Three from Viluko Vineyards

    …, and there is a strong sense of stewardship of the land with the incorporation of diverse practices of sustainability throughout. (Click image to enlarge.) All this looks great on paper, but how are the wines? As has been the case so often lately, we took possession of the samples sent to us and then gave them plenty of time to recover from their cross…

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    Boring Americans: The Seafood Edition

    … are not along in their limited choices. For example, 80% of Iceland's seafood consumption derives from only six species and 80% of Norway's seafood consumption only comes from five species. As Americans rely on such a limited amount of seafood species, that puts a greater strain on those species. It would help promote sustainability if more Americans…

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    Steal Scallops? Go To Prison

    …Across the globe, we've heard the tales of "pirates" who capture endangered fish or violate fishing regulations. Often referred to as Illegal, Unregulated & Unreported (IUU) fishing, it poses a dire threat which needs to be stopped, and there have been a number of international efforts to prevent such crimes. We cannot forget though…

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