Bloomer Creek Vineyard 2011 Vin d’ete Cabernet Franc

    This isn’t a wine that everyone is going to appreciate. As some would say, this is a cab franc lover’s cab franc. You need to appreciate the earthiness of the grape — the herbal edges too. Bloomer Creek Vineyard 2011 Vin d’ete Cabernet Franc ($18) isn’t driven by bold fruit flavors. The cool, wet 2011 vintage saw to that.

    9 readers - By Lenn Thompson/ New York Cork Report

    Three-legged dogs, Jack Dempsey and Rye Whiskey

    Imagine music so good, so soulful, so gypsy, so nasty, so pure, that it gets into the very marrow of your bones, rips your heart out and washes it gently in the lazy waters of the Delta then puts it back in your chest, only to leave you wanting more. Imagine a transcendent voice, both gravely and smooth at the same time, weaving tales of three-legged dogs, Jack Dempsey and R ...

    6 readers - By Amy Corron Power/ Another Wine Blog

      Paumanok Vineyards 2012 Cabernet Franc

      New York Cork Report - - 5 readers - Paumanok Vineyards 2012 Cabernet Franc ($24) has a ripe, but varietally correct nose of blackberry and plum fruit with notes of dried autumn leaves, dried herbs and woodsy spice. With a bit of time in the glass, the faintest scent of grilled asparagus emerges as a tertiary aroma. Cottony tannins and crunchy, fresh black cherry and blackberry flavors are accented nicely by mo ...

      Burger Joints of Hayward #3: Red Rocket Char Grill

      Rebecca Gomez Farrell - - 5 readers - The newest burger joint in Hayward is Red Rocket Char Grill, right in the heart of the downtown strip (1057 B Street). This qualifies as the second echelon of burger joints, the ones classed up enough that you don’t worry about whether your chair will collapse beneath you or if you’ll pick up splinters from the table.

      Wine for the Weekend: Stottle Winery 2011 Syrah Horse Heaven Hills @StottleWinery

      Wild 4 Washington Wine - - 5 readers - Take time to enjoy family and friends with Stottle Wines. The dreary, cool weather and that on and off drizzle has me bundled up today. Jacket and sweater are no longer optional. I'm cold, hungry and craving comfort. Good food, good friends and a good bottle of wine are on my list for tonight. My wine selection for this weekend is the Stottle 2011 Syrah Horse Heaven Hills.

      Boneshaker Zin: Trick and Treat!

      jvb uncorked - - 4 readers - Boneshaker Zinfandel 2012; Hahn Family Winery, Lodi California. Retail $19.99; street price approx $16/bottle. 15% ABV. The first days of fall. It’s the time of year when I finally start drinking red wines again after finishing out the ‘indian’ summer stock I have left. Early fall requires you to transition back to cooler weather and look for solutions (activities, clothing, ...

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      Mac & Cheese Night #5: American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

      … Fifth macaroni and cheese night already? And I’m not even sick of the stuff yet. I must say, though, that all this mac and cheese analysis has affected my standards. Let’s just say that a recent order from a fast food chain was NOT up to snuff. Bright orange sauce lacking flavor and overcooked noodles doesn’t do it for me as easily as it used…

      By Rebecca Gomez Farrell/ Rebecca Gomez Farrell

      Maryhill Proprietor’s Reserve 2011 Tavola Rosso

      … A blend of Merlot, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, this is indeed a sturdy red table wine. The tannins are dense and chewy, the fruit submerged beneath barrel flavors of toast, caramel and nougat. I would be remiss to not make sure any visitors to Maryhill also knew about Sam Hill’s Stonehenge, a roadside attraction around a mile east…

      By Rebecca Gomez Farrell/ Rebecca Gomez Farrell

      McCall Wines 2010 “Ben’s Blend”

      … McCall Wines has earned a reputation as the producer of Long Island’s finest pinot noir, but its merlot and merlot-based blend McCall Wines 2010 “Ben’s Blend” ($48) are just as deserving of attention. This blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and petit verdo tintially stands out for its restrained ripeness, with aromas…

      By Lenn Thompson/ New York Cork Report

      What Wines Did King David Drink?

