• Dining Review – Hive Restaurant at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel

      Recently we found ourselves in White Plains, New York for a few nights. Unfortunately it was for a sad occasion, and during times like these it’s nice to have a place to relax and unwind during the evening. Fortunately we happened to stay at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel, and right there in the lobby is Hive.

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    • Wilhemina Restaurant #goisrael tour

      So here I am at the Wilhemina Restaurant, a fashionable restaurant in the historic Sarona area which has now turned into a center for culture and cuisine. According to our host Benjamin Gad-Ninai, Director of Hosting Operations Department at Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, 140 years ago the area was settled as a German Temper community.

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  • It’s a BDF: Bradley’s Fine Diner Opens in Silicon Valley

    … wall. It’s tongue-in-cheek, all meant to make you feel at home. Chef Bradley is no stranger to Silicon Valley. He was a founding partner of the Lark Creek Restaurant Group, which grew out of the first restaurant he opened, Lark Creek Inn in Marin County in 1989. He went on to open Parcel 104 in Santa Clara and Lark Creek Steak in San Jose. He…

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  • The Perfect Meal, with Professor Charles Spence

    … I’ve just written up the launch of Professor Charles Spence’s new book, The Perfect Meal. It’s a really good book that examines how science can help us understand what it is that creates an epic dining experience, and the insights he shared at the launch were brilliant. You can read my extensive report here. Here’s a short film of the man…

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  • When is a review not a review?

    … The San Francisco Chronicle’s restaurant reviewer, Michael Bauer, really stirred up a dust storm with this post, “DNR: Three restaurants I’m not reviewing,” on his blog. First, let me say that I’m a Bauer fan. If I’m checking out a restaurant in the Bay Area, I first want to know what Michael said about it. I might look at Yelp, but I don’t…

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  • Threecoins

    … in temperature) and proteins (one fish, no chicken, mid thirties) and numerous planks (including an antipasto for sharing @ $28 and a grilled meat selection for $60). The menu is augmented by some black board specials including the pictured zucchini flowers (terrific, the stem / immature vegetable, $15 for three) and for desert the variously flavoured truffles with a shot of limoncillo. Click here for the original context …

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  • Loners Unite!

    … market society? Would the EENMAAL concept be seen as glamorizing this trend? On the other hand, we should not ignore that solo dining might be our ‘delicious’ way to intimacy with ourselves in our hyper-connected world obsessed with sociality and extroversion. I think the answer to most, but not all, of these questions is yes. Eating with others…

    Dwight Furrow/ Edible Arts- 3 readers -
  • Low Key Chow House

    …, steamers and the antique tiffins). It can't be called pan Asian, there's a clear leaning towards the strong and the bold over the delicate and subtle. Hot, sour and sticky seems to be the undercurrent with Korea, Thailand and pork featuring prominently. The kitchen is fast, though some of the ideas are a little odd - pairing the sogalbi (Korean…

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  • Balthazar

    … There are of course newer rooms with arguably better wine lists and complementary bread, but few are quite as dark (I'll spare you my grainy food photos) and potentially as intimate as Balthazar (they just need to turn down the volume on the music). It's been an constant of my adult life, I visit every few years, and like an old friend I feel…

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  • Writing up my sherry adventure, and a special plug for Bar Arturo

    … I have just written up the first two parts of a five part series on my sherry adventure in October, when I got to visit Jerez and helped blend the spectacular Las Palmas sherries for Gonzalez Byass. The remaining three parts will be up tomorrow. I wanted to highlight a remarkable meal I had on this trip. It was at Bar Arturo (Calle Guita 9…

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  • killer instinct: the beast, 75003

    … with inveterate table-squatters. So I wonder how the restaurant will thrive without either drastically raising check averages or relocating to a larger premises. In both cases, the experience will change entirely. Hence my ambivalence about The Beast. In its current state, it is among Paris' best new restaurants. But reviewing the place is like being given…

    Aaron Ayscough/ not drinking poison in paris- 1 readers -
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