• Wilhemina Restaurant #goisrael tour

      So here I am at the Wilhemina Restaurant, a fashionable restaurant in the historic Sarona area which has now turned into a center for culture and cuisine. According to our host Benjamin Gad-Ninai, Director of Hosting Operations Department at Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, 140 years ago the area was settled as a German Temper community.

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    • A Very Vincent Birthday and The Better Birthday Song

      "The Better Birthday Song." Music & lyrics by Barbara McAfee © Big Bug Music Video produced by Lucy Mathews Heegaard at Studio-Lu. Music: Engineered, mixed and mastered by Joe Johnson, Fur Seal Recording Studios, Minneapolis, MN. Vocals & piano: Barbara McAfee, Bass and guitar: Jocko MacNelly, Drums: Michael Bissonnette All photographs used with permission.

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    • Meeting Eyal Shani of North Abraxses During #GoIsrael Tour

      “Here, try this!” says Eyal Shani, gregarious owner and chef at North Abraxses, a fun and casual restaurant in bustling Tel Aviv. The uninitiated might be surprised to see Eyal grape a scoop of tuna tartar in his bare hand and bang it down on the layer of brown butcher paper that is serving the function of a plate.

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  • Fun Tapas Party in Israel at Vicky Christina #GoIsrael Tour

    … refreshing to behold. We are here at Vicky Christina, a lively indoor/outdoor tapas bar style restaurant in the complex of the Old Turkish Railway /station at Manshiya in Tel Aviv. Here you can see the old railroad (the first in the mid-east) and various shops that are fun to browse. Yet Vicky Christina is bursting with color and energy, from…

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  • Eating Local Cuisine on #GoIsrael Tour

    … Eating Local Cuisine on #GoIsrael Tour “Isn’t this lunch?” I ask, starving, as I hungrily take bites of a typical Israel dish at Dr. Shakshuka, which is made from eggs and tomatoes. We are here for a demonstration of how this famous dish is made, yet accompanying the Shakshuka are various salads and large fluffy pieces of bread. The people…

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  • Mac and Cheese Night #6: Paragon

    …, that also makes this mac and cheese the most affordable yet on the list. Cheese: White cheddar and parmesan made up the blend, with perhaps a too-restrained use of rosemary adding another subtle layer of flavor. The grittiness of the parmesan was this dish’s best feature. Creamy vs. Stringy: It weighs in squarely on the stringy side, a welcome change…

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  • Alzaim kebabs

    … Sometimes you go looking for trouble. . . I had read the reviews, all bad and all mentioning that the owner was pushy, rude and likely to judge and criticise your order. Instead of red lights I wanted to go and visit. Could this be Perth's version of the Soup Nazi? Perhaps I'm not the only one reading the bad reviews, I received only warm…

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  • Voyage Kitchen

    … 128 West Coast Drive, though from the two mirrored rooms it's difficult to see the ocean, you certainly won't see the front end loader moving up and down the beach smoothing out the sand. . . This is a place that is beautifully self contained and seemingly complete. A central corridor divides the space, to the left the newer room which looks more…

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  • The Great San Francisco Mac and Cheese Throwdown

    … in good food for fair prices. In addition to over 10 food trucks offering their mac and cheese spins, there will also be games, beer specials, and a cheesy cover band. And yes, that’s the precise language used to describe the band. What: the Great San Francisco Mac and Cheese Throwdown Where: SoMa StrEat Food Park, 428 11th Street, San Francisco…

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  • Nine fine food

    … I like almost everything about the Nine fine food dining room, except of course the back wall (unseen and to the right of this photo) which is part covered by wall paper so it looks superficially like granite blocks. The other portion of the wall features chalk boards mentioning they are available for functions. It would be much better…

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  • Le Vietnam

    …) is a steal at $6, chilli (usually a non negotiable) is optional and there is a token squirt of sriracha (mine was a heart) on the side. I thought it was very good though the pickle needed more bite, the pate more texture and the pork more fat. . . Click here for the original context …

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  • Breakfast at the Merrywell

    … Mrs Crunchy on a stick with a pair of eggs for $15. Cute and effective, the bread is a little sweet, but I'm not complaining. In the background and very truncated is the New York egg sandwich (the egg was not runny and it felt dry in the mouth) which comes with an addictive serve of tater tots (grated, fried and heavily salted potato balls…

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  • Customer service PR lessons; the good, bad, and the ugly ~ Part 1

    …, a franchise location. Menu and decor was created by my wine/chef pal Mark Miller of Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A lover of Asian culture and food, Mark has done a great job. As usual, we all loved the food. But, it was all about their approach to PR that really made this restaurant the BEST on our list. Nate is like me; he has a super…

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