      … team are utilizing modern technology (including DNA sequencing) to determine if there are any of these ancient grapes still growing in the region. They have previously identified nearly 100 unique types of indigenous grapes growing wild in Israel, with at least 10 of these considered appropriate for winemaking. If the testing correlates a wild…

      By Grapelines

      American Oak

      … salivating, though those chips also appear rather, um, crispy. That’s what we’ll call it. It comes with blue corn tortilla chips, braised chicken, tomatillo sauce, a fried egg, and plenty of avocado. She called it delicious, though it was in need of more spicy heat. Friend #2 had the biscuits and gravy with chorizo and fried eggs. The runny eggs…

      1 readers - By Rebecca Gomez Farrell/ Rebecca Gomez Farrell

      Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Blast American Imperial/Double IPA

      … I first tried “Brooklyn Blast” ale at the Brooklyn Brewery tasting room in Williamsburg some years ago. I immediately fell in love. At the time, the beer was only available on draft and was not something often found outside of Brooklyn. It stuck in my mind as one of those powerful beers that just feels good to drink. It also happened…

      2 readers - By Lenn Thompson/ New York Cork Report

      Jim Olsen Fair Angel 2012

      … Jim Olsen Fair Angel 2012 California As I wrote last month, I’m advertising NakedWines.Com on my website and testing out how good of a value that $100 off an order is as well as their Angels program. Frankly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable advertising them without trying out the service for myself! So I’m also reviewing their wines as I drink them…

      2 readers - By Rebecca Gomez Farrell/ Rebecca Gomez Farrell

      The Wine Illuminati – Episode #312

      … Author: Mark Fusco (1337 Wine)+ • 10/21/2014 San Antonio, TX In this episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark reviews the 2005 Illuminati Riparosso Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from Italy. Link for this episode: Illuminati Wines Like this: Like Loading... Tags: 1337, Abruzzo, d'Abruzzo, featured, Illuminati, italy, leet, Montepulciano, review, video wine review, wine …

      3 readers - By Mark Fusco/ Video Wine Reviews and Education - 1337 Wine

      A Little Bit Of The Bubbly

      … wife Liora and their son Yahav together established Welner Wines to focus on high-quality, value-priced kosher wines from around the world including Chile, Israel, Spain, Italy, France, South Africa, Argentina and Australia. The Deccolio Prosecco ($ 11), found at Whole Foods Markets, has floral, green apple and tangerine aromas that develop…

      3 readers - By Grapelines


      … Sapporo is the sushi restaurant’s answer to the overly familiar neighborhood pub. If you need to be greeted warmly by a hostess and have your every need catered to in a reasonable time frame, I’m not sure it’s the place for you. There’s nothing wrong with those expectations, but Sapporo won’t meet them. Instead, the tiny staff—consisting of one…

      4 readers - By Rebecca Gomez Farrell/ Rebecca Gomez Farrell

      Castillo de Molina

      … 15 Oct San Pedro Reserva Castillo de Molina Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Central Valley, Chile. $11 at Mayfair Wine & Liquor. %14 ABV. Color in the glass is deep garnet with rose edging. The nose shows cassis, young black plum, forest floor, young oak and a hint of menthol. In the mouth, a mix of fully ripe black cherry, blackberry and black…

      1 readers - By jvb uncorked

      Bloomer Creek Vineyard 2011 Vin d’ete Cabernet Franc

      … and raspberry to envelope the well-integrated herbal notes and earthy edge. As the wine sits open for a day, notes of black pepper and black tea join the savory team. You won’t find a lot of tannic structure here, but there is more than enough crunchy acidity to frame the flavors. ABV: 11.2% Production: 350 cases Price: $18 (3.5 out of 5 | Very Good, Recommended to Outstanding and Delicious, Highly Recommended) …

      9 readers - By Lenn Thompson/ New York Cork Report

      Hosmer Winery 2012 Single Wheel Riesling

      … You wouldn’t know it to look at the front label, but this wine is produced by winemaker Aaron Roisen at Hosmer Winery. It’s an interesting branding decision, which is another discussion for another day, but this is really just how Hosmer has decided to do a single-vineyard riesling — which are all the rage in the Finger Lakes these days…

      2 readers - By Lenn Thompson/ New York Cork Report
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