• Retour sur 2014, regard sur 2015 + bloopers!

      Comme je ne fais jamais les choses comme les autres je publie, à la mi-janvier, ma rétrospective 2014 et mon plan pour 2015. C’est que la fin décembre n’a pas été de tout repos et ensuite, j’avais envie de vacances. 2014…wow! Je pense que ce mot de trois lettres décrit bien mon année. Je ne sais pas par quoi commencer tant 2014 m’a choyée dans mon aventure dans le vin.

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    • Pairing Wine with Crock-Pot Favorites

      Whether you call it the Crock-Pot or the slow cooker, this magical appliance is a favorite among busy families throughout the country. It’s as easy as setting it and forgetting it. By the time you get home from a long day of work the house smells like heaven and your delicious dish is ready to go.

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  • Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #14 (#MWWC14)

    … of the challenge). The post should be more or less around 1000 words (I routinely violate this rule, so it is just there as a “guide”). Include the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge badge (above) that was designed by the very first winner, The Armchair Sommelier. Remember to vote! Once you post on your blog, please do at least two of the following…

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  • pippa is totally trying to be a grapefriend

    … program for sommeliers, as seen in the doc Somm. No details on what level Pippa passed, but I took a version of the Intermediate level at American Sommelier Association and it’s no joke. You need to know about the grapes, soil, and climate of every major wine region in the world, winemaking processes, winemaking history, and also be able to identify…

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  • Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #13 (#MWWC13)

    … it is just there as a “guide”). Include the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge badge (above) that was designed by the very first winner, The Armchair Sommelier. Remember to vote! I will try and secure another outside judge for this month’s Challenge. If I succeed, the judge will choose the winner from the top three vote-getters. If I fail, the winner…

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  • New Issue of The SOMM Journal Features Zinfandel from Croatia

    … The Sommelier Journal, recently re-launched and re-branded as The SOMM Journal, just published its October/November 2014 issue (Vol. 1/ No. 3), which includes an article entitled “Zinfandel – A Sort of Homecoming”, written by Wines of Croatia founder, Certified Sommelier, and regular contributor to this blog, Cliff Rames. The article’s teaser…

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  • La maladie du sportif du vin

    … causé par un trop fort taux d’acidité because, well, le vin, ça acidifie. Abandonner cette passion n’étant pas une solution envisageable, je me tourne vers le naturopathe et ses geekeries d’herbes. Sommeliers-ères, chroniqueurs-euses ou simplement amateurs-trices, ce billet recèle des miracles végétaux pouvant rétablir votre équilibre acido-basique…

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  • Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #12 (#MWWC12): Reminder

    … A few of weeks ago, Armchair Sommelier won Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #11 (#MWWC11) and just like all winners of the Challenge, her “reward” was to choose the theme for the following Challenge (in this case #MWWC12). A few of us started the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge last summer with the desire to promote more creative wine writing…

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  • Sommelier’s Top Wine Recommendations from TEXSOM

    … A breakdown of sparkling, white and red wine from the 10th annual Texas Sommelier Conference. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when walking through the vast canyons of wines at the store. Faced with that immense selection, it’s tempting just to pick the same wine we know. On the flip side, the thousands of different wines present a fantastic…

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  • What’s New is What You Can’t See!

    … wine rating systems award 50 points just for being wine. So if the wine really stinks, it still gets 50 points! The system that I’m using – based on one that’s been used in the technology world for ages – allows me to rate every aspect of the wine loosely based on the famous Grid that’s the creation of the Court of Master Sommeliers/Guild…

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  • 10th Annual TEXSOM Highlights

    … Its like Christmas in August, or, summer camp for wine pros. The tenth anniversary of the Texas Sommelier Conference, AKA TEXSOM, held at the Four Seasons Hotel Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas drew 900 sommeliers and wine enthusiasts to participate in educational seminars, wine tastings and tons of fun networking. This year 39 Master…

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  • The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge; My Best Friend Wine.

    … quickly blossomed into a full-blown love affair. Eventually I bought a fine wine store and went to school to become a certified sommelier. I aced the class on “Terroir; Between Medoc and a Hard Place” but I struggled with “Condescending Comments 101” and “How to Demean, Disparage and Patronize 102”. I’m certainly attracted to wine because of the way…

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