• BrixChick Liza's Gift Guide: Artful Napa: Visit Hall Wines

    … on the bar wall were pulled from a summary color gamut of colors found in the estate vista. But if you are looking for the perfect gift., the Rutherford location just released an amazing opportunity that will put Santa to shame. HALL Rutherford’s Appellation Exploration is an exclusive tasting experience that includes a tour of the modern wine…

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  • Quinticentually Quintessa

    … glass gazebos offer the ability to have a fully indoor / outdoor experience, while overlooking the vineyard property below. Up on the ridgeline, you leave the winery and the hustle bustle of the busy Napa Valley behind. You are truly alone, and have the time to relax, and enjoy the details of the geology of the soils, a full tasting, and a great…

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  • The Rutherford AVA.

    … skip to main | skip to sidebar Right above the Oakville AVA (the AVA in which I work), is the Rutherford AVA. Named after Thomas Rutherford who, upon marrying George C. Yount's daughter, was given 1,000 acres of land from his new father-in-law as a wedding present, Rutherford is/was the home of at least two of Napa's most historic…

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  • Whither Napa Valley Cabernet? Part I: Six Reviews

    When the first European settlers entered what became California’s Napa Valley in the early 1830s, they found six small tribes of Native American Indians who spoke different dialects and were often at war. A smallpox epidemic in 1838 put an end to that situation. George Yount, perhaps the first Anglo settler in the area, built a log house on the Mexican land grant in received ...

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  • Caymus, Zinfandel, Napa Valley, California, 2011, 15.2% abv, C$46.00

    … Owned for 40 years in Rutherford, California by the Wagner family, the Caymus wines are some of the most dependable and tasty produced in Napa Valley. Over the course of time, they’ve diversified with several product lines and quality levels. The Caymus wines comprise their top tier – followed by Mer Soleil, Connundrum, Belle Glos and Emmolo…

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  • A King of Cabs

    There are few grapes that are as well known in Napa Valley as Cabernet Sauvignon. Most every winery makes at least one, and every sub appellation vies for the best, the most unique, the most impactful, fruit to make this king of wines out of. Faust celebrates an ongoing, and renewed, passion for Agustin Huunees, that a great wine must be a reflection of a great vineyard.

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