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    Free wine writing, does this happen anymore? When wine blogging first got going, I got emails like this a lot, as a sign of the times… Bloggers wanting their names to become associated with wine sites, and they were willing to give away their content to build their credibility.

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    Rodney Strong – Ever the Digital Leader in the Wine Industry

    On Saturday night I attended what can only be described as a winery pushing the boundaries of digital. A bit of context, we have long admired Rodney Strong’s leadership in the digital space. One of the few wineries to adopt technology all the way back to 2002.

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      Daily Wine News: Terroir and Drinkability

      Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog - - 6 readers - Sep 11 Posted by David White | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 09-11-2014 On Reuters, Oliver Holmes profiles Domaine de Bargylus, a Syrian winery that’s still producing wine despite the civil war. Bling. “The younger wine drinkers are paying more attention to the broader landscape of wine and are more interested in terroir and drinkability and food friendliness and the story behind it.

      Keep on running

      jamie goode's wine blog - - 5 readers - I wrote last year about how I’d begun running. The good news is that I have managed to keep it up. And I’m just about to get on a plane to run the Marathon du Médoc for the second year. I’m so pleased that I have managed to carry on, because what it shows me is that change is possible. We love the idea of change, but in reality it is very hard to achieve.

      Content Marketing Interview with Carrie Majewski of Content Boost - - 5 readers - Carrie Majewski Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with Carrie Majewski, Director of Content Marketing for Content Boost. In the Q&A below, we discuss what clients are looking for from content marketing and Carrie’s thoughts on how content marketing is evolving. Carrie also attended the recent Content Marketing World conference and shares some of her takeaways from the event.

      DTC, snobs and marketing segmentation: A personal view

      STEVE HEIMOFF - - 5 readers - “Wines delivered to your door” has been the business theme of direct-to-consumer entrepreneurs since as long as I can remember. I used to be a member of one of these subscription services, back in the early 1980s. I can’t remember the name (I’m sure someone out there will remind me), but they sold German wines that “arrived at your door” on a monthly basis.

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      Conspiracies, suspicions unnerve in superb ‘Ideation’ (Review)

      …. If this is the direction of theater for the social media saturated and attention challenged masses then I’m inclined to like it. A lot. Dare to live a little. Follow Stark Insider on Twitter and Facebook. Join our 8,300 subscribers who read SI on tablets and smartphones on the Google Newsstand. Prefer video? Subscribe to Stark Insider TV on YouTube, the largest arts & entertainment and food/wine channel in San Francisco. Photo Credit: Jessica Palopoli…

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      Blind Tasting Bordeaux at Bouley!

      … including Matthieu’s wines. In the blind tasting, his wines actually came out above the Margaux, which ranges around $600.00/ bottle. Thanks to Palm Bay International, I got to taste these amazing wines because I may have never gotten to try these wines on my own. Domaines Rollan de By is quality and terroir driven Bordeaux that is certainly a little…

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      Rodney Strong Celebrates 25 Years In Style

      … in 2003 According to Vintank, the undisputed leader in providing social intelligence for wineries, the results were impressive: #RSV25 Trended #1 on Twitter, ahead of an HBO show. When the event began, there was a social post every 12 seconds. Near the end of the evening, social posts were coming in every 6.7 seconds 3,104 posts tagged with #RSV25…

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      Cult BBQ with J.C. Reid, leading ‘cue commentator & connoisseur

      … smokiness (a key factor in the best BBQ in my experience). Chris has written about BBQ for a number of top mastheads (including the New York Times). We became friends a few years after I moved to Austin in 2008 via social media thanks to our shared love of central Italian cookery (we’re planning a carbonara-fueled trip together to Rome in spring 2015…

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      Beer Lover’s Oktoberfest Giveaway!

