Randall Grahm

    Do we – #winelover-s – live in a bubble?

    … and planet that is seemingly imploding.” -> Randall Grahm Wow! I believe that Randall hits the nail on the head… I’m not even in the same ball park with Randall when it comes to “leisurely wine lunches and sumptuous dinners”, but I do my share of wine events that are totally isolated from the hard reality. The one people see on TV with so…

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    Print Writers Accuse Bloggers of #WordCrimes at #WBC14

    …Wherein I somehow manage to weave together wine blogging, wine bloggers, and print wine journalists with Weird Al Yankovic, Mark Twain, Fenimore Cooper, Leslie Marmon Silko, and Christopher Walken… “I may be mistaken, but it does seem to me that “Deerslayer” is not a work of art in any sense; it does seem to me … Continue reading…

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    Doon on the Clos {In Pictures}

    …Doon on the Clos was a huge success! At the end of all the planning and phone calls, emails and tweets, people showed up, people drank, they ate, they listened, and they bought wine. A highlight of the evening was an open discussion on biodynamics as well as the philosophies of Bonny Doon’s Randall Grahm and [...]…

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