most fascinating wine personalities I’ve met. You can read more about Randall here in our interview from a couple years ago. His current approach is to produce “vin de terroir, ” that express the essence of the grape and land with minimal inter ...

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  • Wine of the Week

    … Here’s a syrah wine that gets to the nitty-gritty of the grape. The Bonny Doon Le Pousseur Syrah 2012, derived from four cool climate vineyards in the Central Coast appellation, offers reams of spicy black fruit and whole tomes of briery-brambly-underbrush structure. True to the grape’s youngster mode, the emphasis is on spiced and macerated…

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  • Part III of my review of Jamie Goode's "Rescuing Minerality"

    … chemical analysis does not advance the point. Further, was minerality (salty) found moreso or less so in the wines? He also mentioned Randall Grahm placing rocks into wines and getting a textural change. As Stephen Mense points out in his post (Rocks in our wine ... or just our heads? tableintime.com, 10/31/12), Grahm's intent was to "determine…

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  • A Taste Place – Bechthold Vineyards Cinsault

    … aromas. On the palate, it’s light-bodied with moderate acidity, and fresh, clean, harmonious, fresh, ripe mash-up of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry flavors. This one didn’t knock me over immediately,but its fresh clean balanced character grew on me with each sip. Medium finish. The wine is made 100% whole cluster (no de-stemming of the fruit…

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  • A Doon Quintet

    … outside of Greenfield in the Salinas Valley and Jespersen Ranch in the very cool Edna Valley. Perhaps slightly richer in texture than the exemplary ’12, but with still great natural acidity (no acidulation required), and textbook citrus and peach character.” 1592 cases produced. Find this wine The Clos de Gilroy and Contra were tasted on the same…

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  • Lodi Wine: Bechthold Vineyard Cinsaults

    … of gnarled head trained vines. Originally thought to be Black Malvoisie and at times close to being ripped out, it was discovered the grapes were actually Cinsault, and a call was made to Randall Grahm, of Bonny Doon, the original Rhone Ranger. The vineyard was being minimally farmed – just sprayed for sulfur, pruned, and weeded, with no irrigation…

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  • Naked Wines Advertising

    … expensive wines accessible to normal people. We don’t do that by strong-arming our suppliers, like some of the big supermarkets. We do it by funding independent winemakers to set up their own business – and we get preferential prices in return.” And those winemakers? Ever heard of Randall Grahm? Ken Dais? Daryl Groom? These stars and many more provide…

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  • Do we – #winelover-s – live in a bubble?

    … and poverty. While there are bombs falling somewhere and people are getting killed, I am (and many of my friends) posting pictures of bottles of wine, food, vineyards… So… that raises a few questions: Do you believe that we – #winelover-s – live in a bubble? Do we want to be in this bubble on purpose or we don’t even realize that we…

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  • Doon on the Clos {In Pictures}

    …Doon on the Clos was a huge success! At the end of all the planning and phone calls, emails and tweets, people showed up, people drank, they ate, they listened, and they bought wine. A highlight of the evening was an open discussion on biodynamics as well as the philosophies of Bonny Doon’s Randall Grahm…

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  • Minerality Lacks An Objective Meaning

    …, cohered the way a laser coheres light.” Winemaker Randall Grahm. “Minerality is a concept which could never be consistently defined in words or physical standards.” Sensory chemist Dr. Ann Noble. “The minerality of a wine is experienced like a generation of tension in the mouth that is innately refreshing and energizing.” Winemaker Jason Lett…

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