      …) in a small saucepan or in the microwave oven until fairly hot. Spoon the sauerkraut onto the inside surface of the mushrooms. Tuck one mushroom into each of four toasted buns, and serve at once. Sommelier, Chef, and Pairing Personality, specializing in wine and spirits education, recipe development, and social media. "Make your brand stand out, one pairing at a time"!…

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      A Conversation with Steve Beckmen of Beckmen Vineyards

      … swing through the lineup. The wines, though, especially the Syrahs, were spectacular. We brought several home, and have purchased more since. Beckmen and the other Syrah producers of the Ballard Canyon AVA presented their story to attendees at the 2014 Wine Blogger's Conference in Santa Barbara County. Steve Beckmen was gracious enough to answer some…

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      Rodney Strong Vineyards Silver Anniversary!

      … that this was their favorite pairing. Dessert: the grand finale. The 2008 Rodney Strong “A True Gentleman’s Port” hit the table. Paired: a White Wine and Licorice Poached Pear, layered with Grilling Cheese, Candied Pancetta, and Citrus Falksalt. This dessert was creamy, sweet, and salty, which was perfect with this True Gentleman’s Port. Thank you…

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      Finger Lakes 20013 Riesling Launch–Live! On Twitter and Facebook

      …I hope it’s been a pleasant Saturday for you so far, readers. This is just a quick note to let you know that I’ll be participating in the Finger Lakes Wine Alliance’s launch of their 2013 Reislings in a short 3 hours from now, from 7 to 9 PM EST, which is 4 to 6 PM PST for those of you West Coasters who can’t do the math. I’ll be tasting along…

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      Rodney Strong – Ever the Digital Leader in the Wine Industry

      … Hootsuite – Private feed coming in from live reporters in each location + engagement; listening rooms to engage with the bloggers, chefs, venues and hosts Hyperlapse – fun short videos Repost – for Instagram Lomotif – for cobbling together stills to post on Facebook Now for the results: #RSV25 Trended #1 on Twitter, ahead of an HBO show…

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      Content Marketing Interview with Carrie Majewski of Content Boost

      … papers or blogs. And they are starting to look for help, whether internally or externally. Moreover, technology has helped us embrace this new landscape quickly. Innovations such as marketing automation, sales automation and CRM have accelerated the content marketing movement. As companies continue to invest in such platforms, the need to feed…

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      ‘Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book’ expands coverage of Northwest wine

      … varieties, which he refers to the “Age of the ampelographer.” “We, the drinkers, gain an infinitely wider choice,” Johnson wrote. “We lose, on the other hand, the assurance of habit and familiarity. The familiar and the new are constantly in conflict.” Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book helps the reader to confirm the familiar from their favorite…

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      A Beaujolais Village to trump Metras

      … is perceived or Clos Rougeard. I do not like fetishizing producers at all because is a disservice to the great producer making great wine who does not have the same cache as say the producer who knows how to market better and the wines get in the right people's hands. Social media in wine took a while to catch one and now…

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      Context is the key to . . . everything

      … media is a new level of customer understanding, but it requires just a small effort on your part to care enough to dig just a bit deeper. More resources: For more reading, we highly recommend The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk. Listen to this great NPR interview from Gary about the book. Please enjoy the transcript of my speech for the Wine Communicators of Australia about Digital Darwinism in the Wine Industry.…

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      Sapporo Beer & Stinky Cheeses!

      … for the Video on YouTube when the new channel re-launches this month! Please Pair Responsibly… Sommelier, Chef, and Pairing Personality, specializing in wine and spirits education, recipe development, and social media. "Make your brand stand out, one pairing at a time"!…

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      DTC, snobs and marketing segmentation: A personal view

      … or Twitter account, they “recommend” appropriate wines. For me, they suggested three brands I’ve never heard of: a Wonderful Wine Co. red blend from Paso Robles, a Black Market Cabernet-Petit Verdot blend from Livermore, and Casa de Lila Airén, a white wine from Spain. Beyond these three wines, there are others on the website I could buy. They all have…

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