• Genoa Italy: The Legend of Christopher Columbus and the UNESCO Connection

    … credit: Wikipedia) Here’s a Genoa Video for all my Italian friends on Columbus Day Christopher Columbus is very popular in this part of the world. On October 12, 1492, Columbus landed in the Bahama Islands on his first voyage. This event spawned the “Columbian Exchange” of goods from the New World” to the “Old World…

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  • Setting group expectations when you haven’t yet hiked the trail

    …. Then, double-check your math – even triple-check it. Always characterize the outing as a function of terrain and distance, and include seasonal factors such as weather, potential thunderstorms/flooding, and boil it down to a basic difficulty level, i.e.: Easy Moderate Strenuous Very strenuous As an example of this, a 10-mile hiking route…

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  • Trek, eat , and enjoy

    … Pico Deloro located in Ternate Cavite. This will be an exciting one for sure, coz we will climb that same peek on the picture and hope for the best that no one falls. hahaha Mt Pico Deloro I’ll keep… View original 28 more words Filed under: grape squeezins Tagged: 2013, aspire, chudi planea, discovery, eat, enjoy, irietrek, irietreks, mt sembrano, peak, reasons, recreation, summit, Travel, Travel and Tourism, traveler, trek…

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