Rhone Rangers

The Rhone Rangers are a group of American winemakers who promote the use of grape varieties from the Rhône Valley in the south of France. They are mostly based on the West Coast, particularly California, and are now organized into a not-for-profit organization for the promotion of wines containing at least 75% of the 22 Rhône grape varieties. Their name is a pun on The Lone Ranger. Originally formed in the 1980s, with no formal structure or organization, the group disbanded in the early 1990s. It was revived again in the late 1990s and is considered a catalyst in making Syrah more prevalent on the Californian wine landscape.
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    • Checking Out a Wine Panel

      Before the panel began Eight winemakers from around California and even Arizona are on a panel, the topic: “The State of the Rhone Nation.” The result? An extended and wide-ranging conversation covering growing syrah in Arizona to earthquake damage in Napa to the miseries of being an “Other White” on a restaurant wine list.

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    • Wine Reviews: California Rhones

      I never get tired of California interpretation of Rhone wines. Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and blends with other grapes, these wines have always intrigued me. And when it comes to California Rhone wines, the diversity of styles and blends has never been better. This report features a few deep and complex Syrahs as well as a handful of ever-quirky wines from Randall Graham.

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  • A (make it) long weekend in Paso Robles

    … Paso Robles is one crackin place for an extended wine weekend. Oh my where to start. There are so many great wineries and restaurants in Paso Robles it could take decades of wine Adventure weekends to visit most. We have been lucky enough to be able to get a taste of many through events like the Paso Robles Wine Festival, The Paso Robles Rhone…

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  • Game of Rhône’s

    … and parts of Santa Barbara and many other areas. Some of the excellent wines I sampled included Kale Wines from Napa with their 2013 Grenache Rose’ ($22) and 2010 Alder Springs Syrah ($45); to Kita Wines from Santa Barbara and their 2011 Syrah ($32), and an exciting new player, Guyomar WineCellars out of the Paso Robles region. Most of life is pretty…

  • Bill Frick: The One Man Band [Part Two]

    … it to sell Syrah to the unsuspecting masses, who for some reason don't like the name of the grape, but once it's in their mouths, they want more of it. Now that said, this wine is very good, well balanced and brimming with ripe fruit, blackberries, dark cherries, tobacco, vanilla, cracked black pepper, licorice and fun floral aromas. Nicely textured…

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  • Bill Frick: The One Man Band

    … to tell you, that is some ass-kicking work to do on all your own, don't try this at home. I was saddened to hear, that he had lost his partner Judith Gannon, who with Bill and the sale of a premium 57 Chevy embarked on this amazing journey, on a very nice slice of Sonoma County back in 1976. Now he didn't tell me this, but from my perspective, she…

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  • Q&A – Chris Cameron of Broken Earth Winery, Part 2

    … would you be doing? Chris: In all my years making wine, surprisingly, you are only the second person to ask me that question. I will give you the same answer…..I have never really thought about it. Matt: Favorite local wine event? Chris: Rhone Rangers Signature Event Matt: Favorite non-local wine event? Chris: Vinitaly in Verona Matt: How would…

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  • Kaena & Beckmen: One winemaker, two stories

    … After #GoingRogue with Tercero, it was time to meander down the road a bit to Beckmen Vineyards, were the #QBP had a barrel tasting arranged with Keana and Beckman winemaker, Mikel Sigouin. I first met Mikel last year at Rhone Rangers in San Francisco, and when I mentioned that some wine bloggers were going to be in his neighborhood, he eagerly…

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  • #WBC14 Paso Robles Excursion: Tablas Creek Vineyard

    … One of my favorite experiences of participating in the Wine Bloggers Conference Paso Robles Pre-Excursion was our visit to Rhone Ranger favorite, Tablas Creek Vineyard. Although Gary Eberle of Eberle Winery was the first to plant Rhone varieties in Paso, Tablas Creek was the first to make their Rhone styled wine commercially viable in the Paso…

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