Fine wines with lunch, old-school wine trade style

    These wines were recently tasted at a rather fine lunch at La Trompette, which is a great restaurant. It went on a long time, as you can imagine. I’m always struck by how well older bottles of top Bordeaux show in these situations, and how inconsistent red Burgundy can be. And the Rhône can be very strong, when it’s the right people making the wine.

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    Chicago Gourmet 2014 – A Wine and Food Lover’s Destination

    Chicago may be known as the City of Big Shoulders but it has also become familiar to many for Chicago Gourmet, a celebration of fabulous food, wine, spirits, and beer which was held the weekend of September 26-28, its seventh year. Since 2013 I have been looking forward to another festivus of live cooking demonstrations, seminars, food and wine tastings, and more.

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      Burger Joints of Hayward #3: Red Rocket Char Grill

      Rebecca Gomez Farrell - - 5 readers - The newest burger joint in Hayward is Red Rocket Char Grill, right in the heart of the downtown strip (1057 B Street). This qualifies as the second echelon of burger joints, the ones classed up enough that you don’t worry about whether your chair will collapse beneath you or if you’ll pick up splinters from the table.

      eculent: Fine Dining at Clear Creek Winery

      Texas Wine Lover - - 5 readers - The post eculent: Fine Dining at Clear Creek Winery appeared first on Texas Wine Lover. eculent is a fine dining restaurant which will be opening soon at Clear Creek Winery located in Kemah. Chefs David Skinner and Michael Calvino will bring an evening of a multi-course meal which will not soon be forgotten.


      Rebecca Gomez Farrell - - 4 readers - Sapporo is the sushi restaurant’s answer to the overly familiar neighborhood pub. If you need to be greeted warmly by a hostess and have your every need catered to in a reasonable time frame, I’m not sure it’s the place for you. There’s nothing wrong with those expectations, but Sapporo won’t meet them.

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      Two superb whites: Radikon 1993 and Shobrook Giallo 2013

      … right does this wine have to be so fresh? Full yellow colour. Very delicate and fine with hints of vanilla, white plums, cooked lemons and marzipan, with bready notes and a hint of hazelnut. Nice fresh grapefruit notes, too. real finesse and purity, and after a while in the glass you get some lovely apricot character. 94/100 Shobrook Wines Giallo…

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      Boat with Whale, Walrus and Renee Erickson drops Anchor at Maiden Lane in New York, October 20

      … Boat with whale, walrus and Renee Erickson drops anchor at Maiden Lane restaurant in New York on October 21, 2014. Or to make it less 'Noah's Ark', celebrate publication of A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus, Menus and Stories (Sasquatch Books, September 2014) by joining Seattle chef Renee Erickson for a cookbook-dinner at Maiden Lane... Menu above, $65 for cocktail party dinner (drinks not included), $40 for book …

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      … waitress and the sushi chef Sam—will get to you in due time, and your drink order will likely be yelled across the restaurant. As soon as you see the restaurant’s interior, you’ll realize it’s a playful joint. Keep yourself entertained while waiting for service by looking at the polaroids covering the walls and booths. And keep that playfulness…

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      Top 5 Ways to Enjoy the Autumn Rain

      … of ways to appreciate the city asa tourist and local alike, to embrace the elements and appreciate their intensity. Allow me to throw a few your direction: Warm Soup There isn’t a meal that doesn’t incorporate soup in Portugal. Seriously, not one! Ok, maybe breakfast, but even then, I’d bet my life that someone in Porto is enjoying a steaming hot…

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      Shake Shack Coming to Legacy Place

      … Exciting news Boston burger fans! Shake Shack will be opened another location in Massachusetts - this time at Legacy Place in Dedham. We visited the location at Chestnut Hill when it first opened (review) and several times since. It's still pretty crowded and a bit hectic when you go but the product is good and the wine & beer options…

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      Chicago Gourmet 2014 – A Wine and Food Lover’s Destination

      … tastings, and more. This year’s Chicago Gourmet didn’t disappoint…stunningly gorgeous weather, world reknown chefs, mixologists, and sommeliers, and an array of outstanding libations were the ingredients for another successful event. Produced by the Illinois Restaurant Association and sponsored by Bon Appétit magazine, thousands of foodies and wine…

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      Cook, St. Helena, CA

      … 1310 Main St St. Helena, CA 94574 (707) 963-7088 Neighborhood: Downtown St. Helena, CA Cuisine: American (New), Italian, Breakfast & Brunch Cost: $$ = $11-30 Four Forks = Defines excellence in local dining. Worth the investment Hours: Monday through Saturday for lunch or dinner 11:30am-10pm Sundays for brunch or dinner…

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      Local Restaurants Tap Oregon Wine

      … the restaurant. Fortunately, restaurants are increasingly supporting the Oregon wine scene. Some menus have extensive bottle selections that include hard-to-find library wines. Others list a variety of wines by the glass or host special winemaker dinners. The newest trend—and most sustainable—is the selection of rotating wines on tap. Check out this article for a pour of Oregon’s finest wines. …

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      Fine wines with lunch, old-school wine trade style

      … de Solitude Châteauneuf du Pape Reserve 2000 Rhône, FranceWarm, spicy and earthy with some tarry detail. Smooth and sweet and quite complex with nice grip and lovely fruit. Very stylish. 94/100 Clos des Papes Châteauneuf du Pape 2000 Rhône, France Fresh with lovely black cherry and plum fruit as well as some savoury, bloody, meaty notes. Nice…

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      Chicago Neighborhood Gem: Unite Urban Grill

      … There are many reasons why Chicago is a mecca for wine lovers and foodies. The now annual Chicago Gourmet celebration is high on my list as are unique wine bars, multicultural street festivals, eclectic wine shops, and upscale restaurants with award winning, internationally recognized chefs and sommeliers. But let’s not forget neighborhood…

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      le rubis 75002 bistrot cafe leopold bellan

      … restaurant scene backround info and mention that Carmarans' Le Rubis took over a space on rue Léopold Bellan formerly occupied by natural wine bistrot L'Hédoniste, which restaurant I'd always found to be well-intentioned but overpriced. Le Rubis chef Roberta Tringale's straight-faced cuisine is practically an inversion of L'Hédoniste's aspirational…

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      Burger Joints of Hayward #3: Red Rocket Char Grill

      … echelon doesn’t mean they make a better burger, but atmosphere can definitely affect opinion. Red Rocket’s red-and-black checker design, complete with a tiled mosaic wall in back, is assuredly more inviting than my first two stops. But it comes with a black mark from my husband; he swears it takes far too long for a fast food restaurant. So I’m…

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      … Fried chicken skin, complete with the odd feather, for $6.90. Its screaming out for beer and without this lubrication, it's hard to have more than a few pieces. . . Papparich is an alcohol free venue offering the standard playbook of Malaysian favourites. The food is very good, though of course very safe - the roti is made in house…

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