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    Hattenheim, Germany, Goes Stellenbosch, South Africa: Howzit Shiraz, Germany and South Africa

    Pictures: Paul Barth, Mark P. Barth and Alexander Jung with 2011 Howzit Shiraz at The Ivory Club in Frankfurt am Main, Germany Howzit is slang in South Africa (and Hawaii) for: hello - what's up? It is a contraction of "how is it”. Howzit is also the name of a new wine – a Shiraz – made by 4 men from South Africa and Germany in Stellenbosch in South Africa.

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    New Vintage Tasting at Schlossgut Diel, with Armin and Caroline Diel, Germany, 2014

    Picture: Caroline and Armin Diel Presenting their New Wines Caroline and Armin Diel presented their new wines, followed by a fine luncheon, at Schlossgut Diel to 50 or so wine journalists, sommeliers and trade people. A reception in the garden of the estate preceded the tasting. Following the tasting and before the luncheon, Armin Diel showed us the Schlossgut Diel estate.

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      France sparkling wine map

      Wine -- Mise en abyme - - 5 readers - Sparkling wine production in France can be placed into four broad categories: Champagne -- King of the hill. Reserved for sparkling wines produced within the delimited area of the Champagne wine region. Crémant -- sparkling wine made using the méthode traditionelle. Wines in this category include Crémant de Loire, Crémant d'Alsace, Crémant de Bourgogne, Crémant de Bordeaux, ...

      Halloween for Wine and Candy Lovers

      Wine Trail Traveler - - 5 readers - Have you considered pairing candy with wine? Usually this topic comes up when talking about chocolate pairings. Numerous wineries offer chocolate and wine pairings. What about all the different types of Halloween candy, whether you are thinking about Skittles, licorice or candy corn? Is it possible to pair wines with seasonal Halloween candies? Yesterday, Kevin sent me a lin ...

      7 Basics to Serving Wine and Glassware

      Wine Folly - - 5 readers - The basics on serving wine including tips from picking the right wine glasses to pouring wine without spilling. Some of these tips will even improve the flavor of wine. Wine Basics: Serving & Glassware Wine is a peculiar beverage because even serving it in different glasses can change the way it tastes.

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      A Visit to Champagne Roger Coulon

      … and modernized. Staying at their B&B is a great idea, a wonderful spot to get away from the drum-beat of everyday living and soak in the Champagne lifestyle. Great sparkling wines come from all over the world, but only #Champagne comes from Champagne, France Our group [wine writers] was introduced to both Eric and Isabelle Coulon upon our arrival…

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      Champagne Day Experiment and Food Pairing

      … Today is #ChampagneDay, a day dedicated to the producers and champagne from the Champagne wine region of France. We decided to celebrate the day with a Champagne Jean-Claude Mouzon Brut. Earlier I wrote a blog about different wine glasses for sparkling wines. What is better, a flute, white wine glass or a coupe. As I poured the champagne I…

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      Top Bargain Wines 2014 and Safeway Wine Sale

      … at the winery for $34. That’s half off at the Safeway! The Gruet sparkling wines are terrific, especially the Blanc De Noirs. You will find them in S.F. Bay Area selling on average for $16. The Charles & Charles Rosé is on the Wine Enthusiast Top Bargain Wines of 2014 and a steal at $7.55. I also like the Carol Shelton Rosé, selling for $9.44. I…

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      Halloween for Wine and Candy Lovers

      … candies – candy corn. For candy corn wine matching the chart suggests: 1. A sweet wine like Gewürztraminer, Müller-Thugrau, Malvasia, Moscato, Riesling 2. Rich white wines like Chardonnay, Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier 3. Sparkling wines including Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or a Sparkling Rosé What would you pair with your favorite Halloween candy…

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      Wine Tasting Terms And How to Use Them

      … Skin, Gooseberry, Jalapeño, Grapefruit, Green Papaya, Thyme, Chervil, Grass, Flint, Chalk, Petrichor, Minerally The Sweetness Level Wines get their sweetness from residual sugar (RS), which is leftover glucose from grape juice that wasn’t completely fermented into alcohol. However, our sense of taste picks up sweetness in varying levels. To keep…

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      Matching Cheese and Wine

      … of Blue Stilton. Cabrales – a dry or sweet Sherry for this Spanish blue cheese or a sweet wine. Caerphilly – Could I suggest a crisp dry English wine with this hard cheese. Or try an Albarinho (Portuguese white), a Spanish Red, a Zinfandel or Sauvignon Blanc. Cambembert – at its best when the centre is still hard while the outer is creamy…

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      Budget Friendly Wines for Budget Friendly #SundaySupper

      … of California’s hottest young winemakers – Morgan Twain-Peterson that’s a blend of Zinfandel, Grenache, Alicante, Petite Sirah and Sangiovese that was aged in 50% new French oak. It has a fruity, but not jammy brambly, ripe cherry, cassis, dark chocolate character. Austin-Style Black Beans from The Texan New Yorker Five Bean Chili from The Foodie Army…

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      Review: CapaBubbles Sparkling Wine Cap

      … Review: CapaBubbles Sparkling Wine Cap CapaBunga makes a pretty cool rubberized still wine stopper. It would therefore make sense that the company would want to do the same thing for sparkling wines, which are frequently resealed after opening and saved for another day. The problem of course is that you can’t just jam a cork into the neck…

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      Wine Tasting Club Checklist

      … wines, then move on to whites, rosés, reds and finally sweet and fortified wines. Taste younger, simpler wines before older and more complex ones—but if the mature wines are fragile (likely to oxidize quickly once opened), reverse the order. The idea is to progress from light-bodied to medium- and full-bodied wines. If you’re combining the tasting…

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      Review: NV Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne

      … Review: NV Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut is a rare Champagne made with absolutely no dosage — the addition of refined sugar to the finished wine as a sweetener. Even the driest of sparkling wines tends to have some sugar in it — even if it’s a tiny amount. In L-P’s Ultra Brut, the sweetness is all in your mind…

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      EastDell Estates 2013 Black Cab, VQA Ontario

      …We became acquainted EastDell Black Cab during a trip to their winery in Ontario a couple years ago. We sampled the wine and couldn’t believe the low price of this unique and flavorful wine. On a recent visit to Pelee Point Provincial Park in Ontario recently, Black Cab again caught my eye in an LCBO store. I snagged a bottle to see what the new…

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      LCBO Vintages release – October 11, 2014 (WVN 202)

      … become a reference standard for traditional method sparkling wines made in Canada. It has complex lemon, green apple and peach fruit and a fresh brioche character on the nose and palate. The acid is taut and zesty, the body is medium in weight and the finish is long and clean. Overall this is a balanced wine with fine structure and a refined…

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      Made in BC — Really!

      …, and it is a very tricky bit of business to get the perfect wine blend with so many, but true to its name, “Harmony White” the wine exhibits grapefruit, pear, apricot and spicy notes, is very smooth and easy drinking at 12% abv. The wine is on the other side of dry and can be had on its own or with a mixed green and fruit salad. Meyers Family Vineyards…

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      Bolla Prosecco Adds Fun To Friends’ Mountain Getaway

      … that the grapes were grown by Romans 2,000 years ago, but there is no proof of that. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. The secondary fermentation that produces the bubbles takes place in sealed tanks. This cuvee close method produces sparkling wines quicker than the traditional Methode Champenoise where the secondary fermentation…

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