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Sparkling wine is a wine with significant levels of carbon dioxide in it making it fizzy. The carbon dioxide may result from natural fermentation, either in a bottle, as with the méthode champenoise, in a large tank designed to withstand the pressures involved (as in the Charmat process), or as a result of carbon dioxide injection.Sparkling wine is usually white or rosé but there are many examples of red sparkling wines such as Italian Brachetto and Australian sparkling Shiraz. The sweetness of sparkling wine can range from very dry "brut" styles to sweeter "doux" varieties.
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    • Drink like a True Roman: The Wine of Lazio

      Cesanese could have been the local wine of ancient Rome. In order to explore some of the traditional wines of Italy, we paired up with a Chef who knows the ins and outs of Italian cuisine. In this post, we’ll explore a rare Roman wine called Cesanese (“chae-sah-NAE-say”) and a dish inspired by Rome’s love of Cucina Povera or, ‘Poor Kitchen’. Tasting Cesanese del Piglio wine.

      Madeline Puckette/ Wine Folly- 5 readers -
    • 2014: Top Ten Wines Over $15

      What were some of my favorite wines of the past year? Welcome to my second Top Ten Wine List. Yesterday, I posted my Top Ten Wines Under $15, which I hope you enjoyed and found useful. Now it is time for my Top Ten Wines Over $15, though these wines also cost less than $50. In actuality, I have listed twelve wines, pairing three similar ones together from the same importer.

      Richard Auffrey/ The Passionate Foodiein Syrah- 5 readers -
    • Loire Valley Wine: Anjou Saumur Wines Sparkle (VIDEO)

      Loire Valley Wine Holds Court Less than two hours from Paris, France and about 200 miles long the Loire Valley is a massive winemaking region. The wines of France’s most diverse wine region are as different as they are delicious. In this video, our wine travels take us on an education adventure into the Loire Valley’s Anjou – Saumur regions.

      Monique Soltani/ Wine Oh TVin Riesling- 10 readers -
  • Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs Late Disgorged 2007

    … This is amazing. One of the best sparkling wines I’ve tried from the UK. It has been aged on its lees for 70 months. It shows what’s possible in England with a bit of extra time on lees, especially with Chardonnay. I understand the economics, but too many wines are being released before they’ve really had a chance to show what…

    jamie goode's wine blogin Chardonnay- 2 readers -
  • Trial of 'Champagne Jayne' halted for trademark talks

    …. Talks between the two parties will be overseen by an independent adjudicator. The outcome could have repercussions for other critics using protected wine names in their titles. In court, Comite Champagne lawyers said Rachel Jayne Powell deceived clients and tarnished Champagne’s brand image by referring to other sparkling wines. At one stage…

    Decanter- 3 readers -
  • Sokol Blosser Sparkling Wines for the Holidays

    … for Christmas Day. Sokol Blosser makes holiday gift giving easy. Although the sparkling wines paired well with Christmas dinners, they would just as easily go with New Year’s Eve celebrations with an assortment of foods. Cheers, Terry & Kathy …

    Wine Trail Traveler- 1 readers -
  • Ordering Wine In Restaurants: A Survival Guide

    … by the glass, white wines, sparkling wines and red wines. More progressive wine lists organize wines by the grape variety used to make the wine, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Merlot, for example. More recently some restaurants and wine bars organize their wines by the taste of the wine: "crisp, dry whites," "fruit forward reds" or "full bodied." Zip…

    Toledo Wines and Vinesin Sauvignon Blanc- 7 readers -
  • Coravin – The only gift for wine geeks this holiday season

    …+ years in the industry, I’ve never wanted to recommend a wine gadget until now. It’s truly innovative, practical and interesting. Though better if you’re a geek with a nice cellar, it’s a fun tool for anyone with extra cash on hand. So this holiday season, skip the wine bottle thermometer. Skip the insulated carrying case. Skip the fancy hands…

    Ryan Opaz/ Catavino- 7 readers -
  • Domaine Meriwether Sparkling Wine and Make Ahead Spanakopita #winepw

    … and Chardonnay it is not a surprise that Oregon would make excellent sparkling wines. This specific wine may not be available in your area. Here are some of our other favorite bubbles and recommended sparklers. If sparkling cocktails are your thing then don't miss our recipes for cocktails that sparkle. For more information on sparking wine and champagne…

    Jade Helm/ Tasting Pour- 3 readers -
  • Winery of the Weeek: Ricci Curbastro from Lombardy

    … region of Italy which is sandwiched between the city of Brescia and Lake Garda. The area makes great sparkling wines using the traditional method where the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. This is different from the charmat method used to make Prosecco. My first Italian wine in a wine class in 1997 was in fact a Saten from…

    avvinare- 4 readers -
  • Sparkling Wines for The Holidays

    … rosé sibling above, but it’s indeed another fantastic example from Lucien Albrecht. Fresh, vibrant, and slightly tart with some green apple and lemon peel. Very fine bubbles last long on this clean, dry, and elegant wine, leaving you with a lingering savoriness. There’s nothing over the top on this balanced bubbly. This is a nice sipper to enjoy…

    Vindulge- 3 readers -
  • 2014: Favorite Wine-Related Items

    … their wines more and more on local shelves, and that is a very good thing. Sparkling, whites, reds and more. Lots of diversity, at all price points, and their signature grape, Tannat, is producing some amazing wines. Runner-Ups of Favorite Regional Wine Tasting: The Austrians Like Them Young and Wines of Portugal tastings were also very worthy events…

    Richard Auffrey/ The Passionate Foodie- 3 readers -
  • The Definitive Christmas Collection – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (killer copy)

    … as much for what it doesn’t have as for what it has in spades. This brilliantly fresh and vivacious Chenin is light and lemony and it electrifies the taste buds with its energy. It is not, like many hefty versions of this grape from the Cape, ponderous or chunky, thank goodness! This is my chosen all-purpose glugging white for pre-Christmas gatherings…

    Matthew Jukes- 2 readers -
  • United Wines of Veneto Master Class

    … I was doubly excited to attend the United Wines of Veneto Master Class last week. One, I love the wines from that area (a Soave Master Class some time ago was another recent highlight). Two, I'd never visited the venue, Eataly Chicago, where the seminar was being held. 8 consortiums, 8 wines, with 3 small bites to accompany - sounded pretty good…

    Kovas Palubinskas/ 50 States of Wine- 7 readers -
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