• Cape Town, South Africa — A Natural Beauty

      Cape Town, South Africa is stunningly beautiful. It sits perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in the southern portion of South Africa. The city and its suburbs are located at the northern end of a peninsula which terminates at Cape Point. Sweeping beaches stretch along the Atlantic and are interrupted by a rocky shoreline. The ocean is blue-green and wild along the Atlantic.

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    • Early Harvest For 2014

      By Steve Jacobson – As we head into the winter months, it’s hard to believe harvest has come and gone… And for 2014, it was an early harvest. What exactly does that mean? Traditionally, harvest for vineyards often come in September. The summer is behind, the fruit is hanging low, ready to be taken from the vines. But this summer was extraordinarily dry in California.

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    • Winemaker’s Madeleine

      Woke up to a crisp morning after rain yesterday. The smell of Autumn is in the air. Smells at the winery are reaching their seasonal end also. Thursday I pressed off my last wine lot of the 2014 vintage, the Cabernet I’m making with Marcel that we macerated for 37 days. Completing the work of harvest usually provokes me to reflection, if not melancholy.

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  • Victoria Falls: The Smoke That Thunders

    … Mosi-oa-Tunya is the traditional name for Victoria Falls, which straddles the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It translates to “the smoke that thunders.” The tremendous volume of water plunging over the falls produces not only a loud roar (the thunder) but a large cloud of spray which from a distance looks like billowing smoke. We spotted…

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  • Clos Montmartre – A Vineyard In Paris

    Every time I go back to France to visit my family, I always spend a few days in the “city of light”. But Paris is so much more than just its colloquial reference. It’s the music in the streets, the monuments, the museums, the cabarets, the farmers markets that go for miles, the people and of course my favorite, the quintessential Parisian “bistro”.

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