• The Wines of Artemayor

      The Wines of Artemayor Surrounded as we were by old railway carriages, great hulking bruts of steam engines and a more delicate vernacular train, just about made this wine tasting location perhaps the most unique ever. Here we were at day 4 of an in-depth investigation into the 50 Great Cavas of 2014 in a railway museum, just outside Barcelona tasting wines. Great fun.

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    • Heads Up: Billecart-Salmon Tasting at The Urban Grape

      The Urban Grape is having a free Billecart-Salmon tasting at their locations in the South End (Wednesday November 19th) and Chestnut Hill (Thursday November 20th). I went to a tasting they offered in Chestnut Hill over the weekend and was reminded why they're one of my favorite retailers. I discovered some really delicious wines from Slovenia. We got to try Vallin wines for the first time.

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  • Podere Giardino ‘Suoli Cataldi’ Reggiano Lambrusco Rosso 2013

    … Estate: Since the end of the 19th century, the Crotti family have been farming Podere Giardino, located in a “small hamlet alongside the historic Via Emilia in the direction of Modena”. At that time the estate was headed by Donnino Crotti and was primarily for raising cows in order to produce the famed Parmigiano Reggiano cheese of the region…

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  • Some New Italian Wine Finds for Vancouver?

    … Some New Italian Wine Finds for Vancouver? Italian wines put a smile on my face and many other wine lovers I know. Grapes that are native to Italy, and not as wide-spread around the world like Barbera, Nebbiolo, Rondinella and Corvina produce wines that are very interesting and flavourful. But Italy still has to work hard to get the general…

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  • My New American GF

    … MEET MICHELLE, MY NEW AMERICAN GIRLFRIEND A softish, fruity, sparkling that’s a must-try for fans of Prosecco. Really easy drinking/crowd-pleasing for parties and family gatherings. And better value than some Prosecco that have started to over-charge. DOM STE. MICHELLE ‘Michelle’ Brut Sparkling, Washington State 363341 $16.95 …

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  • 50 Great Cavas 2014

    … In the face of Proseccos never-ending popularity Cava, once the champion of sparkling wines, seems to have slipped off most peoples radar. Like any region and wine style there are the low quality bottles in addition to some outstanding producers battling the elements and striving for quality, consistency and excellence. Witness the (free…

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  • Finger Lakes 20013 Riesling Launch–Live! On Twitter and Facebook

    … average (Schloss Biebrech Sekt, Buitenverwachting Rhine) have been largely sparkling. And the last riesling I rated that well was four years ago (Lindeman’s Bin 75)! But I’m always ready to be surprised, and that half the wines we’re tasting are specifically cast as dry gives me hope. See you on the interwebs soon, fellow riesling explorers! I’ll be sipping from my beautiful balcony facing the Bay. Okay, I can only see an inch of the Bay, but it’s all part of setting the mood, right? by…

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  • Chandon Brut Rosé

    … Indian sparkling wine courtesy of Moët Hennessy. I’ve had a dreadful run of Indian red wines, with many exhibiting wild technical faults that render them basically undrinkable. Whites and rosés, however, have fared better. When I saw this on a restaurant wine list, I didn’t hesitate to give it a go, assuming (correctly) that it would, at least…

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  • Cowabunga!! Labor Day, Monster Surf, Fine Wines

    … Brut “La Dilettante” $20 (K&L says they have it): Sparkling Chenin Blanc from the Loire. Yeasty, sophisticated, grapefruit rind, acidic. Loved it. Big hit with those holding glasses. Made by natural wine organic gorgeous (in photo) winemaker Catherine Breton. Committed to the natural movement! At $19.99 a U20 buy. 12% catch the twichen groove doods… COWABUNGA!! …

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  • La Grasparossa

    … tart raspberry, blackberry, and black plum notes on the mid palate with a nice, tart finish. A very dry sparkling wine, this is easy to drink on a hot summer night, whether or not Meat Loaf is on the radio. Okay, all 70’s references aside, La Grasparossa paired nicely for those who wanted chicken, beef, and even the vegan options. Most importantly…

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  • Sparkling wines from East Sussex & Champagne

    … Whoops, forgot to post a video yesterday. Here are two to make up for that. These are similarly priced sparkling wines, but one seems decidedly happier than the other… Henners Brut Reserve 2009, East Sussex, England (£27 D.Byrne & Co, Cellar 28, Buon Vino, Vagabond) Interesting mixture – the wine is still quite young and tight…

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  • Have You Tried Vaporetto No. 8 Prosecco?

    … Prosecco is one of the sparkling wines coming out of Italy, and probably the most well-known. There are different levels of quality, with of course different price points. I have been told that some retail shops and hair salons in Italy that each customer is handed a glass of prosecco to sip while they shop or get quaffed. Prosecco may be a less…

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  • The Sparkling Master

    … Claude Thibaut has earned a reputation for producing excellent sparkling wine. Claude is originally from France, and graduated from the University of Reims located in the Champagne region. He came to Virginia in 2003 to make the sparkling wines for Kluge winery; however, before then he had already sharpened his winemaking skills in California…

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